For, in particular, a role play between Winter Scars myself and Near the Kuchiki Neko.
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Per Noctem

She shrugged lightly. "No need to thank me. She helped me, I helped back." Vadim moved, blinked...and walked over, hugging her lightly.

"The master is very kind, sometimes...even if she doesn't act it. After all...she spared me."

7/9/2009 #391
Vermillion Serpent

Xyro smiled, "I know she is."

7/9/2009 #392
Per Noctem

He stepped back, bowed dramatically. "Vadim Zharov, servant of the darkness and master of all things psychic ,that is, telepathy, telekinesis, such things, at your service," he smiled.

7/9/2009 #393
Vermillion Serpent

Xyro returned the smile with a warm one of her own, "I'm Xyro Hiteaux, and this is my brother, Shiro." She said, motioning towards her brother at the correct time. Shiro smiled at the mention of his name.

7/10/2009 #394
Per Noctem

"Pleased to meet the both of you." His eyes swirled briefly...he seemed to pale before backing up quietly and putting his forehead on the wall. "Stupid, stupid things...I said to leave me alone for the moment...."

"Vade. They're probably acting up because this is a new world." Morana's voice was quiet, calm. "They, most likely, dislike you."

7/10/2009 #395
Vermillion Serpent

Xyro's eyes narrowed with question before widening and looking to the ceiling. An eagle's cry sounded, echoing through the room. Within a few seconds, the one to create such a sound soared through the open doorway.

7/10/2009 #396
Per Noctem

Vadim lifted his head, cocked it. "Hmm?" Morana herself looked up from studying the wall. Calm...cold. Verses curious, eager.

7/10/2009 #397
Vermillion Serpent

The eagle transformed in mid-air, a bright red haired boy fell through the air and landed reasonably smoothly on the ground, cradling a small red ferret in his arms. He straightened up and grinned broadly, "Xyro! We thought we'd never see you again!" He gave her a one armed hug, acting in a way one would expect someone who had just returned from a holiday, not someone who had just escaped from the clutches of a crazy man with an obsession for them.

He turned, the smile now aimed at Morana and Vadim, "And I'm guessing you are to thank, right?"

7/10/2009 #398
Per Noctem

Vadim pointed to Morana, grinning. "The mastermind of all evil herself, yes. She's completely responsible."

"And you, you idiot." She swatted his hand, to which he giggled.

7/10/2009 #399
Vermillion Serpent

The red-head smiled gratefully, "I thank you both." He bowed his head.

(Sorry if this offends you in any way but I can't help but think how adorable Vadim is!)

7/10/2009 #400
Per Noctem

(XD. That, rather, makes me extremely happy. Vadim, I love. He has a very lovable personality...but when he's REALLY upset, But...that happens only if one says the s-word around him -schizo- or calls him crazy.)

"My dear," Vadim laughed, "you don't need to thank us. Master here just likes seeing what other people do. The evil sociopath that she is, I think she likes picking apart people's psyches. Which is why she spared me, I think. And I...well, I despise imprisonment. I've been locked away...not a fun time." He smiled happily.

7/10/2009 #401
Vermillion Serpent

(He's very hard not to like... for me, not to hug XD)

The three smiled, they couldn't help it, Vadim's happiness seemed to radiate off onto them. Xyro poked Beni and pointed to the ferret, he handed it over gently.

"I'm Beni by the way." He said cheerfully.

7/10/2009 #402
Per Noctem

"Vadim Zharov. And this is the master, Morana. Ah...Master?" She was actually across the cavern. "Oh. There you are Master!" He laughed, grinning. "She wanders, she's so very quiet! Find something interesting?"

"The walls." Two words said simply. "And you, Vadim...I pray you didn't leave a mess out of what you tore apart?"

"Oh...not too much of one. What I didn't clean up would be the blood...the rest of it I buried," he said cheerfully. His violet eyes scanned the room. "Beni...I like your name. Everyone here can call me Vade if they like."

7/10/2009 #403
Vermillion Serpent

Beni beamed, "Thanks! No-one's ever said that before, it means 'crimson' in Japanese." He said.

Xyro wandered over to Morana, "Is there something wrong with the walls?" She asked.

7/10/2009 #404
Per Noctem

"Not wrong with them...simply put, his mind seems to be imprinted on them. He has control of this shithole."

"Crimson? Oh beautiful!" He ran a hand through his bangs quickly. "Vadim is Slavic- it means 'to know'. Or so they speculate, it's a relatively rare and unknown name. But...fitting for a psychic." He giggled. "Master, stop reading the walls. You'll give yourself a headache brooding over what they mean."

7/10/2009 #405
Vermillion Serpent

"Maybe we should head out, I don't think this place is good for any of us..." Xyro suggested.

"You're a psycic? That's really cool, I've never met a psychic before." Beni beamed again.

7/10/2009 #406
Per Noctem

"I agree. Vadim. Come."

"Yes Master. And yes, darling, I am a psychic. I tell you, it can be highly annoying...but it's fun."

(XD, I just love Vadim.)

7/10/2009 #407
Vermillion Serpent

Xyro followed, falling into step with Shiro, whilst Beni walked close to Vadim.

"So is that how you keep in touch with your master?" Beni asked, delighted to have a nice conversation with a new, dare he say it, friend.

(XD He's amazing ^^)

7/10/2009 #408
Per Noctem

"By that, and coming to find her." He grinned and hugged her. "Besides her brother, I'm like the only one allowed to do this."

7/10/2009 #409
Vermillion Serpent

Beni chuckled. Xyro suddenly remembered the collar around her neck and fiddled with it until it came off. She handed it to Shiro who smiled and took it, fastening it around his own neck.

7/10/2009 #410
Per Noctem

"So do tell me...this man here...he looks weirder then I!" He tugged at his coat lightly, twitching. "It's unusual...who is he?"

7/10/2009 #411
Vermillion Serpent

"His name is Fractota, he's got an obsession with birds, hence his obsession with me, we ran into him a while ago and we've had to cope with him ever since.. it's rather annoying actually." Beni replied.

7/11/2009 #412
Per Noctem

"Ah." He smiled. "Well, I see his obsession with birds -I'm rather fond of doves myself- but if I see him, I need to set him straight. You don't yell at the master and get away with it."

7/11/2009 #413
Vermillion Serpent

"I think he was scared, and I hope he was scared to the heights of the earth and ruined that stupid costume of his." Beni muttered bitterly, his cheerful appearance subsiding for a moment before reappearing again, "So you really like your master don't you."

Behind them, Xyro had stopped, catching a faint scent on the air.

7/11/2009 #414
Per Noctem

Morana paused, lifting her head. "Vadim." At the tone of her voice, serious and somewhat distant, he was by her in an instant, looking around. "Seek." And he was off, looking around, shutting his eyes, tracking down whatever he could by the psychic tracks. He spoke to Beni through a telepathic link.

Yes, actually...Master is very important to me. I met her shortly after I left my prison. She could've killed me, probably would have...but she spared me. I am terrified of dying...but the instant she moved the scythe from around my neck and gave me an ultimatum, I took it. Her final offer, final set of terms, was that if I would serve her and help her along, she would allow me to live. She has not given that privilege to anyone else. She has been begged several times to not kill others, even in front of me...but she spared me...and only me, for some reason.

7/11/2009 #415
Vermillion Serpent

Beni looked shocked, raising a hand to his head and looking around then kicking himself mentally, Sorry, I forgot you were psychic, she must have seen something in you, you're a nice guy, it's not that hard, he thought. He stopped, standing next to Shiro.

7/11/2009 #416
Per Noctem

"What the hell is that scent?" Morana asked quietly, kneeling beside her servant. "You're shaking pretty bad, Vade..."

"I have no idea what it is...but the track set off everything from the hallucinations to the screaming. I'll be okay in a second," he smiled, reopening his eyes. "Xyro, dear...have you a clue what this is? For that matter...does anyone have a clue?"

Oh, I thank you, my dear. I am generally nice...well, when I am not upset. She is very merciless, very cruel sometimes, but I believe even someone as solitary as her sometimes needs something to care for.

7/11/2009 #417
Vermillion Serpent

"I think... I don't know but..." Xyro clutched her head in her free hand, whimpering faintly, "It could be gas... it's sending me dizzy..."

Shiro narrowed his eyes, "He's trying to keep us here... we'd better move fast."

7/11/2009 #418
Per Noctem

"Master....can you..."

"Everyone, grab Vadim. Vade, grab me." He latched onto her cloak. "We are phasing."

7/11/2009 #419
Vermillion Serpent

Everyone grabbed Vadim's arm, Beni and Shiro looking a little unsure.

7/11/2009 #420
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