World Domination
Are your cunning plans falling a bit flat? Do you feel like you're trying to do the same thing you always do everyday? Well look no further! You've reached World Domination, the procrastinators' paradise!
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Basic structure of the Good news, Bad news game:

The aim of the game is to change a situation from good news to bad news and back again as often as possible. Each person is allowed max two sentences per post and can not post two entries in a row.


Person 1: Good news: A boy went outside to play

Person 2: Bad news: He was in a plane

Person 3: Good news: The plane was on the ground

Person 2: Bad news: The ground was made of lava

And so on. Each new entry MUST be the opposite kind of news as the previous.


Ready, get set, GO!

5/17/2009 #1

As per usual, I'll start :D

Good news: The first flower of spring had finally appeared.

5/18/2009 #2

Bad news: It was a murderous flower out to destroy the world!

5/20/2009 #3

Good news: It was half an inch tall.

5/21/2009 #4

Bad news. It was half an inch tall. At the moment, giant doesn't do it justice and the flower is hidden from view by the clouds.

5/22/2009 #5

Good news: I'm a Lumberjack!

5/22/2009 #6

Bad news: You have no arms, are old and retired and therefore unable to go up against the flower-thing :P

5/22/2009 #7

Good news: There's no need for a lumberjack anyway, because Jack will climb up it, go do his adventure thing and then chop it down, killing a giant in the process!

5/22/2009 #8

Bad News: The one formerly known as Jack is on maternity leave

5/23/2009 #9

Good news: Global warming takes over at last. All things wither and die, including the problematic giant flower thing.

5/23/2009 #10

Bad news: That means humans too

5/23/2009 #11

Good News: World Dominated! ... by the sun

5/23/2009 . Edited 5/23/2009 #12

Bad news: There's nothing left to dominate, except for the destroyed remains of buildings, trees and all formely-alive creatures!

5/24/2009 #13

Good News: Your dead so it doesnt matter anyway!

5/24/2009 #14

Bad news: But now I'm turning in my unmarked grave, really really pissed off!

5/24/2009 #15

Good news: You're turning in your grave so fast, you manage to drill yourself out of it.

5/27/2009 #16

Bad News: You're still dead.

5/27/2009 #17
Disabled Account sdf

Good news: You're an undead!

5/27/2009 #18

Bad News: You stink like hell.

5/27/2009 #19

Good News: You can't smell it, and there's no one else around to smell you.

5/28/2009 #20
Disabled Account sdf

Bad news: You can't smell anything at all!

5/28/2009 #21

Good News: You don't have to worry about sunburn.

5/28/2009 #22
Disabled Account sdf

Bad news: Because if the sun shines on you, you will shrivel up and die.

5/28/2009 #23

Good News: It's currently nightime

5/28/2009 #24

Bad News: the sky opens up to calacalysmic proportions and shines concentrated beams on light on you.

5/28/2009 . Edited 5/28/2009 #25

Good News: Errrm... You have just enough time and lungs and vocal chords and air to utter your favirote, most colourful expletive before you are obliterated.

5/31/2009 #26

your favorite expletive is uttered into thin air (which is the type of air that most things are uttered into), and no one is there to witness your amazing vocal abilities.

5/31/2009 #27

Good news: My vocal abilities are so amazing that my last uttered work just keeps echoing around the thin air until a new race evolves and grows up around the aforementioned expletive, which is still floating around somehow. I now have an entire planet of species worshipping the sound of my voice.

5/31/2009 #28

by the time you have been resurrected by aforementioned worshipping colony, your vocal cords have shriveled up and fallen out of your throat due to lack of use. thus, your worshipping followers kill you (again), and branch of into many other religions so they can cover up their boredom by starting wars.

6/1/2009 #29

Good news: (That sounds like earth xD) They soon evolve into people with different religions, just like us. Earth is reborn! But with cooler species.

6/1/2009 #30
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