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Acronyms are fun.


Basic structure of the AAF game:

(Modified suggestion by Kirrithian, inspired from Spam-a-lot)

1. An acronym is chosen. It must be between 2-4 letters long.

2. The acronym must already stand for something.

3. Users then make up words and phrases that the acronym can stand for.

4. Once at least twenty suggestions have been made, a new round may begin (though users may continue playing if they don't want to move onto the next round just yet)

5. Only the first entrants (or second, if the first entrant was the person who began the round) may begin a new round, unless the round has been unactive for more than three days. In that case, anyone can close the current round and open a new one.

6. Each player may only post five entries per post, though they may make as many posts as they like.

7. Each new round and each closing announcement must be stated in bold, in separate posts.


Person 1: New round! The acronym is AAF

Person 1: Aggressive Alien Fanny, Anatomical Area of Fudge, Aeronautical Australian Fighter, Angry Adolf Fool, All Agnostic Friends

Person 2: *insert another 5 words beginning with AAF*

Person 2: *insert another 5 words beginning with AAF*

Person 3: *insert another 5 words beginning with AAF*

(In this case Person 1 is illegible to close this round and begin a new round, so the responsibility falls to the second poster, Person 2)

If Person two fails to close the round and begin a new one within three days, the round will then continue until someone decides to close it.


Ready, get set, GO!

6/19/2009 . Edited 6/20/2009 #1

New Round!

(well, not really, seeing as we're carrying them over from spamalot)

Would you guys like to post what you have individually, or do you want me to bring them all over and categorise them under each of your posts?

6/19/2009 #2

Nevermind, I'll post everything from spam-a-lot over here - less hassle that way.

from: clandestinedownpour

off topic

other things

omelet of truth

obese trout

offensive tackle

old testament


occupational therapy

organised troll

overweight taquitos

orphaned truant

6/19/2009 . Edited 6/19/2009 #3

From: Kirrithian

other thread

ominous things


Old tortoise

Odd thespian

Oceanic Tuna


Orang-utan thistle

Open talk

Omnipotent Tank

Obliterating Traffic

6/19/2009 #4


Original tune

Open tunic

Operating thetan

Orange turquoise :D

Oppressive Turtle

Overly tame

Open tournament

Oh, (I must go) Ta-ta :D

Obscure tangent

Obstinate troublemaker

Operating table

Opposite twin

Omnipotent Turtle

Omniscient tutelary

Omitted truth

Overly tired

Organised torture

Obtrusive tie

(Virgin) of truth


6/19/2009 #5

From: XxNoImaginationxX

Operating Theatre

6/19/2009 #6

And that's everything - see how awesome I am? effing retarded thing wouldn't let me copy and paste properly =='

Now, do you want to continue with this, or start a new round?

Anyone is welcome to start a new round if they please, seeing as I just transferred the posts from spam-a-lot over here.

6/19/2009 #7

No No No No!!

More OT!

6/20/2009 #8

Obtuse Triangle (cant believe I just got that!)

Oxymoronic Turf

Occipital Tangerine

Offable Turnip

Orange Turnip!!

6/20/2009 #9

Opening Tune

Overworked Tunnel

Other Twit

Opera Truss

Ocean Twist

6/20/2009 #10

Overworked Twit

Other Tunnel


6/20/2009 #11

Opening Trumpet

Oboe Tamborine

Only Triangle

Overloud Tenor

(I'm feeling musical :D)

Obnoxious & Terrible

6/22/2009 #12

Overweight Terrorist!!

6/22/2009 #13

Ominous Topeka

Ostracised Turkey (slight pun. get it?)

Oxymoronic Train

Opaque Turtle

6/23/2009 #14

New Round!

This round's acronym: A.D

The original meaning being Anno Domini (Used in timelines, though many people use C.E - Common Era instead.)

Go ahead!

6/30/2009 . Edited 6/30/2009 #15

Dude! So not fair! OT was fun!

And it is NOT After Death. A.D. stands for Anno Domini. And the politically correct version of that is CE, Common Era.

6/30/2009 #16


Oops, ty for that - I've changed it now. My thoughts were confused, because I was thinking about a)possible answers - After Death being one of them, b)Trickster, the book I'm reading, where the time is in the made up format of H.E, being human era and c)Boys.

'Nuff said.


6/30/2009 #17

And also: OT died. Multiple times. Both the actual OT, and the last round of AAF, which was OT. So there. :P

After Death

Alien Dynamite

Aggressive Dudes

Aged Date

6/30/2009 #18

Alien Death

Agro Dryer

Accented Dance

Apple Diced

Awkward Decisions

6/30/2009 #19

Another Day

Another Diet

Another Draftee

Another Dog

Awesome Daffy!

7/2/2009 . Edited 7/3/2009 #20

Another death

All due


Angry Diners

Allowing Disease

(to kill the restaurant owners, thus destroying all their sources of food)

--OT-- Aren't I awesome? --/OT--

7/3/2009 . Edited 7/3/2009 #21


i had another death before!! but i changed it to day cause it fits :)

-End OT-

7/3/2009 #22

Almost Done

Attention deficit

Aggressive disease

A*** disorder (sorry, sorry!)

Advertising dilemma

7/4/2009 #23

All Done

Angry Dog

Among Dunderheads

Alternate Days

American Dream

Alzheimer's Disease

Access Denied

Agnus Dei

Albus Dumbledore

Ante Diem

7/10/2009 #24

Anvil Death

Actor Deceased

Alimony Dropped

Affirmative Defeat

Anteater Driven

7/14/2009 #25

It's been pretty quiet round these parts, so i figured I might start up a New Round :)

Acronym: M.I.L.D

Original meaning: Mnemonic induction of Lucid Dreams

(A lucid dream is a dream in which the person involved is/becomes aware of the fact that they are dreaming, btw.

There are two types: dream-initiated lucid dreams (DILD) and wake-initiated lucid dreams (WILD) - just in case anyone was interested)

7/30/2009 . Edited 7/30/2009 #26

Minor Identity Lychee Disorder

7/30/2009 #27

Military Institute of Lie Detection

Mini Introduction to the LURVE Department

Mens' Irreversible Liver Deformities

7/30/2009 #28

Mnemonic Indicator Lifting Disaster.

7/30/2009 . Edited 3/21/2010 #29

Magical Illness Left by Demons

Missisipian Injured Loner Defibrillator

7/30/2009 #30
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