For, in particular, a role play between Winter Scars myself and Near the Kuchiki Neko.
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Per Noctem

She took a step back...took a breath... Ivann laid down, flattened his ears...and put his paws on his ears to block out the wild, insane laughter that burst from Morana. She contained herself within a moment, though her insanity was fully revealed. Her smile fell and she snarled, "Who says I won't kill you, mortal?"

7/7/2009 #331
Vermillion Serpent

Fractota looked slightly alarmed, but simply turned his back on Morana and began to waltz away, "It's rather simple, had you wanted to kill me you would have spared me the threat, now why is that Miss Nightmare?"

7/8/2009 #332
Per Noctem

"What threat? And I rather enjoy fucking the life out of my prey's mind." She rolled her back. "Who told you my title, much less my name?"

7/8/2009 #333
Vermillion Serpent

Fractota chuckled, "Who do you think? I'll give you a clue, he's the same little person who these belong to." He held up a severed leg and arm, coated in dry blood.

7/8/2009 #334
Per Noctem

She rested her hands comfortably on her scythe. "Ah, Magpie. That wasn't a threat so much to you as it was to him."

7/8/2009 #335
Vermillion Serpent

He slowly turned to face Morana once again, laying the arm and leg onto the wing of a nearby bird, "It wasn't very nice you know, Magpie's such a sweet little thing. He also tells me of a third person travelling with you, now I'll ask again, where are you hiding her? I worry for my goblin's safety."

7/8/2009 #336
Per Noctem

"Oh, and why should I reveal her position? I may not enjoy being fucked with...but games intrigue me. And I don't act nice. He threated me, I reacted." She tensed her hands on the scythe.

7/8/2009 #337
Vermillion Serpent

Fractota sighed, "Games... they are indeed intriguing... why don't we play one then? How about a treasure hunt?" He suggested gleefully, Xyro tensed, 'Don't accept, he'll hide something important...then let his goblins do what they like...please don't..' she thought desperately, praying Morana could hear her thoughts.

7/8/2009 #338
Per Noctem

"I must decline, Fractota." She slashed the scythe once. "I have a nasty habit of killing my fellow gamers...and I don't much appreciate the thought of a treasure hunt." Ivann growled, standing beside her, bristling. He could smell the danger...and he knew there was animosity between the two "collectors".

7/8/2009 #339
Vermillion Serpent

"Awww, you're no fun." He pouted though he eyed the scythe with a small twitch. A small goblin came rushing to his side, panting and covered in what looked like blood. He mumbled something to Fractota who nodded and turned to walk away, "I too have nasty habits of messing around with the game, but right now I have my own issues to deal with and a few things to silence." He glanced over his shoulder with a sneering grin with the remark, "So if you have no business here I'll ask you to leave." He waved a dismissive hand.

7/8/2009 #340
Per Noctem

Her entire body locked at the scent and sight of blood. "Whose blood is that, Fractota? What, might I ask, have you need to silence?"

(Finally, I have begun a small story akin to my novel-style of writing. Psychological horror. If you want you may look at it- your opinion is regarded highly to me.)

7/8/2009 #341
Vermillion Serpent

"A fellow goblin, and my need is to silence a pest, he's been rather restless, even though his accommodations are rather high compared to others, seems he's scared and worried for his companions." He said blankly. Xyro's eyes narrowed with suspicion.

(Of course, It won't be now but hopefully soon.)

7/8/2009 #342
Per Noctem

"Then allow me to come." She was back to her cold, calm self. If the air had been water, it would have frozen.

(I must thank you. ^.^)

7/8/2009 #343
Vermillion Serpent

Fractota sighed once again, "Fine, who knows, maybe your scythe will scare him into behaving." He supposed, opening the huge mahogany door and striding out.

7/8/2009 #344
Per Noctem

She followed quietly, letting Ivann keep pace with her. She was an expert at scaring others. The tsar had often used her to interrogate traitors- and if need be, torture and eventually kill them.

7/8/2009 #345
Vermillion Serpent

Fractota lead them deeper into the caverns, the air much colder and the walls were much less cared for. Several goblins flitted past, some wailing, some shouting and others spotting Fractota and crying out with glee.

A series of growls and barks sounded through the stone corridor, more screams and shouts of goblins followed. Xyro was very quiet.

7/8/2009 #346
Per Noctem

Ivann's fur stood on end- he was utterly terrified. Morana, however...seemed indifferent to it.

7/8/2009 #347
Vermillion Serpent

Fractota saw Ivann bristle and chuckled, "Come on now, he's not that scary." He chuckled again. He opened another wooden door, though this one green with mould, immediately at least ten goblins streamed out and shut it again, "Don't go in there Master, he's really crazy!" One of them said, panting with his back to the door.

"Not to worry Sparrow, I can make him behave." Fractota replied smiling.

7/8/2009 #348
Per Noctem

Morana said something in Russian...and Ivann seemed to relax, if only a little. He looked at Morana, watching her eyes...seeing how cold and calm she was. She wasn't scared, not at all...he wondered, what had the tsar's personal prison been like? With her as the executioner...yes, of course she wouldn't be scared. He understood it completely.

7/8/2009 #349
Vermillion Serpent

Fractota pushed the door open once again. The growls shook the air, broken wooden furniture lay scattered on the floor. He strode in, his eyes strangely cold, "Stop struggling you mongrel." He spat, eyeing several injured goblins on the floor, "Whatever did those poor goblins do to you? I gave you the best accommodations you know." He snarled. He was answered with angry snarls and barks.

Xyro gasped, her eyes wide, 'I know that bark'.

7/8/2009 #350
Per Noctem

A friend of yours? Her voice had returned to Xyro's mind. Quickly, abruptly, Morana stepped forward, past Fractota, to see who he was struggling. She must've looked as vicious as Fractota himself. Cold gray eyes, long dark hair, scythe and all...yes, certainly the picture of death.

7/8/2009 #351
Vermillion Serpent

A black wolf struggled, his white canines gleaming as deep growls rippled from his throat. Several ropes restrained him, unusually strong. He suddenly stopped, looking up, directly at Morana, no fear, but a glimmer of hope in his eyes.

Yes, it's Shiro!

7/9/2009 #352
Per Noctem

"What is it you plan to use him for?" she asked softly, kneeling and reaching a hand out to the wolf calmly.

I see. Not good for him to be restrained as such- the damage to his nerves will be minor, but to his actual muscles...

7/9/2009 #353
Vermillion Serpent

Shiro nuzzled his head against her hand, sniffing her shoulder as he did so, but quietly and hopefully unnoticeably. Fractota twitched at such a display, "Nothing, I just can't have him free.. it would cause too much hastle for me." He answered.

7/9/2009 #354
Per Noctem

"Why?" Her hands glided over his fur. She knew of her own personal servant, and was particularly glad he wasn't with her at the moment...he would've flipped out, had he heard that.

(There is a direct connection between the main characters of Vadim and Experiments, my friend. ^.^ I will have to release a oneshot on their meeting.)

7/9/2009 #355
Vermillion Serpent

"Why should I explain myself to you?" He spat, his friendly attempt completely lost and annoyance showing through.

(May I ask, what is Vadim?)

7/9/2009 #356
Per Noctem

She looked up, rose. "I was simply stating my curiosity, Fractota." She was calm, despite her sensing his annoyance.

(Vadim is a small story regarding a character of mine and his imprisonment in an insane asylum. It is, oh how do I put it...a little side-track to an eventual novel I hope to publish, the novel being called Asylum.)

7/9/2009 #357
Vermillion Serpent

"Yes and that curiosity is what I call being disrespectful, now where is Twinkles I need to calm down." He rushed, sounding as though he would snap at any moment. A goblin ran from the room, to bring Twinkles.

(I hope I can read it soon which reminds me I still have to read your story..)

7/9/2009 #358
Per Noctem

Well, well. What a revelation. This hunter is like my servant, in a way...except Vadim would gladly begin to crush whatever is annoying him, save for me. She thought this calmly, watching him. One hand rested on Ivann's head now, lightly stroking the fur. And to think. He himself has a fascination with birds...well, doves. But he does not preserve them...he dissects them.

(Take you time, my friend.)

7/9/2009 #359
Vermillion Serpent

It's not a fascination he has, it's an obsession. Xyro thought. She breathed deeply, feeling a prickling sensation at the corners of her eyes.

Fractota was now walking out of the room, his exaggerated hip movement still obvious as ever. He wailed his frustration to Twinkles who grunted sympathy.

7/9/2009 #360
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