World Domination
Are your cunning plans falling a bit flat? Do you feel like you're trying to do the same thing you always do everyday? Well look no further! You've reached World Domination, the procrastinators' paradise!
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You can't save me! I'll slow you down! Just keep walking and carry me with you!


6/7/2009 #901

Selfish, hopeless birgin. My poor harem.

6/7/2009 #902

*glares at coke. sniffles.*

no where am i supposed to find terror to feed on?

6/7/2009 #903

Maybe if you're good I'll lend you some of my harem - I certainly have enough xD

Besides, I'm the main pimp terror sucking being here :P

6/7/2009 #904

they should have pimpology classes in college.

the circumference of the ideal pimp cane.

the physics of the perfect b*** slap.

how many gaudy hats are too many? (normal people's equivalent of theology)

6/7/2009 #905

Bahaha xD

I'd so get honours for that course :D

So would you :P

If pimp A does the pimpette of pimp B, who is doing the pimpette of pimp A, what is the most tactical move for Pimp C to make? Because on the how to write examples book, rule 1 is to make sure nothing makes sense or is workable!

Yes, I've been studying =='

6/7/2009 #906

pimp C puts grenades in both pimp A and Bs' gaudy hats. they both combust. he goes back to his harem.

6/7/2009 #907

Indeed! Pimp C sure is smart for a pimp! Must be why he chose to be pimp C - pimp A and B are always getting into strife, those rowdy two..

6/7/2009 #908

Die, 403, Die.

6/7/2009 #909

plans to eliminate 403

hold a seance

hire an exorcist

bribe it with lemon pudding

give coke a band-aid if she kills it (such a pretty band-aid, coke...............)

6/7/2009 #910

Only if it has the wiggles on it :P

And I'll kill tomorrow, its 1am over here, I should be asleep, or at least staring at a blank wall :D

Bye for real!

6/7/2009 #911

*took shower. fell asleep (in shower). awoke. tried to get up. slipped. succeeded in getting out. realized i haven't used soap yet. repeated. and rinsed.*

6/7/2009 #912


6/7/2009 #913

Eww, Coke, I hope by wiggles you mean worms

*gasp* You have water, woooooow.

6/7/2009 #914

i know. i also have this magic box that shows pretty pictures, but i forgot what it's called.

6/7/2009 #915

ooooh, pretty pictures?

(hehe, man in magic box go speakyspeaky)

6/7/2009 #916

the speakyspeaky man tells me to go forth and buy cheetos. must comply.

6/7/2009 #917


heh, door buying frenzy

6/7/2009 #918

*pictures vast array of multicoloured doors in lola's bedroom*

this really cute incompetent salesperson made me buy tampons in bulk. there are no alternative uses for tampons!

6/7/2009 #919

... i just imagined my room as that huge warehouse type thing in monsters inc.

well obviously you have never seen She's the Man

6/7/2009 #920

wow. his real name is james kirk.

so she thought i was a woman, or she convinced me to buy them so she can steal them from me later, saving money on a year's worth of feminine hygiene products?

6/7/2009 #921

maybe she thought you were one of the boyfriends sent out of get such products

6/7/2009 #922

as if. extra heavy with ultra leak protection is much too crude for her gentle (translation: nonexistent) frame.

6/7/2009 #923

its your fault for being so damn gullible, maybe you just look like the type stupid enough to buy something you wont need

6/7/2009 #924

*gasps at profanity. lola said a bad word!hehe FP bypass.*

haven't you bought something utterly useless due to convincing advertising?

6/7/2009 #925

*thinks*... I've bought a few really crappy movies because the cover looked good and they were cheap

6/7/2009 #926

shun the sensible person. SHUN. SHUN.

6/7/2009 #927

I just don't have that much money to throw away on things I will clearly never have a use for, honestly, there are just too many books to buy

6/7/2009 #928

what if i have a botched surgery and become a hermaphrodite? i'll be prepared.

6/7/2009 #929

yes, you must be prepared for all situations. maybe you'll get kidnapped by those Face Off people!!

6/7/2009 #930
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