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keladry and joren were a dysfunctional couple just begging to happen.

mood - wishing there was an omniscient pause button

wearing - flannel pyjama bottoms, t-shirt, arms of scheming, if lovable human around midsection

thinking about - what it would be like to sleep on the pillsbury doughboy

listening to - my younger sister's telepathic declarations of undying love for said humanoid hiding behind midsection

cake makes life sweeter.

6/13/2009 . Edited 6/13/2009 #31

As in the dysfunction or the coupling was begging to happen?

Mood - still half asleep. my throat hurts

Wearing - one sock, leggings, flannel pyjama pants, trackies, long sleeved shirt, smartass t-shirt (sarcasm!)

Watching - The Swan Princess. no comments please

Thinking - I know the words better than the subtitles do!

- the ages in this movie are kinda screwed

- more disney movies should come out on dvd, or at least be re-released on video

6/13/2009 #32

Mood - Tired, not much else

Wearing - Yellow polo shirt, trousers socks etc.

Listening to: Nothing.

Currently: annoyed at lack of people in foum, is working up to heading downstairs to watch the simpsons. Is wondering whether to pig out on second kit kat of the day. Hmmm.

I still hate mozzies.

6/16/2009 #33

Mood: Tired, vaguely worried at the craziness of moi's cousins.

Wearing: Black undergarments, black leggings, black singlet, another black singlet, black long sleeve, tight black shirt, black V-neck 3/4 shirt, black hoodie, black skinny legs, socks. Anyone noticing a pattern?

Listening to: The voices telling me to "BURN IT BURN IT BURN IT!!!" ...Not really xD ..My cousins saying something about a "boomerang," "Help me!" and "I'm gonna shove this up your.."

Need I say more?

Currently: annoyed at the lack of people replying on the games. Annoyed that we have no eggs left. Annoyed because someone stole the plasma from the WD living room again! I think I have eye-shadow in my eye.

Jason + Alex + Sam + Jacob + That dude who asked me if I was gnna go get drunk = *BIG GRIN*

And once again, no has a clue what I'm talking about.

7/6/2009 #34

Mood: Sleepy, not tired... just sleepy after 14 hours sleep... (HUZZUH I ACTUALY SLEPT)

wearing my PJ's, i need new ones...

listening to some volatair (hope i spelt it right), "The vampire club" right now... its catchy.

currently im sleepy and unsatisfied with the 'light and easy' dinners my brother has contaminated the fridge with. Oh, and i said this already but, the ending to 'Breaking Dawn" SUCKED.

7/6/2009 #35

I no's what Ducks is talking about, hehe

Wearing: Black leggings, blue leggings, plaid pj pants, trackies, long sleeved shirt, elmo t-shirt and a jumper!!

Mood: I have a mood? ... I want food!!

Listening to:

oh yes, and A Passive Circle

Currently: wishing people would actually engage in conversation in OT!!!

7/7/2009 #36

Mood: Warm, appreciative of teddy bears

Wearing: black socks, black undergarments, black leggings, black jeans, black singlet, blancg long sleeve, black dress shirt, black jacket, black scarfe, black beret and dare i say it? PINK shirt! ..but it's covered by my black jacket anyway, so y'know :D

Thinking about: Damn, I should've let my aunt buy me that hat and scarfe today, that way she would've been able to satisfy her yearning for a daughter, and I would have free clothes! *headesk* Damn reflex to reject all offers of kindness..

Celebrating: The return of my internet :D Dumplings! yay!

Reminiscing: Australs, that cute guy in borders. Watching Grey's anatomy on the third floor yesterday, while mucking around on ebay, excercising on the treadmill (swapped to bike a few times) and playing catch. The joys of multi-tasking xD

Random: I should have a few hundred emails and fb notifications by now, havent checked either for about three weeks..

Final Fantasy FTW!

Bzz click. Over

7/10/2009 #37

Mood: My eyes are droopy.

Thinking About: The reoccurring dream I keep having.

Random Thought: Boom-shucka-lucka.

Listening To: The bird's outside are all "Peepity Peep" and "Chirpie Chirpie."

7/10/2009 #38

Mood: bored out of my mind.. wants intresting people on msn and is not getting any.

Listening to: "Through Fire and Flames" awsome song... its also effing impossible on guitar hero -.-"

Thinking about: sigh* that girl...

Eating: pizza! meatlovers with shrooms... ftfw

7/16/2009 #39

Mood: P*** off at Samita and other b*** 'friend'

Listening to: Songs stuck in my head, namely Laura Marling and The Hush Sound

Watching: Bones. Then Castle :D

Thinking about: How to murder Samita/ Bones is awesome/ I want food/ My neck itches/ Why aren't people talking?/ I don't want to sleep/ I don't want to go to school tomorrow... I don't even want tomorrow to come/ I need a drink

7/19/2009 #40

Mood: If you try to talk to me, I will go ET on your a** (i.e. weird. very weird)

Feeling: Exhausted but unable to sleep, vaguely depressed, with a huge urge to run around and go to the beach. Haven't played beach volleyball in awhile. Really want to go back to queensland, so I can go on the huge, fast, rollercoasters and walk around in a bikini without being called weird. Hmm..poetic urges coming on, but no words come to mind.

Missing: Summer. I really want my 40degree heat, air cons, beaches, ice cream and short shorts right now. I'm not a winter kind of girl. And I miss my old friends!!

Thinking about: dresses, fishnet stockings, movies, my brain hurts, not boys for once. Reminiscing

Listening to: the air rushing around in my head..oh wait, no that's the laptop. Hmm.

Bzz click. Over.

7/24/2009 #41

Mood: happy, very very very happy.

feeling: look above^

thinking about: art, hw, someone, kebabs and strangley not about cheese.

listening to: 'Paint it black' good song... but it hasnt beaten 'through fire and flames'

thats about it =)

7/24/2009 #42

Mood: Oh s***, got so much to do! But at least not tired for once..

Feels like: Flirting! Still longing for Summer to come around again...

Listening to: The fan.

Watching: The fan.

Thinking about: The fan. It goes round and round and round...wheeeeeeee!!

And now I have to go do the laundry.

Bzz click. Over.

7/25/2009 . Edited 7/25/2009 #43

Mood: just raged at someone... f*** angry.

feels like: raging some more..

listening to: even flow, pearl jam.

thinkin about: her again.

rant: so f*** angry at some people. johnny you need a gf, what happend with that girl johnny, johnny you look depressed, johnny this, johnny that. f*** hell its coming from one bloody person!

realy now... io dont need this crap. not from him and his bloody record. F*** HES STARTED UP AGAIN! how many rages can this kid survive?!?

makes me want to get a gf just for the f*** sake of shutting him up!!


7/28/2009 #44

Mood: feeling sortof obsessive compulsive. i feel the intense need to put these pennies into a recognize pattern, all on heads.

Feels like: b*** at someone.

Listening to: the washing machine. my phone vibrating. music. Shane Dawson.

Thinking about: this one certain guy... his name's Logan :)

Last ate: cheese sticks :P

Wearing: hmm... not going into specifics. too lazy. but i'm wearing a reallllyyyy cool rainbow studded belt :D

Celebrates: really good milkshakes.

Rant: if you're trying to get over her so damn bad, why the f/ck is she still on your top friends, hmmmm?

7/29/2009 #45

Mood: gah... crap... went to school... got sick...

feels like: i dont know,, not in the mood for anything riight now

thinking about: hungry jacks, ham and cheese sandwich, and that... keeps my mind off the shoulder.

last ate: cant you guess?

and thats about it... -.-"

7/31/2009 #46

Mood: ... i never have a mood...

Feels like: Food, i am hungry. I want a cone from either McDonalds or Hungry Jacks!

Thinking About: Tom Felton and Alan Rickman are amazing actors. Helena Bonham Carter is awesome!

Wearing: *sigh* I suppose I have to admit to this... Grey long sleeved top, black t-shirt, stockings and a pleated skirt... never again *shakes head*

7/31/2009 #47

Mood: not bad... but not awsomesauce like id want it to be...

feels like: doing something different... days are getting repetitive again... me no likey...

thinking about: food, brother's bringing back KFC, must watch spirited away, w00t finished character concept... the head at least, and a lil bit of that... but thats not willingly. damn squirrles.

listening to: 'when we were young' by the killers

what else what else: need to get a job soon, B-days in 16 days (i expect cookies people! =D), travis bothering me about what peptalk dude used to bother me about...but for some reason i dont wanna rage at travis...he kinda knows what he's talking about, silly kitty keeps climbing up on me-.-", downloading rambo 3, yadda yadda yadda...

and that should be about it for now...

7/31/2009 #48

Mood: I'm cold and sour, but only until the end of this hour

Listening to: Music of the soul

Eating: food for thought

Thinking about: Life is a precious thing, in which the balance is infinitely fragile, and where both sides are forever vying to gain the upper hand, and yet, because of the very make up of life itself, neither can ever win, for to win would be to destroy the eternal balance, and consequently, the universe. Paraphrased, just contemplating and pondering various things.

Celebrating: the existence of conformity. I am now conforming to a life of non-conformity, oxymorons and ambiguous statements.

Army, marriage, the church and banking. The four horsemen of the apocalypse.

7/31/2009 #49

Mood: must take this to the next page! Yay!

8/2/2009 #50

Mood: I like virgins.

Listening to: My new virgin.

Thinking about: My virgin.

Celebrating: My virgin.

Wearing: My virgin's offerings.

I have: Virgins!

I want: more virgins.

Reading: How to train virgins. (Hang on, that doesn't sound too right..)

Eating: Let's not go there.

8/2/2009 #51

uhhh.. yes... lets not go there... but how could i not take that post in the wrong way?

Mood: not bad... tired, not seepy, just tired.

thinking about: foodfoodfoodhamcheesefoodawsomesaucethatfoodminiskirtseatingthatcoffee and various other things.

listening to: through fire and flames, and 'still alive' just before.

eating: chips, and 3 ham and cheese sandwiches just before.

im bored....

8/3/2009 #52

Mood: furious and elated at the same time. Depressed and yet ever so hopeful.

Thinking about: What does it mean when there's that smile at you, but then there's that girl at him? When you feel the need to feign surprise that he has a girlfriend when you know it should've been you all along? When being next to him makes you shiver, and all you want to do is kiss him, forever? When you wish you were a child again, simply so that it would be you he was holding in his arms? When you know that he can never be yours, because it's just not possible, and yet you simply can't resist? And most of all, why, oh why won't layered hair stay straight???

Listening to: The hunger pouring through my stomach, my coal black lashes fluttering against rosa red cheeks, and the monotonous clack of everyday adolescent life..

Eating: something interesting soon, once I go out and make it

Sorry for the randomness - I'm trying to incorporate myself into the role of a new character I'm developing, and kind of going crazy being me one minute, and her the next. Most of 'thinking about' is her, except for the last line xD She's been in my head for a few weeks now - I'm building up the character/setting castle for her - I'll either create a new atory or incorporate her into one of my current projects as bit of a plot twist...maybe.

I think I'm getting her teen angsty moments pretty well done, now I just need to work on the non-hpppwa kind of thing..

8/3/2009 #53

So translation:

Mood: Fairy happy, though was feeling pretty downcast just moments earlier; tired

Thinking about: The friend stage, mixed signals, boys, decisions and haircuts.

Listening to: my stomach growling, my lashes brushing against my glasses and cheeks, and the clatter of the keyboard

Wearing: trackies and a hoodie. And yeah, that's about it - i cant find my shirt this time..

Wearing: a semi-new haircut!

Reading: the shadow of the wind. Which is an absoluetely brilliant, must have book, btw.

8/3/2009 #54

Mood: Melancholic.

Thinking About: Time.

Listening To: The cars drive by.

Wearing: Shorts and a t-shirt.

8/3/2009 #55

Mood: uh...whats the word... Awesome! I've had 2 cups of coffee in the last 20 mins! =D

feels like: running a marathon, i swear i feel like i could do anything right now.

thinking about: running a marathon! surprisingly not about that, oh crap just thought of that, OH CRAP! i just lost the f*** game!

rant: why is it that when i remember something completely irrelevant i remember the game? /rant

listening to: the weird groan coming from my computer... either a hermit has bieng living in there for the last couple day or i didnt fix it right... oh oh... *steps away slowly*

8/3/2009 #56

Mood: FML. why do these things always happen to me? Beyond confused. And uber s***.

Feel like: Comfort food. Blankets. Or at least short dresses, parties and vodka. But that would only ceer me up in the short term..

Thinking about: Stuff.

Listening to: Some random dvd thats on in the living room, idk what, I'm in the bedroom

Wearing: idk. Seriously, I have no idea, i havent look at myself since got changed and i dont know what i actually got changed into...

Eating: Nothing. *is sad*

8/7/2009 #57

mood: not too good... cant concentrate... abit depressed... tired... so very tired...

feels like: stuffed... ate too much... due to boredom.

thinking about: due to boredom its been alot about food... chocolate... abit of that and hw i should be doing...

listening to: 'through fire and flames" again...

wearing: clothes.. like everyone else right? hopefully, wel no, wait, yes, wait... *shuts up*

eating: chocolate!

8/8/2009 #58

cant be bothered with the catagories

Im cold, tired, people are cooking very hot indian, dinner wont be fun.The boys are still watching Die Hard 4.0 so I'm listening to that, and Miranda and Jarrod conversing. Stephen just put more salt on the couch. My head hurts muchly

I'm wearing: tights, skinny jeans, singlet top, Fraggle Rock top, purple Levi's... basically, what i wore yesterday. Its comfy!

8/8/2009 #59

...who came over?

Yay! We bought Die Hard 4.0 on dvd today. And a gagillion other random dvds becaue jb hi-fi was having a sale ^_^

Mood: Full; happy but not quite content - rather restless

Thinking about: so much to do, so little time...literally :O and boys.

Wearing: well, no one should ever know what I'm wearing now, so I'll say what I what wearing before instead: black leggings, black tights, little black shoes, mini shorts, a semi-mini black chillout dress with blue lining and cutsie pockets and a black waist jacket with high pockets and collars.

Okay, so right now I'm wearing overly large bright blue trackies, a thin blue shirt with what looks like a bratz doll on it, which is covered by my bright yellow hoodie. And multicoloured blanket with lots of geometric prints on it, if that counts. Yep, real fashionable.

Random: How come guys in books and movies are always so much better than reality? It's not fair I say, not fair! And also: yay for shopping!

8/8/2009 #60
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