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(Suggested, with some rules by Kirrithian - thanks!)


Basic structure of the My Hill! game:

The hill is important. You want the hill. However, other idiots also want the hill. Kill them.

Each person must claim the hill by removing the predecessor using any means possible. The more creative, the better. Throughout their post, the world changes and they have complete control over the entire universe. They must state "my hill" somewhere towards the end of their post, and cannot have two posts in a row. Obviously, keep it classy - nothing overly sexual or offensive; friendly bantering is accepted, but no personal attacks. If two responses are made simultaneously, the last (most recent) poster is up next, unless they are fast enough to state otherwise before a new post is submitted.

If for some reason the Hill is destroyed or altered, the game continues with whatever is left, and you have to make the right claim.


Player A: I boot the previous player off the hill. My Hill.

Player B: I drop a bomb on player A, destroying the Hill. My Crater.

Player C: I flood the crater, and sail to the center. My Lake.


Ready, get set, GO!

5/20/2009 . Edited 5/20/2009 #1

I create the Hill! My Hill! (And birgin)

5/20/2009 #2

I hike to the top of the hill and point out a chest full of chocolate in the distance. Coke runs off. My Hill!

5/20/2009 #3

I push Jack down the hill and Dolly goes tumbling after. My Hill!

5/20/2009 #4

I throw Lola's flute down a chimney and she jumps into it, falling into a pot of water meant for the wolf, created by the 3pigs and dies. My Hill!

5/20/2009 #5

I paraglide up to the top of the Hill and Coke jumps back in surprise, falling down the well. I land safely. MY HILL (and Well).

5/20/2009 #6

Dolly leans over to hear Coke, stuck at the bottom of the well, say: 'Help, Im stuck and I cant get out... Ladies' and I push her, now they are both (temporarily) stuck there. My Hill!

5/20/2009 . Edited 5/20/2009 #7

I jump back up the well with my super ninja jumping skills and kick Lola off the hill. My Hill.

5/20/2009 #8

I use Kirri as leverage to get myself out of the well, then climb up the hill. In in her gloating, Lola doesn't notice the advancing me. I hit her on the head with the flute that I picked up from the well where some lunatic threw it earlier, and she falls down the hill. My hill!

5/20/2009 #9

I Rugby tackle Coke off the hill. My Hill!

5/20/2009 #10

I climb to the top and throw a shiny object down the hill which the owner chases. My Hill now!

5/20/2009 . Edited 5/20/2009 #11

I do a matrix landing and after a crazy war-cry, proceed to riddle Lola and Kirri's bodies with bullets. My hill!

5/20/2009 . Edited 5/20/2009 #12

I pick myself up, trudge up behind Lola and knock her off the hit with one hit from a baseball bat, Worms style. My Hill.

5/20/2009 #13

I grab a baseball bat out of thin air and beat up whoever is standing on my damn hill with it, Godfather style. My hill!

5/20/2009 #14

I toss several barrels of glitter on the grass around the hill. Jas is distracted by the sparkling and wanders off, whilst I climb to the top of the hill. My Hill.

5/20/2009 #15

The Doctor flitted through space and time, all as usual. Suddenly, his TARDIS lurched off unexpectently and the Doctor fratically worked the controls. But all was already lost and the TARDIS crashed into plains filled with working Amish people. Stepping out into the sun, the Doctor spotted a rather disturbing sight a top the hill. He stormed up the hill and threw Jebediah off the young woman. After a little scanning with his sonic screwdriver, the Doctor discovered that Jebediah was in fact a Slitheen in a skin suit. Thouroughly disturbed, the Doctor opened a wormhole and launched the Slitheen out into deep space. Then the Doctor helped the young woman to her feet and said, "You hill once again, my lady." Then he ran back off to the TARDIS and dissappeared back into the voids of time....

5/20/2009 #16

I travel back up the Hill and glomp Rivers, then scold her for not claiming the hill properly. MY HILL!

5/20/2009 #17

I throw a sun at Kirri, destroying her and the hill. My hole!

5/21/2009 #18

I pour syrup into the Hole, smothering Coke. My Syrup Lake.

5/21/2009 #19

I turn into the lady of the lake and kill Kirri with Excalibur! MY syrup lake!

(Yes, I've been watching Merlin again xD ..and I found the excalibur sheet music! whoot!)

5/22/2009 #20

I send a horde of honey badgers and other animals who eats all the syrup, and Coke. My Animal Pit.

5/22/2009 #21

I create an amusement park and put up cages everywhere in the pit, consequently locking up the animals and Kirri, turning the pit into the zoo section. (After escaping out of the animal's stomach using my little red riding hood type powers, of course) My amusement park!

5/22/2009 #22

I sue Coke for the death of my fun on the lame bumper cars and blow it up, creating a hill of rubble which over time grows dirt and grass (yes, dirt grows). My Hill!

5/23/2009 #23

I throw my bubble of epic phail attack at Lola, which turns her into an epic-phailer! She runs off stage crying.

My rubble/dirt/grass hill! (and epic-phail bubble)

5/24/2009 #24

I cover Coke in sticky bubbles and after a strong breeze, she floats off. My Hill!

5/24/2009 #25

I invade Lola's personal bubble (yay! HPPP ref! :P) and she runs away screaming 'angst!'

Hy hill!

5/24/2009 #26

I hire ninja assasins to take down Coke after her disgusting and uncalled for intrusion of my personal bubble. My Hill!

5/24/2009 #27

Silly Lola! Those are MY ninja assasins! They simply bow and worship me until I tell them to go and assasinate Lola. They assasinate her. She dies. My hill!

(How I love being a ninja assasin duck uberwoman leader type person - oh, and now I'm batwoman too, and in the past I was arthur's wife - but we're not in that time anymore *sobs*)

5/24/2009 #28

I drop in, knocking Quacks off the hill and trapping all her ninja assasians under my parachute. My Hill!

5/25/2009 #29

I glomp Kirri, surprising her into oblivion and beyond! My Hill!

5/26/2009 #30
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