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Little Miss Priss

"I think I shall get a red dress." she told him

6/14/2009 #121
Lee's ghost re-born

"I like that idea."

6/14/2009 #122
Little Miss Priss

"Should we do some site seeing on the way?"

6/14/2009 #123
Lee's ghost re-born

"If you wqant."

6/14/2009 #124
Little Miss Priss

"Oh, yes. Perhaps we could stop by the white house on our way. It is such a lovely home."

6/15/2009 #125
Lee's ghost re-born

He took her hand, like a loving husband. "Let's go."

6/15/2009 #126
Little Miss Priss

She snuggled closer to him as they made thier way down the stairs and into the car.

"The car is amazing."

6/15/2009 #127
Lee's ghost re-born

"All for you," he kissed her forehead, eying the old cupple on the street.

6/15/2009 #128
Little Miss Priss

"Has something caught your eye dearest?"

6/16/2009 #129
Lee's ghost re-born

"Those flowers," he said. He whispered. "Them old geezers were staring."

6/16/2009 #130
Little Miss Priss

"They are lovely" she replied commiting the couples faces to her memory.

6/16/2009 #131
Lee's ghost re-born

"We gptta hurry if plan to be life of that party, love."

6/16/2009 #132
Little Miss Priss

She jumped into the car "Then lets shop."

6/16/2009 #133
Lee's ghost re-born


6/16/2009 #134
Lee's ghost re-born

(Much later..)

He leaned into her side, glass of wine in his hand.

"That's our man," he whispered.

6/16/2009 #135
Little Miss Priss

"Who is the young lady standing next to him?" she asked eyeing the strange girl.

6/16/2009 #136
Lee's ghost re-born

"I'd say armcandy but she is not.."

6/16/2009 #137
Little Miss Priss

"Very candyish"

6/16/2009 #138
Lee's ghost re-born

"You're too into your part finishing my sentence."

6/16/2009 #139
Little Miss Priss

"Then you should finish your own sentence. How do you propose we remove the girl from the man?"

6/16/2009 #140
Lee's ghost re-born

"You loor the man over here."

6/16/2009 #141
Little Miss Priss

Anya watched the man for a few moments while forming a plan. Nodding she walked near the man but not straight toward him. When she was just a few feet to his left she tripped over her heel and lost her balance. As any good gentleman would he immidiately came to her rescue. Grabbing her waist he helped steady her. "Oh dear." she breathed "I am so sorry. I must have lost my balance. Now I am afraid I have injured my ankle" Staggering slightly she waited for him to offer his help.

"Let me help you. Lets find you a seat." He offered

"Thank you so much. Over there perhaps." she replied motioning to the seats left of her partner and closer to the door.

Slowly he assisted her to the chair.

"Thank you for your help." she said rubbing her ankle gently and distracting him with a view of her legs.

6/16/2009 #142
Lee's ghost re-born

He watched.

(Shela too plz

6/16/2009 #143
Little Miss Priss

"Dearest" she called to Victor "I do believe that I have injured my ankle. Would you be terribly upset if we leave the party?"

6/16/2009 #144
Lee's ghost re-born

"I am a bit disapponted, but your safey is more imporant."

(Not sure if you wanted do the missletoe thing but eh..

6/16/2009 #145
Little Miss Priss

"Would you bring the car around so i not have to walk as far? Perhaps this nice gentleman would assit me while you are away." she said flashing her damsel in distress smile.

(mistletoe as they walk out.)

6/16/2009 #146
Lee's ghost re-born

"Yes, love," he said darting off.

6/16/2009 #147
Little Miss Priss

Anya entertained the target until the car appear in front of the doors. Leaning on him she headed for the door as Victor walked forward. They met in the doorway.

"You really are such a cute couple. And look mistletoe!" the target said. "Now you must kiss."

Anya looked at Victor nervously. Limping forward she took his hand and reached upward.

6/16/2009 #148
Lee's ghost re-born

Puting hand on her cheek, he kissed her.

6/16/2009 #149
Little Miss Priss

Though she wasn't surprised by the kiss she was surprised by her reaction to it. She actually enjoyed it. For the first time in years she kissed without calcualtion or deciet. She returned his kiss and was sure the passion was evident.

6/16/2009 #150
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