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Hello everyone! Please introduce yourself here: What you want people to call you, and any additional information you may wish to share.


1) Please do not use [too much] profanity; keep it to suit teens.

2) Please do not use any discriminatory comments such as racial comments, religious comments, comments based on habits or hobbies, etc.

3) Include everyone in the conversation! Don't leave anyone out, because that's just mean. [unless you do it accidentally, in which case, just apologise and move on]

4) Do not spam. Please do not have random chatter on ANY topic other than the Chat Room. The other topics are there for you to adhere to the specific activity it was created for; for example, no posting in Register except for the one post you make with your details.

5) Respect other's privacy. Remember that these people are random strangers across the world, and they have every right to keep any information they wish about themselves private.

6) Above all, HAVE FUN!


7) Only post here to WELCOME SOMEONE. Conversations shouldn't happen in here.


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If I have left you out, and you have posted in either: Introduce Yourself and/or Register, then just tell me, and I'll add you, my sincerest apologies :) If you have NOT posted on either one of them, then please post there, and I'll add your name.


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7/12/2009 . Edited 4/12/2010 #1

Hi! I'm ranDUMM, you can call me whatever you can make from that. I don't really want to divulge my age, but I'm still young, and yet quite old. I'm an Aussie, and I love to read, write etc.

7/12/2009 #2

Ok! Yay! I worked it out! Arent you proud of me? Well.... Im HighOnBrokenWings, ForeverBehindTheImpression and/or Sam. Yeah... I think I just killed it. Im obsessed with Fiction Press, really, I am. I live in New Zealand, and its really cold :S I also like to read, write, sketch, hang, be retarded etc :D

7/13/2009 #3

Hi! I'm Unforgettable-PoeticDreamer but that's kinda long so you can just call me Unique! I've been on fictionpress for a long time (even longer than my profile says) and I LOVE it! I love writing, it's my passion and how I express myself.

Well, nice meeting you all!

7/13/2009 #4
the good dr

Hey Vana, I became profusely bored and decided to check out the forum you recomended.

signed te good dr.

7/13/2009 #5

Hey i am jbfbam but you can call me tim i have only been on here for like a week but i have been writing poetry for about 9 years now.

7/14/2009 #6

Hey Tim! Welcome to The Lounge! I'm ranDUMM :D We're a fairly crazy bunch, but we're alright :P Just head on into The Chat Room to just ... well chat, or to Challenges if your up to one. Just remember to check the Newspaper often to check for updates!

7/14/2009 #7
Sam Hammer

hi ^_^

it would appear that I'm a second Sam here, but you could call me Sami or even Samantha. I'm only 16 (eep!), and started really writing a lot more along the lines of recently, although I wrote when the urge struck me previously. Um. Yeah, I don't know what else to say xD

7/14/2009 #8

Yeah, you are the second Sam :P So you shall be Sami. Hi! Glad you stopped by :D Shall we take this conversation to The Chat Room?

7/14/2009 #9
Shepherd Nerd

Hi there, I'm Shepherd Nerd, but you can just call me Nerd, if you want; I don't mind. =]

I'm 15, and I live in the most dull state in the U.S. (Ohio, if the title didn't give it away.) I'm a real nerd about school, reading, and Miyazaki films, though I've only recently gotten better at writing--I'm actually attempting a novel this summer, a first for me. And, uh, I think that's it...maybe.

7/15/2009 #10

Hi, nice to meet you. :)

7/15/2009 #11

hello i am tim come on over to the chat room and have some fun

7/15/2009 #12

Hey Nerd, glad you could join us! :D Like Tim said, just come on over to The Chat Room, and well, chat! :D

7/15/2009 #13


YAY!! i can finally come on here :P

I'm Naina, living in Australia and well... I'm not a great writer, but I like writing :P

7/16/2009 #14

Hiiiiiiiii :D

Everyone, this is my friend Naina. So yeah :D Hi :D

7/16/2009 #15


500 points for me

im her friend!!


7/16/2009 #16

:P Go to The Chat Room to talk to Sam :) I have to go byeee.

7/16/2009 #17

Hi! I'm gypsy/rain. whatever floats your boat.

7/16/2009 #18

hey gypsy/rain!!!


7/16/2009 #19

Hi Katie! :D

7/16/2009 #20

Hi ran and nainaaa.

I'm currently writing a new chapter in one of my stories.

I've written something for the challenge but have to wait to post it!

How is everyone?

7/16/2009 #21

*switches to The Chat Room*

7/16/2009 #22

hi! im V.I. or tealeaf...its all good...

im wierd random and bored with an unablity to spell...

im here and...yeah...hi.

7/17/2009 #23

hello tealeaf i am tim and why not come over to the chat room and join the fun

oh and check The Lounge Newspaper for anything you want to know

7/17/2009 #24

Hi Tealeaf! :D I'm ranDUMM, welcome to The Lounge! Everyone here specialises in being random, so you'll fit right in! :D Like Tim said, just explore; check out the Chat Room, Challenges, the WYR game thread and the Newspaper. :D

7/17/2009 #25
Witch Robyn
(zooms into view on a broom) Hiiii everyone! Hee hee. I'm Witch Robyn, but y'all can call me Robyn. I love writing, even though I hardly get the time for it, and I also love anime. And Harry Potter. (snigger) Most of my stories here will probably be an extension of the Casperyn universe, which I haven't yet gotten to perfecting...(shrugs) Anyways, whazzup?
7/19/2009 . Edited 7/19/2009 #26

Hi Robyn! :D Welcome to The Lounge. How are you todaaaay? :D

[reply to this comment over at The Chat Room].

7/19/2009 #27
Said Author

Hello! I'm Said Author, you can call me SA or Said. I found this forum from the Anti-plagiarism forum that I looked at today for no reason. :P I'm currently writing three novels, so I'm screwed. :)

I like manatees. 8D

7/19/2009 #28

Hiiii Said!! Welcome to The Lounge :D Just head on over to The Chat Room to talk and relax, or to one of the other threads to participate [Would You Rather, Challenges etc]. :D

[Please reply in The Chat Room :)]

7/19/2009 #29

Hey im timayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy you can call timayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy:P

Well im 16 and from ireland. Very rainy this summer(Wheres global warming when you need it:P:) Hmmmmmmmm i usualy write fantasy stories and pentagrams come up strangely enough in alot of my stories(or they willl Mwahahahahahahahah)

Hmmmmmmmmmmm ive been writing for awhile(at the age of eleven i was creepting out my teacher by writing horror stories:P Random i know)

Thats about it...

7/20/2009 #30
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