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Break the Block!

Writer's block, that is - don't run off and break some bricks. It hurts!


Basic structure of the Writer's Requests game:

(Modified Suggestion by Fallen Angel Rising Ape - aka. Kit)

1. Someone wishing to write but not knowing what to write about comes here and posts a request, asking for something to write about.

2. In their post, they must state requirements for the prompts to be given - i.e. what they don't want to write about, what kind of prompt they want, or any other restrictions if applicable.

3. People post their requests for person A, who then goes off and writes at least 100 words about the subject. They then post the story/poem in their post (edit it) Then close the game with a NEW post.

4. If multiple suggestions are put forth, the requester can choose which path they wish to take. They may choose to write about multiple prompts, but may only post one short story up here. They may also post it on their profile.

5. Only one game may run at a time, do not begin a new game until the last game has had a story posted.

6. Content within in the story must not be rude, sexual or inappropraite in any other way. Content must be original and new - this is not a thread for posting/advertising old stories. Stories must not be too long - try not to exceed 1000 words, though you are welcome to expand later on.

7. Have fun!


Ready, get set, GO!

5/24/2009 #1
Disabled Account sdf

I like to write, and I thought it would be fun to write based on other people's instructions.

Why don't we just get started?

I want to write a fantasy story. Apart from that everything is fine: No restriction on setting, main characters and so forth.

Oh - try to formulate your instructions in _one_ sentence - that would make it a lot easier for me. :-)


5/24/2009 #2

Hrmm, a fantasy story, eh? ...This might turn out a bit more humorous xD

It must involve: at least three lines from famous songs, a talking wrapper, a quest for world domination that ends in failure and someone casting a spell.

How about that?

EDIT: and number 3! It has to have something to do with the number 3!

You don't have to do all of the things I wrote, just one or two would work :D

5/24/2009 . Edited 5/24/2009 #3
Disabled Account sdf

"That's it! I'm a loser! I'm a loser!" The man in gray kicked the cauldron, splashing the bubbling potion all over floor of the dark, gloomy room. "This is number three! My third scheme falling apart!"

The short man turned and faced a table, littered with books and papers. "Gods, I'm so tired," he complained and sighed, "I haven't slept a wink. I have been working like a dog at this, and now..."

"You will never achieve world domination like that, you know! You are a no-good son of a sorceress, and these crazy ideas will never work." The man was startled. Had the voice been coming from the wrapping over there, which had protected that ancient tome?

Thank you for the instructions! I added almost all of the except the spell casting part. Hoped you liked it!

Give me more! :-)



Guess the songs!

5/24/2009 . Edited 5/24/2009 #4

More then? hmm, how am I going to follow Coke's train of thought?

ok so, fantasy

Instructions: Introduce two minor characters (can be wrapper), contain at least 2 lines from a popular movie and repercussions of the spell gone wrong.

Again, not all need to be included

Not sure if this is right but anywho... Have fun! :)

5/24/2009 . Edited 5/24/2009 #5
Disabled Account sdf

I was thinking along the lines of the next 'instructor' telling me what to write in the next hundred words, and so on.

So now I have written the first 'chapter', and the next should follow where the previous left off.


5/24/2009 #6

otay, Ive changed it a bit, any better?

5/24/2009 . Edited 5/24/2009 #7

Haha, awesome stuff, Kit!

"I'm a loser! I'm a loser!" - I'm a loser (The Beatles)

"I haven't slept a wink. I have been working like a dog at this" - Hard Day's Night (The Beatles)

..I don't know about the third one though o.O

EDIT: I only got them because they're beatles songs - good on you for picking them xD

5/24/2009 . Edited 5/24/2009 #8
Disabled Account sdf

"Hello?" the gray-clad man said and peered at the old, wrinkled parchment.

"Hello," the parchment answered drily, "pleased to meet you. Listen, you are wizardly failure. It's no secret - we know that. I, on the other hand, am a page torn from the most powerful grimoire ever written: The Voice of Darkness. But I need human hands and human lips to work my magic. I can offer you might and wealth beyond that of any king if you assist me. How about it, do you need more convincing?"

"You got me at hello," the gray-clad man replied, stupid greed shining in his green eyes. "What is thy bidding, my master?"

"Excellent! Now - conjure up some light and read the words written on me.

" The man nodded, whispered a few arcane words, and a light flared up. Then his expression turned to fear - his spell had set the parchment on fire! Desperately he quenched the wrapping paper in a bucket of newt's eyes and goat's milk that he had earlier used to cook a potion for his aunt.

That should do it, shouldn't it, o ancient and wise lola?

There were three Beatles' songs in there, and you missed 'I'm so tired': "I'm so tired. I haven't slept a wink."


5/24/2009 . Edited 5/24/2009 #9
Disabled Account sdf

Oh oh!

I feel the writer's block creeping up on me again: I need instructions! :-o


5/25/2009 #10

Hmm, up next we have the parchment turning into something huge and scary, and in its anger, eating the man. Tell us how he gets out of the monster's (formerly known as wrapping) stomach or mouth, and it has to involve the line "ooh ooh ooh ohh, satying alive" can cut out the oohs if you like, but I'd love to see them in there :D

5/25/2009 #11
Disabled Account sdf

The man in gray watched in horror as the parchment started swelling. Whether in anger from the disgusting bath in the bucket, or maybe it soaked up the liquid was unclear, but the parchment grew and grew. Soon it was twice as tall as the man, round as all ball, with the parchment's jagged edges turned into vicious-looking teeth. Before the man was able to back away, the monster snapped at him, and caught him by his waist. He was lifted into the air, his legs kicking in pain.

"Oo oooh!", the man gasped.

"Ooo ooh!", he repeated as a the putrid stench reached his nose.

"Staying alive," he thought to himself, "You have to try staying alive!"

Then, just as he was about to lose consciousness from pain from the sharp teeth, the monster spit him out, sending him somersaulting across the room, covered in goat's milk.

I think I got them all, Coke? :-)

I really like this game, trying to obey your instructions as best I can!

And I manage to write something as well!

Thank you!


5/25/2009 #12

heh heh, no problem - and good n you for getting that lyric in there! xD

5/25/2009 #13
Disabled Account sdf

No more instructions? :-(


5/25/2009 #14

Haha, sorry xD

Hrmm, In this one, you have to jump to another place, where there is a supposedly crazy person sitting on a bench, muttering 'jibberish' that is actually a spell.Think of it as telling two stories, then joining them up in a later chapter.

(I figured that in the last couple of sections it was set in a more primitive time, so this part has to be in a modern city.)

The old man will say something that has to do with tears and dark light.

This one is a bit more difficult, but see how you go?

5/25/2009 #15
Disabled Account sdf

People all passed the old man by, quickening their pace just a little, putting on serious expressions, their eyes wandering everywhere but in his direction.

It was the usual reaction when faced with crazy people: His long, wild white hair and beard protruded from his dirty, thick coat, and those who dared to, saw a pair of feverish blue eyes as well.

He talked endlessly. Gibberish, most likely. Random words without any structure or meaning.

"... the dark light and bright tears. Dark light, consume, burn, drown in the tears that are bright. Bright, dark..."

Did I pull it off, Coke? :-)


EDIT: Fixed! I am very happy if you tell me to fix errors - it shouldn't happen. :-)

5/25/2009 . Edited 5/25/2009 #16

Haha, indeed! You certainly did pull it off! :D

You captured people's usual reaction very well, and I liked the description (it reminded me a bit of dumbledore for some reason - must be the blue eyes :P)

I didn't think the And was necessary at the start of the third line though (loom at this, I sound like a review! Stop, I say, stop! :D)

EDIT: Good boy! xD

Tell me if you want more prompts - though i may not reply because I might just sign off :D

5/25/2009 . Edited 5/25/2009 #17

New request!

Give me:

- At least one action/event to incorporate into my story. (e.g. The toaster explodes)

- One line of dialogue that a character must say

- Anything else you want me to add, though don't make it too complicated :D

Also, please keep the instructions to around 1-3 sentences if possible.

6/5/2009 #18

- Fridge falls over

- "Who's been raiding the fridge again?"

- There has to be a mention of the fridge magnets from said fridge.

6/5/2009 #19

Ok, cause I'm sick of nobody doing anything!! I am going to give a new prompt

The next person should write a chapter/one shot with the prompt being: That car is leaking leaves!

Think outside the box people!

6/27/2009 . Edited 8/18/2009 #20

Okay, I can do this. No, I can’t. Yes, I can. Deep breath...

My hands shake as I grip onto Aiden’s arm, trying to keep my knees from buckling beneath me. There’s something about that old house that just makes me shiver from head to toe. I’m not exactly sure what’s so creepy about it – perhaps it’s the rickety construction, grimy walls and bleeding gutters…or maybe just the way the crooked windows are positioned above the spiky doors like eyes forever watching your every move, just waiting to devour you and everything you love. Or maybe I’m just really paranoid.

As if he senses my anxiety, Aiden tightens his hold on me, soothing my frayed nerves with his comforting words. Finally, I stop shivering and we get out of the car, avoiding looking at the menacing sight above and to the left of us. We make light conversation, talking about anything from shoes to soccer, simply steering clear of that subject and all its forbidden memories. Like the leaking leaves.

Hand in hand, we inch towards the rusty gates. Simultaneously, we reach out to push them forward. They open easily, despite their neglected look and horrific creaking. I stare at him as he stares at me – what now?

I can see my apprehension reflected in his eyes, and feel his fear – in that moment, I know we’re both thinking the same thing - does she still live here? I close my eyes and recklessly start walking; I don’t know who ended up dragging who there, but eventually, we ended up outside the doors to hell.

I took out my key.

...Will be expanding this later on, once I've got a bit more time. If you want to review what I have so far though, feel free to go to the newest story on my profile, Yomikiri - which is where this is situated. Btw, if you think there isn't enough of the prompt there, it's because this is now my new project - since I'm planning to expand it, I don't want to give away too much :D I'd love all opinions though! Hope you...don't despise it? xP

8/22/2009 #21
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