For, in particular, a role play between Winter Scars myself and Near the Kuchiki Neko.
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Per Noctem

I must apologize for this sorry fuck. She watched him, coldly, debating starting a fight between the scythe and him...and just praying it would stay without Vadim interferring in fear for his beloved master.

7/9/2009 #361
Vermillion Serpent

Shiro released a soft whine, watching Morana with an almost pleading look.

7/9/2009 #362
Per Noctem

She knelt back down, touched the rope curiously. "Ivann. Go. You remember the way out, I know. Go, and fetch Vadim." She watched the tiger bolt, knowing if the need came she could protect him. Shiro, that is your name, correct? Once again she had delved into another creature's mind, ever carefully running her claws over the ropes to test their strength.

7/9/2009 #363
Vermillion Serpent

The wolf blinked, Y-yes.. h-how do you know my sister? Her scent is all over you. He watched her claws on the ropes, glancing up at Fractota who was still at the doorway, his back turned.

7/9/2009 #364
Per Noctem

Simple luck. She helped me. The tiger was gone, racing out of there at top speed. How strong are these ropes?

7/9/2009 #365
Vermillion Serpent

Very, I can bite through things like this easily, but he's cast a spell or something on them, to make them stronger, it stops me from transforming too. He explained. Fractota's coming. Sure enough, the clown-like man was anxiously making his way over to them.

"Why is your tiger running away?" He demanded, a quiver in his voice.

7/9/2009 #366
Per Noctem

"Ivann? Spoked, most likely." She was an incredible liar- not a qauver or hint of emotion besides annoyance in her voice. "He is a cat after all. Sometimes they spook. Perhaps the corpses of brids, your lair, your goblins, and your appearance proved too much for him. After all, he was raised in a Siberian orphanage. Not exactly a cavern, now is it?"

7/9/2009 #367
Vermillion Serpent

"Well I'm beginning to become annoyed, tell me the reason for your prescence." He stated. Twinkles stared up at her from his master's feet.

7/9/2009 #368
Per Noctem

She rose, stretched. "Let me put it this way: Where is the eagle?"

7/9/2009 #369
Vermillion Serpent

Shiro's ears pricked and Fractota sighed, "I should have known. You're here to help set free all of Xyro's friends aren't you." He fixed her with an annoyed stare.

7/9/2009 #370
Per Noctem

"You ought to blame that annoyance, Magpie. It led us here...despite its betrayal. Tell me, are any of your goblins outside? If so, a very close friend of mine may decide they are a worthy new discovery. He isn't a hunter so much as a strange form of scholar. And by that...I mean he likes to dissect things." She spoke coldly. "On top of this, he's horribly sick, mentally. The both of us are, but his sickness is not like mine."

7/9/2009 #371
Vermillion Serpent

Fractota's eyes widened in fear for his goblins, "T-there are goblins everywhere... w-what are you talking about? W-who is this-s friend?" He stammered, fidgetting with his fingers.

7/9/2009 #372
Per Noctem

"Oh, I am sure you will find out if one comes in screaming missing an arm or a leg and drenched in the blood of its comrades. He is called Vadim, and he is not simply a friend...but a servant. He has a terrible habit of calling me master and following me around occasionally, much more so when I have someone with me." She combed a hand through her hair quickly. "Shall we see if he has gotten to his favorite form of work yet?"

7/9/2009 #373
Vermillion Serpent

"No! Y-you will leave.. a-all of you, now... l-l-leave my goblins out of this!..M-my business is my own..." He stumbled over his words with fear, not able to look Morana in the eye.

7/9/2009 #374
Per Noctem

"Come, come. If you fear for them then it's best to lead me back to the entrance...lest the destroys them all and comes after the ones in here. He is a masochist, Fractota- striking him only eggs him on, as do his voices." She rolled her neck. "And the wolf comes with us. He stops for only disobeying me would be bad for the health of your minions."

7/9/2009 #375
Vermillion Serpent

"F-f-fine." He pointed a shaking finger at the ropes, the binds immediately falling. He then froze, "So she is with you..." He mumbled.

7/9/2009 #376
Per Noctem

She motioned a dismissal, beginning to walk. "Check these ones for sickness as we go."

7/9/2009 #377
Vermillion Serpent

"W-what?" He asked, confusion flooding his face.

7/9/2009 #378
Per Noctem

"Marks. Insane little mutters. That sort of thing." She perked when she heard mad giggling. "That would be him. And Fractota...unless you want to lose more of your minions, don't say the s-word -schizo- around him. He goes wild on that word...Fuck, and he's laughing now. Not a good thing." Her movements were very calm...nothing for her to worry about, really.

7/9/2009 #379
Vermillion Serpent

Fractota looked very worried and didn't move a muscle but watched Morana fearfully. Shiro began to get a little nervous, shivering slightly as he stepped up to her.

7/9/2009 #380
Per Noctem

"Vadim. Come. And leave whatever you might be eating--" Before she could complete a sentence she stumbled backwards, wrapped in the arms of a spastic blond...well, almost blond. His hair was silver-white, his eyes violet...and his outfit...eccentric.

"Master! Oh, I thought I scented you, but I was so scared! They kept saying you weren't coming back~! And I'd leave dissecting anything, even something as fascinating as these little things, to come to your calls!" He put his hands on her shoulders and grinned, taking a step back, toying with his long braid for a moment. "You look like you've had quite a long day or two, Master..."

She fixed her cloak a bit before speaking again. "What have I told you about eating things you don't recognize?"

"I...wasn't eating it, but I did take the essence. For later, though...who's your friend?" Hilarious. He thought Fractota was a friend.

7/9/2009 #381
Vermillion Serpent

Xyro almost yelped in surprise as Vadim's arms wrapped around Morana. Fractota looked terrified, he fell to the floor, curling up into a tight ball, pressing himself into a wall.

7/9/2009 #382
Per Noctem

"Oh, oh, I know this ga--" Morana cut him off by tapping the scythe onto his shoulder. He blinked. "Um...I did something bad?" He stepped over to Fractota, sat by him, and pressed himself into the wall. "My dear, if I did something wrong, you can hit me," he grinned. "Really, I don't mind at all!"

As if on cue, Morana smacked her forehead. I apologize if he startled you. He is hyper- he hasn't seen me in several months, nor has he had contact with me. Scared the shit out of him, I think.

7/9/2009 #383
Vermillion Serpent

That's ok.. he sort of reminds me of Beni when he eats too much sugar.

Fractota screeched and stood, "GET OUT! ALL OF YOU!!" He screamed.

7/9/2009 #384
Per Noctem

Vadim yelped at the sudden movement and scurried behind his master, his back cracking as it slipped back into the old, curved position. "I'm sorry, I'm sorry, don't hit me!" he whimpered, ducking down behind Morana. He didn't dare touch her...but he blinked at the presence of someone else. "Master, maybe we should...."

"Free the eagle -and whomever else that belongs to Xyro- and we shall leave."

7/9/2009 #385
Vermillion Serpent

He waved a hand and snarled, "Find them then, they're free so find them! But leave me and my goblins alone!" He was engulfed by a cloud of purple smoke, as were his goblins. Everything went eerily quiet.

7/9/2009 #386
Per Noctem

Vadim blinked...stood...and paced in front of his beloved master before yelling, "Get back here and apologize! You can't yell at the master, you idiot!" He brushed himself off with a soft sigh. "I'm sorry about him, Master. Some people have no manners whatsoever. Now...can you introduce me to the kitty?"

Xyro, don't be afraid of him. He seems completely insane, and he is, but he's a nice man once you get to know him. Morana's voice again. She knew Vadim well.

7/9/2009 #387
Vermillion Serpent

Xyro slowly climbed down from Morana's cloak, standing by her side. Shiro barked joyfully and bounded up to her, nuzzling his head against hers.

7/9/2009 #388
Per Noctem

Vadim grinned. "A reunion for all of us?" He blinked when Morana grabbed his hand, careful. "I'm fine, Master."


"But fine. I was seeing things again. I honestly thought those little things were a new development...until I grabbed one. For something so small, they have incredible organ a dove, m'dear." He cracked his back into place, taking a deep breath. "Ohh...I forgot how that feels. It's been so very long since I've had to do that...and I still want to see if you've lost any weight, Master. You're thin don't want to get to my weight. Not worth poking the ribs."

7/9/2009 #389
Vermillion Serpent

Xyro transformed, smiling kindly at Vadim. Shiro transofrmed too, his hair jet black as Xyro's was, though much wilder. He smiled gratefully at Morana, "Thankyou." He said.

7/9/2009 #390
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