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Are your cunning plans falling a bit flat? Do you feel like you're trying to do the same thing you always do everyday? Well look no further! You've reached World Domination, the procrastinators' paradise!
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The next person knows the history of King Arthur

6/5/2009 #121


The next person knows what number president Teddy Roosevelt was

6/5/2009 #122
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The next person knows how to drive.

6/5/2009 #123

False, mother wont let me *scowl*

The next person gets freaked easily by horror movies

6/5/2009 #124
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The next person is afraid of the daaaaark.

6/5/2009 #125

False, love the dark

The nexxt person owns a trench coat

6/5/2009 #126
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The next person wants to own a trench coat.

6/5/2009 #127

False, I've got one, don't wear it, dont see the use

The next person likes rainbows

6/5/2009 #128
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The next person likes rain.

6/5/2009 #129


The next person has seen the results of a burst fire hydrant thingy

6/5/2009 #130
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I'm sorry to say 'False'...

The next person loves water gun fights!

6/5/2009 #131

I wouldnt know, I've grown up most of my life in a drought, and the rest my mother wouldnt buy water guns

The next person still has old uniforms

6/5/2009 #132


1. There's an ocean's 10? I thought it starts at 11! o.O

2. Ooh, I know the history of King Arthur! :D

3. Water gun fights rock! Ah, memories..

--END OT--

True :D

The next person has attended four or more different primary/highschools (All levels of education not including kindergarden or university)

6/5/2009 #133

True! On my fourth now :D... wait... :-(

The next person hass MC Hammer on their ipod/computer (not including youtube)

6/5/2009 . Edited 6/5/2009 #134

Probably true, I've got too many songs to go and check through them atm :D

The next person enjoys sport.

6/6/2009 #135

Well, I enjoy watching Live, professional sport, don't like suffering it though, there are a few games that aren't too bad to play. Debating is a sport right?

The next person has heard Life is Too Short by The Scorpians

6/6/2009 #136


The next person has gone through an obsession with fire at some point in their lives.

6/6/2009 #137

True! :D Still loves fire, hehe

The next person thinks Epic Movie and others like it are stupid

6/6/2009 #138

true. who doesn't (besides people with arthritis fo whom the medical costs of bending down would cancel out the financial gain from the small change)?

the next person thinks contour is a funny word.

6/6/2009 #139

False. Contours aren't so funny when you've almost tripped over and mashed your head into a rock going down a particularly steep hill in the Himals.

The next person doesn't like big brother.

6/6/2009 #140

false. as far as my kid sister is concerned, i am big brother.

the next person thinks batman should have never, ever met robin.

6/6/2009 #141

True!! So very very True

The next person enjoys the subtle vibes of the gentle stizzle swick

6/6/2009 #142

False - ech, MASH :P

The next person loves Top Gear

6/7/2009 #143


The next person has seen Muppets Treasure Island

6/7/2009 #144

true. it's good to be green (except when vomiting innards out).

the next person has fantasized about being a leaf.

6/7/2009 #145

True! How did you know? xD

The next person has an obsession with cheese

6/7/2009 #146

cheesed should be a verb. cheesing. cheese-a-licious. cheeser. cheesy *hey,get out of my list. you're already a word*. cheese-o-meter.

the next person believes spock never did get over kirk.

6/7/2009 #147

True :D

The next person is now going to go to my Blang list out of curiosity to see if I've added any of the terms listed in the above post, and will like what I already have of what 'I like cheese' means'

(Yay for subliminal-esque messaging!)

6/7/2009 #148

False, though I am kinda curious

The next person believes most of americans are either hillbillies or belonging to some clique or another (s***, geek etc.)

6/7/2009 #149

false. *recovering from verbal arrow stabbed into heart*.

the next person thinks that boy bands are the incarnations of satan.

6/7/2009 #150
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