For, in particular, a role play between Winter Scars myself and Near the Kuchiki Neko.
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Per Noctem

Ivann was careful as he moved quickly...quietly. He was a bit quicker now...and he knew Morana was right there if he started to slip. So he watched her continue along the cliffs, her cloak billowing in the breeze as she neared the caverns.

7/5/2009 #301
Vermillion Serpent

Xyro moved silently, happy that she could help Ivann struggle less, after everything he and Morana had done for her, she had to start repaying them somehow.

7/5/2009 #302
Per Noctem

"Morana, be careful--" She was already down the cliff.

"I can take care of myself, Ivann. I know what I'm doing." She had been an assassin, for years...

7/5/2009 #303
Vermillion Serpent

Magpie then chuckled and jumped from Xyro's grip. She tried to grab him again but he dissapeared into a small crack in the cliff walls, "Traitor!" She yelled punching the wall.

7/5/2009 #304
Per Noctem

Morana snarled softly. "If I see that runt one more time, I will follow through on my promise. It will die in agony. Xyro, see if you can take your cat form...and I can hide you. Ivann, tiger form. You could pass off as my servant, if need be. I will speak personally to this Fractota..."

7/5/2009 #305
Vermillion Serpent

Xyro nodded and transformed, moving swiftly down the cliffside to Morana.

7/5/2009 #306
Per Noctem

She took her close and said softly, "Hide in the back folds of the cloak, near the hood." Ivann pounced down in tiger form, stretching out as he walked beside her. The scythe would touch the ground, then she would. A rhythmic pattern...

7/5/2009 #307
Vermillion Serpent

Xyro hid amongst the folds, pressing herself to Morana's back so she was hopefully invisible to anyone's passing glance.

(Can I ask, do you have a song for Morana? I've been attempting to draw her today, but I find I work better with music.)

7/5/2009 #308
Per Noctem

(My friend, I have many songs for her. I warn you- a good deal of them are metal. I listen to a lot of metal.)

Morana stepped into the caverns, scythe at the ready. She moitored his energy and walked with a sure, steady step, eyes gazing around, listening to every sound. Ivann was ready as well, his ears perked, his body tensed...ready to fight, if it became necessary. Morana was the mastermind of the whole plan...

7/5/2009 #309
Vermillion Serpent

(That's ok, I don't really care what I listen to as long as there's a meaning behind it^^ I'm a bit of a country girl at the minute though I must admit. I wonder, could you find two? One metal and one maybe a little softer.)

Xyro too listened carefully, listening for what she recognised as Fractota, so she could give her friends at least a little warning of what was to come.

7/5/2009 #310
Per Noctem

(One for metal: Symphony X's King of Terrors. And for the softer one: Disturbed's Darkness. Interesting thing on the last song- it's technically of the metal genre, but it's a very soft song. Slow, gentle, sad. If you have questions on the lyrics, feel free to ask.)

One false step and it'd be over. Morana was careful...

7/5/2009 #311
Vermillion Serpent

(Could I ask of the artist of the second please?)

Xyro tensed, unknown to the others, her eyes were wide too.

7/5/2009 #312
Per Noctem

(Let me clarify. The first is King of Terrors, by Symphony X. The second is Darkness, by Disturbed.)

Ivann looked around. He didn't dare speak...

7/5/2009 #313
Vermillion Serpent

(I'm sorry, I'm such a dope, I misread the words)

"Now isn't that a nasty looking weapon Twinkles?" A voice announced, echoing through the cavern. Xyro made extra caution to make her breathing small and regular, though her heart beat fast with fear.

7/5/2009 #314
Per Noctem

Morana forced herself not to tense. "One necessary for my own version of hunting. Ivann. Stop growling." The tiger looked up at her, but sat beside her, obeying.

(Don't worry about it. ^.^)

7/5/2009 #315
Vermillion Serpent

"Oh, so you are a hunter are you? That big fluffy kitty of yours help?" The voice asked mockingly.

7/5/2009 #316
Per Noctem

Ivann bristled until one cold hand rested on his head. The angry growl died in his throat. "One could say I'm a hunter...but not of animals. Rather, of souls. The more wicked, the better they taste. And of course, those that are doomed to die when I am near simply means their souls are prey. This 'big fluffy cat' wouldn't help me unless absolutely necessary."

7/5/2009 #317
Vermillion Serpent

"Oooh isn't she a scary one, I got shivers up my spine... do it again!" He exclaimed, not taking anything seriously.

7/5/2009 #318
Per Noctem

"An annoyance, are we?" She twirled the scythe, a habit of hers when annoyed. "I don't like being played with, Fractota. Now. I would rather speak with you face to face."

7/5/2009 #319
Vermillion Serpent

"Oh, but all you had to do was turn around." He said, poking his grinning masked face over Morana's shoulder. Xyro shivered slightly.

7/5/2009 #320
Per Noctem

She whirled, a soft snarl building in her throat. Ivann leapt back, bristling. Morana took a few steps back, rolling her neck lightly. "Quite brave, you are...generally I would have noticed you there."

7/6/2009 #321
Vermillion Serpent

"Yes, I seem to have a habit of appearing, of course, it's all good fun really. Easily unnerves many you see." He took a few steps away, his hip movement highly exaggerated as he did so, bending to painful angles for anybody else. He turned to face Morana, the grin still planted on his face, "Now tell me, have you come for a reason? Or did you come across my home accidentally?" He asked, twirling a long back cane, also bending as though it was made of flexible rubber.

7/6/2009 #322
Per Noctem

Morana stifled the mad urge to smile- unusual. If was as if appearence was stirring her insanity. Ivann sensed this and rubbed up against her. "Oh, I've mostly come to ask you what you hunt...and appearance, well...I have a way of scaring people shitless myself." She cracked her knuckles and bit her lip hard enough to draw a few drops of black blood. It was hard not to smile. Very hard...

7/6/2009 #323
Vermillion Serpent

Xyro squeezed her eyes shut to stop herself from wincing as Morana cracked her knuckles. Fractota seemed almost overwhelmed with excitement, "Oooh! My my, it has been a while. I hunt for my collection! Would you like to see? It's rather impressive, I've come across a few rather new species too!" He squealed happily. Xyro shuddered.

7/6/2009 #324
Per Noctem

Goddamn it, control yourself... Morana thought, rolling her neck. "I would be rather interested." She dug her claws into her hands, stopping herself from smiling at him. What is it with this one that strikes a chord of madness within me? she wondered, putting a hand on Ivann's head. Fucking bastard probably has some of it himself...enough to strike mine. She followed him quickly, brisk...very professional, very cold. Not the least bit friendly.

7/6/2009 #325
Vermillion Serpent

Fractota lead them through the cliffside, the caverns extending for miles, carefully carved from the rock to meet Fractota's 'simple' needs. Several wooden and metals doors stood unopened as they walked.

He lead them to a huge mahogany door, an eagle carved carefully into the dark wood. He took the handle and turned to face Morana and Ivann, "Welcome, to my collection room..." He swung the door open, a door leading into a room, crammed with birds. Stuffed.

7/7/2009 #326
Per Noctem

Ivann took a step back, amazed at Morana's apparent apathy. She took a simple step forward, and brushed her fingers over one of the brids. Her eyes were calm, her body almost relaxed. Ivann knew- her insanity was beginning to show in her eyes. She wasn't smiling, yet...but he figured it would come soon. "Tell me, Fractota..." Her voice was offically the voice of one's nightmares, humming low and soft, but still there, almost masculine yet still feminine. "Do you take pride in murder, and the death of others? Has your mind deteroiated into the fucking pure insanity that eventually swallows us collectors and hunters?"

7/7/2009 #327
Vermillion Serpent

Xyro almost shuddered, only just managing to hold herself back. Fractota placed a dramatic hand on his forehead, looking mockingly ashamed, "Oh it tears me apart to do it... but," he brought the hand down, still grinning, "one must eat. I don't hunt just to look at them you know, birds are the only food I can eat, their delicate flesh is all my body can handle." He explained dramatically.

7/7/2009 #328
Per Noctem

/Xyro. Cover your ears, I'm losing it. Something about's stirring my sickness./ Morana's voice echoed in Xyro's head. She was an expert at cracking people's psyches...speaking in one's head was nothing. Ivann made it a point not to watch as Morana's expression cracked in an evil, insane smile. "Is...that so, Fractota? I understand completely. I have hardly any of my memories left...and it seems eating souls fills a deep hole within one, does it not? But of course a mortal wouldn't know that. Mortals die by eating another's soul, do they not? Fuck...I suppose being what I am is unhealthy in itself."

7/7/2009 #329
Vermillion Serpent

Xyro closed her eyes, her ears flattening as she tried to block out the sound.

"It's interesting... You really are something, you can send shivers down my spine when a second ago you could almost say we were having a friendly conversation... Your smile is one to frighten many to death, but then again you are death. I wouldn't know about souls, I am, as you say, mortal. Yet I know you won't kill me... the least you can do is hurt me. But I have the upper hand at this moment don't I?" He leaned in close to Morana, "Now where are you hiding her? I want her to see my advantages.."

7/7/2009 #330
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