World Domination
Are your cunning plans falling a bit flat? Do you feel like you're trying to do the same thing you always do everyday? Well look no further! You've reached World Domination, the procrastinators' paradise!
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Rule #1 in the 'How to take over/destroy worlds' manual: evil geniuses must be organised! And how do we stay organised, you ask? Lists. Lots and lots of lists.

...What's that? Too tiresome? Well, I ask you this: do you ever see Darth Vader running around going "where's my light saber?" No! Why? Because he's responsible enough to make lists of what to pack and who to destroy before he goes to bed!


Basic structure of the To Do List:

(Idea adapted from Suggestions by Lola and Kirri)

Write out things you want to do here, be it things on your agenda in RL, or things that you want to do, or best of all, things you must do on your way to world domination!

You don't have to follow the structure set out below, and can simply post about one of the categories if you wish, but try to keep it simple. No obscenities, give reasons where possible and discussions about posts are allowed - however, this is not OT or Spam-a-lot, so try not to clog it up too much!!


Person 1: Real Life agenda: buy new socks. I want to: Destrot HSM. On my way to world domination, I need to: destroy the bunnies of the world!!!

Person 2: HSM sucks!!! I want to melt Zac Effron - he looks plastic enough..


Ready, get set, GO!

6/9/2009 . Edited 6/9/2009 #1

Yay! I loves this topic!!

Must Do: remember... something... i cant remember

6/9/2009 #2

That reminded me of Neville :D

To do:

1. Homework, clean the room, eat something, read a book

2. Buy some more books, re-read some books. No one reads books anymore. It's depressing. So I'm going to read.

3. Immerse my hand in warm water or something similar - the right one is so cold, it's moving really slowly, I'm probably going to get hypothermia soon o.O

4. Talk to Max some more and get contact information off him! Squee! :D (Yeah, I know, It's sad, I haven't had an interest in anyone for so long, it's great just having a crush - even if I dont know if he really likes me :D)

6/9/2009 #3

To Do:

Bathe puppy because she stinks

Clean lounge-room table

Not use too much internet so I dont go over my download limit


Remember Homework... if we have any... cant remember

Read, I dont read enough novels anymore, which is probably good for finances but I feel... empty in a way :-(

6/10/2009 #4

To Do:

learn to write with left hand


finish sudoku

learn to not single finger type on my right hand. Odd how i do that.

eliminate every trace of HSM in exsistance.

6/10/2009 #5

To Do:

Worship darth vadar

Clean my room

Organise my art supplies

Finish my Tamora Pierce novel - I agree with Lola, it feels like ages since I last read a proper novel that wasn't school related! I was sitting at dinner before and almost burst out crying because I couldn't remember the name of one of the characters in the book - as soon as I finished eating I got up and started reading it :D Gawd I'd almost forgotten how much I love that series..


6/11/2009 #6

Must read books I have borrowed from people

6/11/2009 #7

Must return books I have borrowed from people ;P

6/11/2009 #8

Yeah, I'm getting there

6/11/2009 #9

To do: Stop procrastinating! Ahh!

6/11/2009 #10

To do:

Help people with debating stuff √

Write out my speech for sunday √

Do my questions and finish my essays √

Call up people to confirm details about the writing competition

Write/think up my entry for above mentioned competition

Find clothes to wear

Figure out how to subtly ask for a certain person's number

Write out the next chapters for my current FF and FP stories

Decide whether to join in May RM on RG or not

Practise exam music

Decide what to do in the future - pathways/careers. To pursue VCE music or not?

Add newly suggested topic

Add newly suggested topic 2 √

Add rules to some of the older games topics

Make lunch √

Find uniform √

Get money back so I'm not broke and can pay people back already! i hate owing money! *sobs*

Read a bunch of books

Buy more books

Buy birthday presents

Hand in notes and money for music tuition, camp and excursions

Go to the next st. john meeting

Remember to do these things!

Go to bed. √

6/17/2009 . Edited 6/20/2009 #11

to do

dispose of moldy sandwich colony under bed (they reproduce. i swear!)

learn to climb trees

stop carrying lengthy conversations with inanimate objects

stop humming bananaphone in hearing distance of other humans

order 6-foot inflatable santa from ebay

find a way to secure inflatable santa to roof without incurring wrath of loft-mate

talk loft-mate into lord of the rings marathon

buy instant ramen

hide angsty post-its proclaiming undying love to disposed futon

6/24/2009 #12

To Do:

Buy earplugs.

Find the red Playdough that's gone missing.

Review poems on FP.

Turn on fan. It's too hot.

7/10/2009 #13


Read the 20-something story alerts i have collected in gmail

Do the SOSE homework stuff

Finish the book

- and the next one

- and the next book

Start a new book

- or three

7/14/2009 #14

Put my "cheese plate" thats in my room in the sink... before the tiny cheese crumbs host a colony of advanced micro organisms..

finish monsoon... assuming i can find it.

take a look at the host... or else bea will just blab on about it.

hope to get some good sleep... i say hope because it will never happen :(

and build a doomsday device... i hear that they are expensice though...

7/14/2009 #15

To Do:


- SOSE Homework

- Music exam notes/money

- Bus money

- Camp money

- Get the rhythm of the lines for the play right

- Practise saxophone

- MORE sleep

7/14/2009 #16

to do:

buy superglue

apply superglue on sister's lips

do laundry

learn to blow balloons

limit hugging fallout 3 cardboard cutout at GameStop to twice a day

stop reading shojo manga

stop constructing elaborate mental shojo-manga like backstories for customers

remember to quit refering to heavily pierced neighbor 'swiss cheese boy'

buy instant ramen

remember to limit obscure word usage to customers whose IQs eclipse number of extremities

fix sink

die peacefully at age 47 whilst watching alfred hitchcock's mystery theatre

7/15/2009 #17

to do

review 127 poems/stories +___+

7/15/2009 #18

To Do:

Write speech

Write speech

Write speech

Write speech

Write speech

get some sleep

Write speech

Write speech

Write speech

... not necessarily in that order

7/16/2009 #19

To Do:


7/24/2009 #20

To Do:

Science poster

Science questions

Practise flute

Hate orthodontist

Download HMC next month.

7/28/2009 #21

To Do:

stop posting so many replies :)

check my myspace again.

update my Twitter.

call my best friend & make sure she hasn't died or anything.

call Logan, just because he said I should :)

eat something.

i reaallllyyyy need to get some sleep...

read these books i just got out of the library.


find a house.

get a life.

7/29/2009 #22

To Do:

Walk away from Rufus

Get dressed

Get ready for school

Pack bag for school

Think of a good excuse for being away tomorrow

Pay last camp money

Bring note to Mr. Cole

Get Dressed!

7/29/2009 #23

To Do:

DESTROY ROBERT PATTINSON ...and associated personnel (except for some cool ones, of course)




DESTRUCTO-BOT MILEY CYRUS'S FACE. and all attached limbs.

7/30/2009 #24

To Do:


call Logan.

squeal some more.

convince Daddy to let me drive again.



7/30/2009 #25

To Do:

- review people

- x-age assignment

- english assignment

- memorise scales

- practise exam music

- practise music for the concerts

- assemble concert uniform

- organise reunions

- update stories/poems

- update websites

- upload artwork


Funny how I always seem to require sleep. xD

9/30/2009 #26
Rose Valentine

Uhm, here's my to-do list [preferably for world domination!]:

1. Whiz my way on tomorrow's Interdisciplinary Quiz Bee and grab that award as soon as the last brainiac on our school has stand down. Yeah!

2. For me to do that no.1 agenda, I'll have to burn my books first! Mwahahaha!

3. Okay, okay, I'm kidding with no. 2. :) So, here goes: I'll be the regular geek and attack those Chemistry and History books with a sharp Pilot pen, a plateful of M&Ms and my ever-trusty iPod.

4. But before attacking those wretched books with my weapons of choice, I'll have to get a shut-eye first to wake up all refreshed and ready. So I guess I'll be having my forty-winks now. Night, people. Hahaha.

1/23/2010 #27

ok then. i shall categorise my to do list for easy sorting.

School -

History, math, remember stuff, wake up on time, go to sleep on time, locate uniform.

Wedding -

Wear shoes around, remember wedding rehearsal, remember dress fitting, help make Hen's Night excellent!

Social life -

what are you talking about? You don't Have One!

Holidays -

Survive the next week and they're yours!

3/21/2010 #28
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