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Humans have an involuntary instinct inside them, a need to share unecessary information and tell everyone about what they happen to be doing every second of the day - built into them by programs such as Twitter, Myspace and Facebook.

The name is just because said website is more extreme in its 'tell me about your life even though i don't care!'-ishness.


Basic structure of the Twitter Yourself! game:

This is where you can update people about random things. Celebrate good stuff, rant about bad stuff. Most of this you can do in OT or SS, but I figured we needed somewhere where people could express their opinions and go if they wanted to know others' opinions. Post about what you last ate, what you're doing, who you like, what you're wearing, what just happened that made you really mad, or yeah.

Only rule is that it has to either be something that has relevence to you or something that you care about, and the usual rules (no explicit language, abuse, etc.)


Ready, get set, GO!

5/22/2009 #1

Mood: happy

I just ate Chocolate-cake-in-a-cup! Only took around five mins to make, such an awesome recipe :D

I celebrate myawesomeness!

I am annoyed that I didn't bring home my sheet music, but only a little bit.

I am wearing knee length socks, leggings, blue trackies, two singlets, a white polo top and my awesome pink teddy-bear dressing gown!


..yeah, I made this thread just for that :D

(You don't have to do the same thing as me, anything will do :D)

5/22/2009 #2

Mood: Alert. ADD-esque

Watching: AristoCats for my Disney movie marathon

Song stuck in my head: Come on feel the noize, Quiet Riot

Reading: Nothing I can remember, thinking of buying 'My Sister's Keeper' (i think its called)

edit: hehe, FP wouldnt let me spell 'come' wrong

5/23/2009 . Edited 5/23/2009 #3

Mood: I like cheese!

Wearing: Dark blue Adidas trackies, black long sleeved shirt from sportsgirl with a huge wolf-head on the front in purple, white and pink, with random glitter here and there, and my awesome fuzzy pink dressing gown with teddy-bears on it! Yay!

Currently: Cold feet (literally) and swooning

..Oh s***! I just pressed some button by accident and now the top half of my screen has disappeared! o.O


Oh nvm, I fixed it :D

5/23/2009 . Edited 5/24/2009 #4

Mood: What the hell is my mother cooking now?!

Wearing: PJ leggings! and my awesome huge geeky shirt xD

I have: Wet Hair

Deciding: What movie to watch next

Wants: AC/DC tickets!

5/24/2009 #5

Mood: Vaguely irritated for no conscious reason, thirsty

Listening to: *goes to check* Vivaldi, Concerto for two violins in A minor (cbf typing up the rest)

Random thing: My back is itchy and I want to learn violin. Two unrelated facts.


5/24/2009 #6

Mood: Kinda bored, still freaking about earlier, way tired

Wearing: Clothes!! SOCKS!!!

Loves: The Heater!! when it decides to actually work *scowl*

Hmm, its what, Wednesday? Crap. *sigh* Debating and maths tomorrow, grandparents Friday

... I cant see my keyboard, and no, I will not turn a light on, thems is evil I tells you, evil

5/27/2009 #7

Mood: Comtemplative. I'm trying to work on one of my more ambitious writing projects...

Wearing. Dressing gown. Really ought to get changed soon.

Weather outside: Chucking it down with rain.

Listening to: Playlist Motivating- just finished 'Don't stop me now'

Another day of half term, ought to do some revision for chemistry today. I reckon my sister still thinks I'm asleep.

Gah, need to clean the bathroom and hang up the washing, and do the dishes. Bl**dy chores.

5/27/2009 #8

mood - deceptively calm (all calm after excessive consumption of red bull is deceptive)

song currently stuck on mental replay that's driving me insane - franz ferdinand's no you girls

wearing - jeans, semi-clean t-shirt, grey hoodie that's seen better days. many better days.

reading - a copy of catcher in the rye (23rd time. i'm not in love with holden...... i think.) whose approximate ratio of binding to neon duct tape is 1:2

currently consuming - third bowl of count chocula

i have - netflix. grovel at my feet, lowly beings that still use television to meet their entertainment needs.

5/29/2009 . Edited 5/29/2009 #9

Lol and hello @ clandestinedownpour! Do you have a nick yet?

Mood: risen from the dead, but nearing death. I.e online for the first time in ages, but feeling really ill :D

Wearing: leggings, black skinny legs, black socks, chucks, black singlet, black long sleeve, another black long sleeve, black shirt, another black shirt, black scarf, white jumper. Yes, I'm cold. And not emo.

Random thought for the day: Being in Australia is strange. Going to another country is a big deal for most people here (heck, even going to tasmania is a pretty big deal for me, but that's not the point xD) but in some other countries you can walk a little down the road and voila! New country!

Listening to (in my head - effing radio): The Climb. Miley Cyrus. God help us all. *headesk* Also that thing in the simpsons that says yvan eht nioj (Join the navy backwards) because someone was singing it the train home.

Laughing about: Paranoid losers. Thinking I walked in the wrond direction when I went in the right one :D *feels proud about going the right way and not epic failing with my sense of direction again but also slightly sheepish at well..the idiocy of moi?*


5/31/2009 #10

B.S - no nick yet, but name's rayfer (call me ray and i will curse your descendants.) (joking.)......(somewhat.)

mood - halfway beetween just woke up and about to fall asleep

wearing - pyjama pants, t-shirt, mismatched socks (the dryer holds a grudge against me)

today's mental to hit - asleep by the smiths (charlie was right)

received - death glares form the waitress for playing tic tac toe on the table (alliteration loves me) with powdered cheese

l likes waffles. so do i.

6/1/2009 #11

-OT- Heya rayfer, cool name. would you like a nic or are you ok without?

Mood - peeved, I wanted the school to be closed, I dont want to go today :( bery, bery sleepy

Wearing - leggings, long socks, long sleeve shirt and my school top!

Listening to - people admitting to having office affairs on the radio, its annoying

.... I'm comfy... do I have to move?

6/1/2009 . Edited 6/1/2009 #12

(Hey Rayfer - Go to intro if you want a nick :D)

Mood: headachey and irritated by loud people having anxiety attacks. Go and be mentally unsound elsewhere! Gah.

Wearing: bogan trackies, black singlet, black shirt and dark blue dressing gown.

Position: some yoga stance. I have no idea what it's called, just that its comfy and keeps my feet warm.

Listening to: Crickets chirping in the background.

Thinking about: Bradley James. What the atomic number of hydrogen is. Is it 1? I can't remember. Bradley James. What the hell vis a vis means. Bradley James. Why my speakers are stupid. Why it sucks to live in Australia. Bradley James. Why it doesn't suck to live in Australia. What the meaning of life is. Bradley James. Why Georgie likes Ben better than Elliot. Why bugs like light. Why Buzz is lightning. Bradley James. Why my sister should be a volunteer. Bradley James.

That is all.

6/2/2009 #13
Disabled Account sdf

Mood: Bored (of course)

Wearing: T-shirt and shorts.

Position: Sitting crying by my computer.

Listening to: The silence

Thinking about: Not much.

6/4/2009 #14

hope you feel better :)

mood - dead but not quite

wearing - pyjamas and delirium

watching - young frankenstein on mute

thinking about - the geico gecko could so kick clark kent's a**. why all romance novels have sweaty people on the cover. what happiness smells like.

cheese is not ment to be eaten. it is meant to be worshipped. worship it.

6/4/2009 #15

*shuns cheese*

Mood- Tired. but... It is Friday! ... which kinda sucks because I hate Friday classes

Wearing- Leggings and school shirt... I've lost my pants again

Thinking- My sister is coming over on Sunday! Am I going to fail English becuase I can't remember what I have handed in. I hate team 9. This song is cool

Food is gross, its too early to see food. ... I dont have long to get ready... I should probably get ready... meh

6/4/2009 #16

*pats ginger on the head for worshipping cheese*

Mood: *I'm gonna die, and not in a dootdootdoodadoot kind of way* Anxious to the point of almost having an attack.

Currently: Twitching. trying not to pull my hair out. Trying not to cry. Still twitching.

Thinking about: Eternal doom. Crocodiles coming to eat me. People stealing my phone, and giving me massive bills. Other people's homocidal urges. Broken desks. Never ending exams

Listening to: Really panicky heart. Three clocks ticking my life away - WHY THE HELL DO WE HAVE THREE CLOCKS IN ONE ROOM??? Ahhhh!!!

...And also Viva la Vida by Coldplay.

Wearing: socks, trackies, singlet, long sleeve top, pink dressing gown with teddy bears on it. What? I need comfort, okay? *sulks*

...Must calm down - deep breaths..*wanders off*

6/5/2009 . Edited 6/5/2009 #17
Disabled Account sdf

Mood: Apprehensive

Currently: Freezing. Summer is gone. :-(

Thinking about: Work, unfortunately.

Listening to: A noisy computer

Wearing: t-shirt and shorts.

6/5/2009 #18

mood - moody

thinking about - how much humans have in common with magpies

listening to - off key singing to borderline-music (vogons, take me now.....)

wearing - thrift store slacks, dress shirt, blazer, grimace, headphones (trying to block out both the music and a certain sibling's demands to "quit being a nuthead and join your own party, or else you'll end up as one of those fat pedophiles with too many cats.")

6/5/2009 #19

Meh, who needs parties

Mood - ... meh *shrug* Also, annoyed because my laptop mousepad has decided to start screwing up again!

Wearing - Elmo shirt, jacket, leggings jeans (anyone else noticing a pattern?)

Listening to - me coughing *grimace* oh yeh, and music, successfully blocking out my mothers talking xD

6/5/2009 #20

Mood - absent

Thinking about- maybe getting around to having a shower

Listening to: Radio one. And those damn builders next door, who, despite already having an extension out the back have decided they also need a conservatory.

Wearing: Dressing gown. I really ought to shower- it's half past one.

6/5/2009 #21

Mood: ready to be amused, but also tired

Thinking about: Plans my sister and I have been discussing for the last hour or so. How to take over the world, one closed door (Damn you, B wing!) at a time. Random guy who I acknowledge isn't actually cute, but who I appear to be developing a crush on anyway o.O

Random: Oh no! I don't want to do a debate at this hour! And also: S***! Viet essays! I'm doomed!

Wearing: Same thing as before, but now with leggings, a beanie and a frown

I like cheese.

6/5/2009 #22

mood - infinite

position - on roof, hiding from sister (does happy dance while singing about the merits of wifi)

thinking about - starting a new world order. kidnapping an unsuspecting maiden and riding off into the sunset with her on a slice of flying cheese. i need a haircut.

listening to - faint strains of music

authourities report a worldwide influx of stupidity. please be on the lookout.

6/5/2009 #23

Mood: happy, but in a *I've already unleashed it on some poor unsuspecting soul, so won't be uber hyperactive* kind of way

Thinking about: to make a friend join this forum, or not to make him? Where on earth my phone might be. How much I love random celebrations of people's birthdays, on days that aren't even their actual birthdays - Life is good.

Wearing: Two pairs of socks, black and white singlet, black top, black jumper, white hoodie, and blue pyjama pants. I'm stylish.

Listening to: Shadows, the getaway plan

Eating/drinking: Creamy chicken soup with croutons! *nom nom nom*

EDIT: I'm cool.

OTHER EDIT: @ Ginger: say, they didn't call that influx "The reaction to Swine Flu" did they?

6/6/2009 . Edited 6/6/2009 #24

i belive they have taken to calling it "The Flu That Only Kills Brain Cells And Is In No Way The Fault Of The Education System (TFTOKBCAIINW**OTES1N1)".

mood - self-inflicted delirium

thinking about - how on earth i got a hangover without consumption of alcohol (glares at red bull corner)

wearing - clothing from the night before, with considerably more unidentifiable stains

listening to - silence. blessed silence.

i hugged the life out of raenef. eclipse brought him back to life while giving me the how-dare-you-hug-a-powerful-demon-lord-even-if-he-is-the-most-adorable-thing-on-the-face-on-the-planet glare. i ignored him.

6/6/2009 . Edited 6/6/2009 #25

Mood: Happy, but in the 'there's a pile of old and now useless school and college work that I would love to burn' sort of way. Also hungry- the 'rents went out shopping earlier, and they've not returned yet. Lunch better be good.

Thinking about- lunch

Wearing: black t-shirt with buddha eyes on the back (yay Nepal!) and my black karate trousers- I had karate this morning and I hardly ever bother to take them off for the rest of the day.

Listening to: Radio one, again.

Other: I think I've got RSI from emptying two large folders of all their paperwork and removing all the staples. That and transfering another folders worth into a leverarch file.

Btw, the two folders I emptied would add up to one and a half leverarch files.

My shoulders hurt.

6/6/2009 #26

Mood - Cold, its really cold, and I cant turn the heater on cause its so late. I hate the winter, it doesnt rain, it doesnt snow, it just gets cold. and yet my school fails to realise that we are freezing our a*** off in those stupid uniforms!! We need blazers I say!

Thinking- ... my head hurts... hehe, ellipsis. What music shall I listen to next? I should probably go to bed considering its so late but I'm not tired which really sucks considering the time. As long as mother doesnt catch me up I'm fine xD .... o.O What IS That Doll Doing!! Holy F***! ... hmm, I'm not hungry... I found those litttle dudes! How awesome is that!!

Other - I gets to see my sister today! Hmm, and beat up my brother-in-law, this shall be fun, mwahaha! ... and painful

Oh my ... why am I watching this!? It's really quite disturbing, especially considering I turned the volume off, I have no idea whats going on... but I dont know if I want to

Youtube is awesome... kinda... it needs more videos

6/6/2009 #27

Mood: Sleepy, feels like reading

Thinking: I miss doing karate - but not how much it hurt my wallet! My karate pants are white though :D I wonder if Max lives anywhere near my er..region :D Why do I have no clothes that match my bag? What happened to my fuzzy gloves, jacket and purple tights? If the meaning of life is 42, then what is the meaning of 42? I know! Pancakes!!

Listening to: The shittiest band on the face of the earth - they're attempting screamo, pop, rock and teacho - dear god make it stop! They start off ok, then go absolutely horrendous - and they sound the same, and the vocalist is just shouting the efing lyrics - i sing better! ARGH!!!

Random: squeet! no school tomorrow! :D S***! Viet school on sat :O

Oh no! It's a aporkalypse! How on earth are we going to stop this hamdemic?? I know! We'll use oinkment!

6/11/2009 #28

Wearing: Purple long sleeved shirt, black t-shirt and leggings. It seems Im always wearing leggings... cool

Listening to: Man or Animal by Audioslave

Doing: Staying up 'til 7am to watch kiddy cartoons in the wee hours of the morning, friends is good company... and bad examples, lols

Random: Bloc Party's drummer is a spaz

hmm... thats about all Ive got for now

6/12/2009 #29

Mood: Hungry!

Wearing: mismatched sock, leggings, skinny legs, singlet, angel/devil long sleeved shirt, party like a p*** star shirt, black scarf, hoodie, pink dressing gown with teddy bears on it. Co-ordination. :D

Thinking about: What am I going to do tomorrow?

Reading: Tamora Pierce's awesomesauce books! Yay!

Listening to: Miley Cyrus - the climb. God help me, why is it playing??! Oh good, I changed it :D Now it's Bon Jovi, Living on a Prayer

Random: I plucked my eyebrows today (no problems, I'm good at that stuff :D) ..first time ive done that in ages though, nice to have my defined brows again :P

6/13/2009 #30
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