World Domination
Are your cunning plans falling a bit flat? Do you feel like you're trying to do the same thing you always do everyday? Well look no further! You've reached World Domination, the procrastinators' paradise!
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1. This is the place where competitions will be held!

2. Each time a new competition is created, I will announce it in NEWS and post here.

3. Entrants can post as many times as they like (unless stated otherwise in the new competition announcement.)

4. Suggest new ideas for competitions in the suggestions thread.

5. The winner gets to have their entry submitted to the hall of fame, and also gets one review from myself unless someone else volunteers (simply post an OT here, stating that you would like to review the winner.)

6. The winner may recieve multiple reviews, or they may not. It all depends on how generous people are feeling - those not competing can also review. However, the winner will always get at least one review.

7. Each review must be at least two sentences long - and about the actual piece!

8. However, the main aim of the game is simply to have some fun and build up the hall of fame - you'll probably end up getting lots of reviews from me just for being in WD anyway :D

8. Only one competition may run at a time, and some will have a time limit, depending on the nature of the game.


Ready, get set, GO!

5/23/2009 . Edited 5/23/2009 #1



Competition #1: (23.05.09 - Present)


Competition #2:


Competition #3:


5/23/2009 . Edited 7/12/2009 #2

New competition!

The person who can write out a WD theme song (for lack of a better general term) gets one review from me and their entry put in the hall of fame!

(Suggested by XxNoImaginationxX)


- Must be at least 5 lines

- Can be in the form of an already existing piece simply with different lines - e.g. A cheerleading chant with different lyrics. If you do decide to change lines from another song, make sure it isn't too similar - the more original, the better! (And link to the song in question if possible!)

- Must have something to do with WD

- Can be in the form of a song, jingle, chant, poem, or similar.

- Doesn't have to be funny, can be serious - but remember, it's a theme song! Make it themey :D

- If you're willing to review the winner, state that!



7/12/2009 #3
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