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-Does anyone else have trouble achieving stanza breaks on Fictionpress? -Why do stanzas matter so much, anyway? -Is this an appropriate topic for this board, or am I simply becoming Ficcy's first poetry board pest?
10/19/2006 #1
Bitter Irony
Of course, it's an appropriate topic for this board. :-) As far as achieving stanza breaks on FP, it's almost impossible. You cannot simply hit the enter key a few times, and the html codes for empty lines don't seem to work for me, either. I suggest putting a line of dashes (------------) or a few astericks (* * *) in between stanzas. Stanzas aren't important to all poems. They have two main functions: either to separate trains of thought (in stream of conciousness) or, if one is using a rhyme scheme, to show where the scheme ends and starts to repeat itself. Edgar Allen Poe's "The Bells" has the frist type of stanza break: Oscar Wilde's "Ballad of Reading Gaol" has the other type, as does Tennyson's "Mariana in the South". An example of a poem without stanza breaks (and a poem I find difficult to read, for this very reason) is Algernon Charles Swinburne's "Hymn to Proserpine". ~Bitter Irony
10/19/2006 #2
No Trust
When you type the poem in msWord, hit shift+enter to start a new line. This will create lines that are grouped into a stanza when uploaded to FP.com (i.e. they are not spaced apart as if they are separate paragraphs/stanzas). Hit it twice (or just hit enter normally, without shift, once) to start a new stanza. This also works for normal fiction/essays if you have use for such formatting.
10/20/2006 #3
Thanks! I use OpenOffice in Linux rather than word, but it's a very close clone, so that should probably work. The dash scheme never worked; it just didn't have the same effect. See y'all in the electronic future! ~Kelpy
10/22/2006 #4
Midnight In Eden
i can get stanza breaks easy. when you load a document up to fictionpress, go to quickedit, get rid of all breaks and then enter where you want your stanza breaks to be.
11/1/2006 #5
I despise the HTML encoding of documents that this site uses. I also hated the default Times New Roman font. In fact, I hated it to the extent that it inspired an haiku. Getting the appropriate stanza breaks I achieve by entering a discreet hyphen between stanzas to indicate that it should be double spaced. When I type them in word or notepad, or write them on paper, they are double spaced.
11/24/2006 #6
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