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Basic structure for the Epic Story game:

Each player posts either a line or paragraph to add to the story. It must have some relevence to the previous posts, and preferably has something to do with World Domination (forum or process.) It does not have to be related to WD, but must not contain explicit content. Make it as sad, funny, random, or dramatic as you wish.

You may change between tenses and POVs, but make it so that a person can understand it when reading. Use proper grammar to the best of your abilities, and make sure it MAKES SENSE!

Maximum one paragraph a post, 3 posts in a row per person. I've found that this activity helps with writer's block, so try it out!

NEW! The Epic story is now in a proper story format! To read all the posts without interruptions, and with less typos, go here! Everyone is welcome to submit an entry, and if it makes sense I will update the story on my profile. Later on, if you edit a section that has already been added, please notify me so that I can make changes to the copy available for the wider audiences.


Ready, get set, GO!

5/22/2009 . Edited 6/3/2009 #1

I ran him through with the silver blade, wincing at his scream. I held back the tears as I pushed deeper, crushing his bones and drenching myself in his blood. Finally, he fell to the floor, limp, but not dead. Not yet. I stared around wildly, the room was dark, silent, waiting. The shadows didn't move, the wind didn't whistle. Everything was just silent.

What have I done?

5/22/2009 #2

I knew I had done wrong. I knew it was sin, but it felt oh so right. The sickening sound of steel slicing though skin excited me to my core. I allowed a small, satisfactory smirk to grace my usually stony features. I had done evil, but it was for the greater good. My greater good. As my heart rate slowed back to its usual pace, his came to a standstill. It would never beat again, and I was to blame. I didnt feel guilt, this man was evil. He had betrayed me, and he payed the price. This will serve as a warning to others: Don't. Mess. With. Me.

As I cleaned the blade on my ruined, bloody clothes, the silence was split, ruined, decimated by the screech of something entirely inhuman... the widow

5/23/2009 . Edited 5/23/2009 #3
Disabled Account sdf

...had to be aware of me.

There was no time to throw away on inwardly musings. I had to get out of here, and quick. I looked over at the open window, the white curtains moving stately with the wind. It was a sheer drop of about fifteen feet to the ground, but I might just be able to do it.

I ran across the floor and leap onto the window sill. Then, just as I was about to lower myself down, I felt someone standing right behind me.

6/2/2009 #4

"You don't want to do that," a deadly voice whispered from beside my ear. I stopped short and whirled around, blade at the ready. But there was no one there. The widow had disappeared, the shadows of the moon the only things remaining. I looked around carefully. There - two dark silhouettes, one slumped on the ground, the other crouched stealthily.

"Who are you?" I asked.

6/2/2009 #5

''I'm no-one to be trifle with,'' the deadly voice cut through the stiff air. This tension was so strong, no-one could cut it, not with anything currently known to man.

Hearing this response, my mind flashed back, to a time where society and the world as a whole, where less corrupted.

I responded easily, ''That's ok, I wasn't planning to be... I hate trifle''

A moment of regognition passed between us before the silhouette moved, stepped out into the pool of moonlight coming in from the window through which I was about to make my exit. The face was one I knew all too well, the face for which I had searched, for the last 16 months.

6/2/2009 . Edited 6/2/2009 #6

My mother.

We stared at each other for a moment, before cautiously stepping forward to examine one another. This woman was my mother, the person I'd had so many questions about for so long - I'd started to wonder if she even existed anymore. Her midnight blue eyes blazed in the moonlight, her jet black hair rippled like water as she moved. She was exactly as father had described her, just as poised, just as intelligent.

I'd always thought that she'd been taken when I was young, but it seemed that perhaps..she hadn't.

6/3/2009 #7
Disabled Account sdf

But what was wrong with her eyes? Eyes should not have a look like that. Close and present, yet distant and far away.

I stood and looked at her for a few loud heartbeats, then swallowed. This was terrible news. I had found my mother at last - yet I had not found her at all!

6/3/2009 #8

This was not my mother, not as I knew her anyway. The woman I knew was kind, soft and full of life. The figure standing in front of me was different, this figure was pure evil, its eyes hollowed and empty, lifeless. My mother is gone, has left the building, and now that I've seen this, I think it is time for me to do the same.

16 months of my life, months that I will never get back, months that I spent looking for someone who no longer seems to exist. I'm not sure if I'm happy I have finally found my mother, or if I wish I had never gazed upon that face. I know the truth now, at least I have that, if I can have nothing else, the truth is always good.

(OT- is this any good? It's mostly filler, not sure I like it -End OT)

6/3/2009 #9

From the very cradle, I'd been trained to fight, to kill, by the people I'd been told were my parents. I'd thought that they taught me out of concern for my health, but then I found out that they were just using me, trying to turn me into some sort of killing machine. I was part of a sick experiment, where they'd messed with my mind and body, so that I wouldn't have any problems with killing people. The experiment worked. My so-called parents were the first ones to experience the results of their precious experiment. It took me a few hours to murder them, but I'm much more efficient now - practise makes perfect.

Barely two years ago, when I'd learnt the truth about my upbringing, I'd also discovered who my real parents had been - my father had died before I was born, but my mother still remained a complete mystery. With nowhere left to go, and all the people I knew dead, I'd gone out in search of her. She'd become the path of my life for so long, now that I'd found her, I had no idea what to do.

I don't know what I'd expected her to be like, but it certainly hadn't been this. My mother was a cold blooded assasin, just like me.

7/11/2009 #10

I walked into my residence, my mind buzzing, trying to process all the new information. If I had known when I set out to punish that man today that something like this was going to happen, would I have done anything different? Would I have reacted any different? Is there any other way to react? So many questions flew through my head, I didnt have answer for any of them.

I was so distracted, so caught up in my thoughts that I didn't see the male speciman I was about to run into...

7/14/2009 #11

Blue hair, blonde eyes - wait, what? No, that's not right. Blonde hair, blue eyes...and carrying the biggest sword I had ever seen. S***. I looked up at the man I'd just bounced off and gulped - he was absolutely perfect. Like a marble sculpture, only more chiseled, and with colder eyes. He crossed his arms and looked at me blankly. What was wrong with me? Normally by this time I'd have my daggers at his throat - it was completely unusual for me to not notice someone in my own home, let alone to be left speechless after crashing into them.

Suddenly he smirked down at me, and the ice around my brain snapped. I might not have noticed him before, and I might've been having major moral dilemmas, but that didn't mean some j*** could just smirk at me and think to get away with it!

"Big mistake, buddy...

7/15/2009 . Edited 7/15/2009 #12

"Buddy? Buddy!?" My voice rising to hysterical levels, and can you blame me? Confronted with Adonis himself and still unable to keep my retorts to myself. Unfortunately, every part of my brain other than that engaged in ogling this marvelous creature had run into the furtherest depths of my head. I am quite literally retreating, within myself... this has never happened before. What is wrong with me!? I'm suddenly acting like some hormonal teenager! I was sure I had rid myself of those beasts the cretins labelled 'emotions', I made sure they had been ebolished, executed, destroyed!! What has happened!? I can barely even peice a sentence together, honestly, furtherest? I'm falling apart! Oh wit, wherever you may be, get this evil far away from me!! Ooh, so yummy...

8/14/2009 #13
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