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A Kodak moment is just a false perception of reality.

...But it's still as close as we're ever going to get to perfection, so get as many moments as you can...


Basic structure of the Picture This game:

(Suggested by XxNoImaginationxX - aka Lola)

1. One player posts a link to a picture they like, then state an aspect of the picture that they particularily like or want to see again.

2. The next player then goes out, looks for another picture with the same aspect(s) as mentioned above and posts the link for that.

3. Up to two aspects may be chosen at a time, but they must be stated clearly.

4. In the case of a double post (i.e. one player posts, then two players reply,) the game continues from the post of the latest entry. Players can respond to the former entry in an OT bracket if they wish.

5. Photos may not contain n***, explicit content, extreme violence or anything unappropriate for the general public.

6. The links must be easily accessible and understandable - no links to pages with 50 different photos, please.

7. The pictures can be in the form of pretty much anything - paintings, photographs, sketches, etc. Please don't try to make the aspects too rare.


Person 1: *inserts link of picture with big trees* Aspect: big trees everywhere

Person 2: *nserts link of picture with big trees and lots of primary colors* This has big trees everywhere. New aspect: Lots of primary colours.

Person 3: *inserts link of picture with big trees and anime people* This has big trees everywhere New aspect: Anime-esque people.

Person 4: *nserts link with anime people and lots of pink* This has anime people. New aspect: Lots of pink.

Person 5: --OT--*inserts link with primary colours and balloons* This has primary colours and ballons!* --/OT-- *inserts link with lots of pink and balloons.* This has lots of pink. New aspect: balloons.

And yeah!


Ready, get set, GO!

7/24/2009 . Edited 7/24/2009 #1


7/24/2009 #2

Um, cause i presume her reserved space was not for something that is actually going to start this game I suppose...

now please reply to this before the photo gets removed or something! :P

Pick your own element, I'm not controlling, have some individuality and self thinkingness!

3/21/2010 #3

Okay: First aspect: Eiffel tower

This has the eiffel tower and...

New aspect: PRETTY LIGHTS/fireworks.

3/21/2010 . Edited 3/21/2010 #4
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