For, in particular, a role play between Winter Scars myself and Near the Kuchiki Neko.
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Per Noctem

I begin the

6/21/2009 #1
Vermillion Serpent

^^ I found it

6/21/2009 #2
Per Noctem

Shall we begin? Who shall play whom?

6/21/2009 #3
Vermillion Serpent

Of course, shall we each create a character to play?

6/21/2009 #4
Per Noctem

I...shall be Morana, if it fine by you.

6/21/2009 #5
Vermillion Serpent

Yep, that's fine... I'll make a small profile...

Xyro Hiteaux (Zee-roh He-toh), long black hair in plaits, dark eyes, simple clothing. Generally friendly yet quiet and not very outgoing. One brother whom she loves very much.

You can start if you like but I'm afraid I'll have to go to bed.

6/21/2009 #6
Per Noctem

(Don't worry about the bed thing- I completely understand. I shall speak with you tomorrow.)

She was...sick. Tired. Hurt. Her scythe rested in one hand. She was dragging herself about, cursing, leaving a little trail of black blood behind her. Killing guards and tearing herself from binds, that was the easy part. Ripping herself open and dragging that accursed tracking device out of herself, that was the hard part.

6/21/2009 #7
Vermillion Serpent

(Hello again ^^ One thing I forgot to mention, Xyro has the ability to turn into a cat, her home village hates her for it and others who also have a similar ability)

The scent of blood lay thickly on the air. It was only just touching the point of being overwhelming. What was bleeding, she couldn't tell, nor could she see any substance to resemble blood. Keeping to the shadows, she followed the scent. She came across a black liquid, splattered over the floor. Strangely, it smelt like it, but looked nothing like what she knew to be blood.

6/21/2009 #8
Per Noctem

( of Morana's forms, what helped her stay hidden...she sometimes takes the form of a black wolf.)

She paused, knelt, and clasped a shaky hand against her side. "F...Fuck." Idiot, if you stop here, you're a sitting target... she thought. She answered herself: Pointless, the darkness will kill them if I order it to, regardless of my pains. They can't kill me anyways, much as I may want it. Calmly, coldly, she put a hand on the ground and watched the black spill out, sighing. "Damn operation..."

6/21/2009 #9
Vermillion Serpent

(^^ That's also the form Xyro's brother can take :))

She hesitated, before slowly following a splattered trail of the black substance, her black ears listening sharply as she closely tracked the unknown being. 'Twas curiosity that killed the cat' her mind taunted.

6/22/2009 #10
Per Noctem

She took a deep breath, bracing herself, before running her claws over the wound. It was one hell of a tear- deep into her side, red muscles yet black blood. The raw injury rubbed up against her shirt, making the pain worse. She tested it, cursed. There was no way she was going to get up and run. She set the scythe across her lap and waited, praying whoever came by had a needle. She could sew herself up if she needed. She'd done it before, and she'd do it again.

6/22/2009 #11
Vermillion Serpent

She followed the trail, the scent getting much stronger now, much moredense. She knew whatever it was had to be close by. She raised her head slightly and sniffed the air. The scent of the wounded was now faintly drifting through on a light breeze. She moved forward, though slightly slower than before then stopped completely. She could make out a black figure slumped on the floor. Her nose told her this was who she was looking for, yet her eyes told her to be wary. An evil-looking blck scythe rested across her lap. Slowly, carefully, she advanced, wanting to help but finding herself wondering... how?

6/22/2009 #12
Per Noctem

She looked at her hand, took a breath, and removed the last wire from herself. It drew a low growl from her, but she slammed her jaw shut and twirled the little thing on her hand. Clearly stamped on the wire, deeply imprinted and undamaed by Morana's body, rested the cryptic words: PROJECT NIGHTMARE. She lifted her head, scenting the air, wondering if she would need to fight. Her body begged no, but she was ready to, if she had to.

6/22/2009 #13
Vermillion Serpent

She tensed slightly as the figure growled, deciding it was still best to ask did they need help, she moved on, padding forward a little quicker now. She felt the air get just the slightest bit colder, yet reasoned it just her own anxiety, probably due to the figure's scythe.

6/22/2009 #14
Per Noctem

At last she looked up, keeping one hand pressed to her side. The eyes portrayed agony and ice, emotionless, but the physical pain was getting to her. When she spoke, her voice was strained- emotionless, and this seemed to be tugging on her strength as well. "If you've come to kill me, you might as well turn back. I'm in no mood to shed more blood, and you cannot kill what you did not create. One cannot kill what is cursed, as I am."

6/22/2009 #15
Vermillion Serpent

(I'm going to have to leave to get ready for school, I'll talk to you again soon)

She paused, the figure's voice chilling her, yet confusing her. She walked slowly out of the shadowed area that covered her form, allowing the wounded one to see her, hoping that would suffice and not worry them, a cat cannot talk after all.

6/22/2009 #16
Per Noctem

(Talk to you soon, my friend.)

She seemed to relax, almost collapsing. "Damn it Morana," she sighed to herself. "And here you were getting ready to fight. Fucking idiot." She tapped the ground beside her, the bit not covered in blood. She liked cats- the various visitors of graveyards and the strays she'd met she had managed to grow attached to. Cats, she liked. People, she despised.

6/22/2009 #17
Vermillion Serpent

She heard the person relax and saw the gesture to come closer. She moved towards her, definitely smelling the blood now, it was thick on the air and almost suffocating, 'She's lost a lot of blood, it's suprising she's still awake.' she thought. Xyro sniffed the woman's hand and sat next to her.

6/23/2009 #18
Per Noctem

"Damn, I need a needle. Thread would be nice too..." She ran her clean hand over the cat. "You are a very nice little cat, young one. I cannot bear to keep awake much longer, but it's nice to see a cat. Most creatures here are chasing me..."

6/23/2009 #19
Vermillion Serpent

She looked at the woman, a look of understanding and pity in her eyes. She licked her hand lightly, 'Wait here' she thought, standing, turning, then bounding away the way she had come as quickly as she could.

6/23/2009 #20
Per Noctem

She blinked, then lay back slowly, murmuring, "Don't sleep, Morana, don't sleep." To keep herself away she trailed her claws over the wound. The blood loss had made her slightly delirious- she watched the sky spin drunkenly. She wanted to laugh, but such a broken noise would give away the last dredges of her mind, the full insanity, the sickness.

6/23/2009 #21
Vermillion Serpent

She returned as quickly as she could, a green bag in her mouth. She ran up to the woman, seeing she had laid down a little more since she had left. She wondered whether she was asleep, part of her hoping. If the woman began to struggle stitching herself up, Xyro would step in by all means, but she wasn't sure how they would react to her human-looking self.

6/23/2009 #22
Per Noctem

She coughed, once, a little black dotting her lips. She gently took the bag, opened it, and braced herself. Pulling up her shirt revealed the injury- and various other stitches from the scientists. She began to sew herself, shaking terribly. "Project Nightmare...bah...always with that word. Being forced to fight as both a wolf and a more humanoid creature...that was my name..." She paused, cursed in Russian, her dominant language, though no accent graced her voice. Both hand held traces of blood, and both shook. She was having trouble all right- major trouble.

6/23/2009 #23
Vermillion Serpent

Xyro took in a shaky breath, though her cat-form disguised this. She transformed into her human-form and asked kindly, "Would you like some help with that?"

6/23/2009 #24
Per Noctem

She tensed slightly, watched her for a moment, then sighed softly and nodded. Half delirious she leaned her head back and murmured, "Run, to where the smallest ray of light will never find you. Run, to where you will not need to shield your eyes. Run, away from all the soulless, heartless fiends who hound you. Run, and let your memories go blind..."

6/23/2009 #25
Vermillion Serpent

She took hold of the needle and began to carefully sew, "If you don't mind me asking... what is your name?" She asked quietly as she worked.

6/24/2009 #26
Per Noctem

"Morana," she answered queitly. "You're good at that..."

6/24/2009 #27
Vermillion Serpent

"I used to sew a lot... I've never stitched a wound before though." She replied, tying a knot in the thread and biting the remains off. She leaned back, "There." She said, giving a shy smile.

6/25/2009 #28
Per Noctem

"Thank you," she murmured, sitting up, touching the wound. "I presume you haven't heard of me...otherwise I suppose you would've run in terror by now," she said quietly.

6/25/2009 #29
Vermillion Serpent

Xyro tilted her head a little, "No... but why would I be scared of you? You seem like a nice person."

6/25/2009 #30
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