For, in particular, a role play between Winter Scars myself and Near the Kuchiki Neko.
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Per Noctem

Morana was silent. She carried herself with a strength one usually won't have after such surgery, but she was stubborn. The staff of the scythe would clap the ground, then her feet would come. Scythe, step, scythe, step. A makeshift cane.

6/26/2009 #91
Vermillion Serpent

Xyro had a determined look on her face, though her inner child allowed her to climb up rocks and bound down worn paths with an excited-style energy. She stopped suddenly, looking up, a look of uncertainty crossing her eyes. She climbed vertically, her line of vision fixed as she dd so.

6/26/2009 #92
Per Noctem

She's quick... Morana thought as she stepped up the rocks, using the scythe and a combination of darkness and ice to help her up. She wondered what was going on- Xyro must have scented one of them, she believed.

6/26/2009 #93
Vermillion Serpent

She stopped, crouching on a rock and picked up what she'd seen; a red collar.

6/26/2009 #94
Per Noctem

She trailed over, hovering on ice that melted the second she stepped off it. She looked at it calmly, wondering.

6/26/2009 #95
Vermillion Serpent

"I-it's Shiro's..." She said, tracing her hand over the collar.

6/26/2009 #96
Per Noctem

"That, I presume, is bad?" she asked, crouching beside her.

6/26/2009 #97
Vermillion Serpent

(I'm afraid I must retire to my bed, I'm up early in the morning. I'll talk to you again soon my friend)

"He rarely takes it off, only if he's forced..." She said, a worried tone pressing through, "They're in trouble, and it wasn't recent..."

6/26/2009 #98
Per Noctem

(As you say, friend of mine.)

"Ah. May I see it? I may be able to track his soul, see if he's alright." She was calmer then calm...

6/26/2009 #99
Vermillion Serpent

She handed the collar to Morana, handling it delicately, as if afraid she may hurt or break it should she not be careful.

6/27/2009 #100
Per Noctem

She blinked, but carefully ran her fingers over it, tracking his soul...

6/27/2009 #101
Vermillion Serpent

She waited patiently, yet chewed the corner of her sleeve with anxiety.

6/27/2009 #102
Per Noctem

"His soul is alive," she murmured softly, opening her eyes slowly. "Alive, but not necessarily well. All I can sense is that the soul is indeed still among this world, so it has not been devoured, nor is he dead..." She looked calm, but almost curious.

6/27/2009 #103
Vermillion Serpent

"He's playing with them." She muttered, a frown resting upon her brow, she gazed up at Morana, "Since we left our village we've been chased by someone, mostly after Beni but he want's the thrill of hunting us all. He must have caught up with them, hence the collar." She explained, a measure of hate now hinting her voice.

6/27/2009 #104
Per Noctem

"Do you know the name of this hunter?" she asked, watching the girl.

6/27/2009 #105
Vermillion Serpent

She nodded, "Fractota."

6/27/2009 #106
Per Noctem

"Fractota..." she said softly, running her mind over the name.

6/27/2009 #107
Vermillion Serpent

(I can show you a picture of him when my scanner decides to hurry up ^^)

"He's not well known... he takes pride in seeming to be non-existant." She said quietly.

6/27/2009 #108
Per Noctem

(You draw? Kick-ass...)

"So he's a hunter...a bastard, then," she murmured, knowing what hunting did. A friend of hers in Siberia, Ivann, he was Siberian tiger that could freely shift to a far more human form. His father had been hunted, his mother committed suicide shortly after that. Ivann had been put into an orphanage. "A friend of mine...his family was a victim of hunting."

6/27/2009 #109
Vermillion Serpent

(Yeah, I'll put the link up on my profile when i've done a few minor edits^^ But beware, I doubt he's anything like you may imagine)

"I understand." She replied quietly. Fractota was not merely a hunter, he was one with an obsession. Birds. He'd made this plain as he showed the four his collection room. Beni had suffered most and as a result was terrified of the clown-like hunter. This made it reasonably easy to understand other's tales of hunters.

6/27/2009 #110
Per Noctem

"Bastards!" she spat, almost completely randomly. "Hunters have no position in this world, none at all..." Her pet, her friend, her wolf...had been killed by a hunter. She'd gone wild after it.

6/27/2009 #111
Vermillion Serpent

Xyro shook her head in agreement, small tears forming in her eyes, "Pollution no-one acknowledges, that is the hunter." She said in an almost whisper.

6/27/2009 #112
Per Noctem

"Very true." She shifted lightly, sighing quietly. "Do these mountains get cold, Xyro?"

6/27/2009 #113
Vermillion Serpent

"I don't know, I've never been here before." She replied, "Why?"

6/27/2009 #114
Per Noctem

"Out of curiosity. Ivann is an incredible hunter- tiger, you see. A bit of a teddy bear, but he tracks better then I do. Mine is mostly soul tracking. His is more physical." She stretched out a little. "He doesn't hunt for sport. When he does hunt, it is for food."

6/27/2009 #115
Vermillion Serpent

She looked interested, "Tigers are large cats, right?" She asked.

6/27/2009 #116
Per Noctem

"Yes. And he's of the largest subspecies- a Siberian." She set the scythe down and cracked her knuckles. "Naturally, he's a tiger, but he takes a human for much of the time."

6/27/2009 #117
Vermillion Serpent

Xyro winced as Morana cracked her knuckles, she was quite unsure why she disliked the sound. "I guess it's not so good growing up where I did, education is lacking n everything vital, i don't even know what a tiger is, and I'm almost related to them!" She smiled. "He sounds nice though."

6/27/2009 #118
Per Noctem

"He looks like he'd be an ass...but he's too sweet to hurt. You will see. Stay here...I'll be back." And she phased. She left behind black dust when she did that...

6/27/2009 #119
Vermillion Serpent

(The links are on my profile if you would like to see)

Xyro carefully picked up her brother's collar once more. She wanted to see him again, and the others. He was possibly hurt and this scared her. She shivered slightly. Night was upon her and it was indeed growing colder. She didn't mind the cold, but she'd mind it less were her brother and friends there too. Her friends included Morana.

6/27/2009 #120
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