For, in particular, a role play between Winter Scars myself and Near the Kuchiki Neko.
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Per Noctem

(Ah, I blush! Thank you.)

He held out his hand, beaming, quite glad that such things were so easily done this time around.

10/18/2009 #661
Vermillion Serpent

(You're welcome^^)

Beni took his hand showing just a little hesitance. His encounters with the -not necessarily bad- strange had not been particularly huge, but he was willing to accept anything new gladly, he did love an adventure.

10/18/2009 #662
Per Noctem

He teleported to his master's old castle, cracking his back gently. "Well, is cool here, but I suppose that is from being beside my master~."

10/18/2009 #663
Vermillion Serpent

"It is a bit cold." He said, taking a quick glance around the room. He was fairly used to the cold, his home village had been situated near a mountain range; one he and Shiro had explored many a time and had even turned a cave into a reasonable place to hang out. This of course, was covered in snow most of the time so he was used to it.

10/19/2009 #664
Per Noctem

"Vadim. What exactly are you doing with him here?"

He whirled, then beamed. "Ah, here! Beni, this is Master, Morana. Master, this is Beni- a friend of mine."

10/19/2009 #665
Vermillion Serpent

Beni jumped out of his skin and almost cried when Morana appeared. He turned to face her still recovering but managed a smile, "Hi, it's nice to meet you."

10/21/2009 #666
Per Noctem

"Scared you, did she? I apologize- she has a habit of simply appearing places." He took a moment to hug her, toying with a strand of her long black hair. "She's a bit of an evil goddess, if you will- but I adore having her around," he laughed.

"That is because you are a nut. But..." She patted his shoulder, shrugging her shoulders. "You are my nut."

10/21/2009 #667
Vermillion Serpent

Beni smiled and fiddled with his elbow, feeling uncharacteristically nervous. He wasn't scared, but a strange feeling set about him.

10/22/2009 #668
Per Noctem

" it?" She was currently watching him curiously, head cocked to the side.

10/22/2009 #669
Vermillion Serpent

He nodded, "It's short for Benitsu."

10/22/2009 #670
Per Noctem

"Odd name...interesting, nonetheless." She brushed her bangs from her eyes, looked at her servant, curiosity almost appearing in her eyes. "You, manipulative, evil, you, decides to bring me a child." She shoved him almost playfully, then sighed. "Vadim is a close friend of mine, Beni...I assume you are seeking refuge from hunters, if I may ask?" She knew hunters well...quite well, in fact.

10/24/2009 #671
Vermillion Serpent

Beni blinked then shook his head, "Umm, no... I was just passing through Vadim's village and met him there." He watched Morana, a little uneasy around her but he reasoned this to be him being shy.

10/24/2009 #672
Per Noctem

"Ah." She nodded, calmly pushing her hair back as she did so. "How, might I ask, do you feel about hunters?" She was curious on the matter.

10/24/2009 #673
Vermillion Serpent

(Just thought I'd tell you, i'm basing Beni two years after the beginning of Obsession, so spoilers spoilers^^)

"Not so good." He replied, his gaze reaching the floor as he frowned. He had met one hunter recently and the experience was one he had hoped to forget, but it was forever engraved into his mind and poked him when he least expected it.

10/24/2009 #674
Per Noctem

(No worries, I'll be basing Roku and Nuruki a few years after Harder to Breathe, so they'll be together. And Morana has already been through the events in Experiment, which I will begin work on in a while. ^.~ Soon here I'll be uploading Absence of Control, a spin-off from your chapter for Vadim.)

"Few of them are worth a damn." She pressed a hand to Vadim's side, looked up at him. "You've been hunted, haven't you?"

"Oh, indeed," he said, smiling softly. "Multiple times. So have you, my master."

10/24/2009 #675
Vermillion Serpent

(Okies^^ Yey! More spin offs! I loves spin offs for some reason^^)

"Really? By who?" Beni asked, his head snapping up. His eyebrows were raised in surprise.

10/24/2009 #676
Per Noctem

(^_^ Absence of Control, I plan to be rather interesting, myself.)

"With the master, mostly people foolishly after immortality. With myself, it's more people who want me dead," Vadim grinned, playing with the ends of Morana's hair curiously. As one of the few allowed to touch her, he took advantage of that privilege.

10/24/2009 #677
Vermillion Serpent

(O.O I can't wait^^)

Beni nodded slowly, "So, you're immortal?" He said, mildly curious.

10/24/2009 #678
Per Noctem

(Pleased to hear it. ^.^)

"'Tis a curse," Morana said softly. "You'd know, wouldn't you, Vadim."

"Mostly immortal, myself," Vadim laughed. "She, however, bears the curse of full immortality. I have never died, as she has, either. She's rather special," he smiled, pausing to fix her cloak for her.

10/24/2009 #679
Vermillion Serpent

Beni's eyes widened. Then he frowned, "There it goes again.." A rough scraping sounded, coming from somewhere possibly outside.

10/26/2009 #680
Per Noctem

(I've posted Absence of Control if you'd like to take a look at it. ^.^)

She looked up at Vadim, let him take out his rapier, and nodded. "Daemons, most likely."

10/26/2009 #681
Vermillion Serpent

(I have read the first chapter but when it came to reviewing, I didn't know what to put, but I'll go back and at least say a word^^)

"Again? Or are they different this time?" Beni asked, warily following the sound around the walls again.

10/29/2009 #682
Per Noctem

(Oh, don't worry, my friend. ^.^)

"Quite possibly different." He drew the rapier again, slowly this time, making the sound deliberate. "God knows there are hundreds of types of daemons..."

10/29/2009 #683
Vermillion Serpent

"They do sound bigger, but my ears aren't so good, I could be wrong." The scratching along the walls paused, then began again, this time in several places at once. They seemed to be responding to the sound of Vadim's rapier.

"There's more of them.."

10/30/2009 #684
Per Noctem

He chuckled, a cruel smile stretching across his expression as he slowly and deliberately twirled the sword, tapping the blade against the wall. "I specialize in combat against multiple enemies...particularly those bigger than me. The bigger they are, the harder they fall, and we all fall down come our time." Moving carefully, he extracted a scalpel from the inner regions of his deep purple coat, then quickly tightened the ribbon on his braid, which was tied rather tightly. The bangs, as erratic and spiked as his multifaceted personality, were brushed through with a skilled hand. "How pathetic that you daemons try to prey on me in the presence of a human..." His only weakness, thankfully, was fire. Any of that...and he was liable to have a conniption fit.

10/30/2009 #685
Vermillion Serpent

"That's good..." He tensed, ready to move quickly and hopefully transform should he need to. He'd only ever been caught up in combat once or twice, those times he had been able to emerge as the victor and now that he knew that the daemons were very strange in looks, he wasn't going to freeze again so easily.

The daemons fell quiet, taunting them, "The quiet before the storm." Beni mused, his eyes keen and watchful.

10/30/2009 #686
Per Noctem

He laughed, the sound off-kilter, as if insane. Moving quickly, he thrust open the door and stepped out, blades bared and eyes alight with energy, hands bearing claws. "Ah, quiet you young ones are! How sad...I should have to kill you. Perhaps dissect you." He smiled, and the look bore the brunt of his insanity and anger. "I presume you don't know whom you're fucking with...the Illusionist himself." The Illusionist referred to his title. A well-known fighter, his legacy consisted of a long trail of hard fights, all from which he had emerged victorious. It was known that he was very violent, and far beyond merciless, often to the point of sadomasochistic in these battles.

10/30/2009 #687
Vermillion Serpent

(Happy Halloween! |:D Hehe, witch smiley face)

Beni suddenly felt safe yet a little uneasy around Vadim. He knew nothing was going to get past Vadim, but the look on his face was quite unnerving, even to him.

The daemons paused for a moment, each looking unsure of what to do. Then, one by one, they attempted to attack Vadim.

10/31/2009 #688

(*rolls eyes* Big deal... it's only a fad amongst young kids in my country, thanks to copying a custom everyone else is supposedly doing. Don't mind me- I just felt like having my say on the topic. ^^ Oh, this sword's patience is giving in to its own inner darkness. Maybe I should just face the wrath of the dark witch now. As long as the darkness eats away at my sanity, I'll continue to watch silently in the shadows for your call...)

10/31/2009 . Edited 10/31/2009 #689
Per Noctem

(Happy All Hallow's Eve, my friend!)

He laughed, whirling, driving the blade deep into the chest of one of them, eyes glittering in amusement and bloodlust. "I would dissect you right here and now, but...I've better things to do than see what makes your absolutely pathetic minds tick, my dear."

10/31/2009 #690
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