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Lol... Like so hilarious!

5/8/2014 #541

'Eeeellloooo there! I'm IronOnion32 and I'm from Canada. You can call me Iron or Onion, doesn't matter to me. :) Love reading!

5/21/2014 #542

Hello, I'm DarkDoll25. I prefer to be called Dark. I love to read and write, of course!

6/8/2014 . Edited 6/8/2014 #543

Um...Hello. I'm Dragonshade64 (I usually just get called Dragonshade on other sites though). I just joined after hearing about the site from a friend a few weeks ago.

I hope I've done this post right.

.... I'm not sure what else to say right now.

6/17/2014 #544

Hello great to meet everyone. Pleased to be on here. I love to read and write and can not wait to delve in.

6/22/2014 #545

Hi everyone! I'm Melissa. :) I'm 21, a college student, a writer, musician, poor (I blame college for this one), and I have a weird eye color. XD AND that's all I've got for now. I would just like to meet some nice, new people to help fill in my down time, as opposed to getting hammered at a bunch of parties. haha

8/11/2014 #546

I'm ReTrev. I guess you should call me Rel. I really don't mind.

I honestly have nothing better to do, so here I am.

8/21/2014 #547
Uh hey, I'm Spaceteapack. I really don;t know what to write here. I'm on, too, if you want to know. Um. Okay. I'm very awkward and it's really awkward. Alright, see ya!
8/29/2014 #548

Hi, I'm Alice and I'm new here. Well, actually, I had an account YEARS ago and just decided to get back into the swing of things.

9/4/2014 #549

Hi. I'm from Sin City, commonly known as Las Vegas, NV

I'm married to Alejandrina and besides all the grandkids, out current little girl is our Chihuahua, Pixie.

I'm a published author, both self and a small press. My Author's Page @ will show you the various non-fiction and fiction works available.

I am currently working on the epic story of Don Fernando de Rivera. From a common soldier, he rose to become Captain, Commandant, and Governor of Jesuit California. When the Jesuits were exiled from the New World and a new governor arrived, Don Fernando never disavowed his oath to serve the king and accepted the role of leading an expedition to discover and explore the modern day state of California. When the governor departed, Fernando was passed over for a lieutenant born in Spain as he was born in Mexico. He did become the governor of Upper California but was again replaced by a man born in Spain.

Did he give up? Turn his back? No. He continued to perform his duties and look out for his subordinates until his untimely death at the hand of savage Indians at the present-day site of Yuma, Arizona.

I estimate it to end up well over 200,000 words and have managed 87,000 of the first draft. Three times as many hours researching as opposed to actual writing.

You are all welcome to visit my blogs - Father Serra's Legacy @ and A Soldier's Stories @ I've recently revised and changed them to make them more pleasing for visitors. It would be nice if you took the time to drop down to the bottom of the last post where it shows Reactions and indicate your choice.

Thanks and look forward to join in to the discussions.

11/19/2014 #550

MissColly :


Hiiii random guy I know a little bit about! I chose to call you Hydra just because Poom is simply a weird nickname. Sorry, but it's the truth! I tried to get through to you by telepathy first but you never replied -__-

I just reviewed a chapter in your story. But I guess you already checked the review out before you checked this reply because that's what I do when I get a review. I literally scan through all my emails and look for any reviews to my story and jumped around with glee for two minutes while reading the review. And theeeeen I proceed to check the rest of my emails. Haha.

Anyway, welcome to the community. I tried to make my reply as long as your introduction but I've failed pathetically.

Two long years later and this girl is my amazing girlfriend and soon enough, my wife! Thank you, Fictionpress. Without you we would've never met! Colly shall forever be my heart and soul and my love! Forever and always! Oh, and I know this wasn't particularly on topic but hey, sometimes you just gotta shout it to the heavens, right? Plus we were on here trying to find the day we first met and now we have!

12/6/2014 #551
Wish I Was A Pirate

Hi everyone!

My name is Wish I Was A Pirate, but my real name is George.

I just made an account over here after deciding that I wanted other peoples opinion on my original work, and I just posted a new story around half an our ago!

I'm really nervous as to if it'll get good reception or not, but any reception is better than none I guess xD

12/18/2014 #552
Hello. My name is PurpleMoonFlame, but you can call me Purple.
2/2/2015 #553

Hello I joined fictionpress today and I really like it.

I love to write poems and I want to share it with you guys !

you can always follow me or add me as favorite, that's not a problem to me ;)

2/14/2015 #554
3/25/2015 #555

Hi join my roleplay, both are fun and very different from each other

6/11/2015 #556
Hello. I'm wordwaymike. My writing interests are many and varied. I mostly like this and that, and have been here and there every so often. Like Popeye said; "I yam what I yam and that ain't no sweet potato! Ugk, ugk ugk."
6/27/2015 #557

Hi I'm vapor2000

6/29/2015 #558
Jane Glass

Hello, I'm Jane Glass.

7/22/2015 #559
Mr. K.C. Groon

Mr. Kinglsy Crim Groon is at your call.

1/19/2016 #560

Good afternoon Lounge members!!

As seen, my penname is RaggedyMaddog.

Feel free to call me Raggedy or Maddog.. even MD is fine.

I enjoy reading, writing and editing photographs.

I love taking on challenges that pique my interest, and sometimes even ones that I don't immediately jump at.

I am a writer on Fanfiction as well, but just got around to joining FictionPress.

FAQ is on my profile, I will update whenever someone asks me a question via PM. (If I feel the need to add it.)

Look forward to chatting with you all.

2/29/2016 #561

Hello everyone:3 my screen name is wifeypiler...please don't poke at me for that. But y'all can call me belle. What can i say, i like writing everything from non-fiction to fiction to fan fiction (I'm actually on this sister site too: ) But when I'm not writing i like watching youtube videos, mostly Jacksepticeye, Markiplier and Game/Film Theory. I look forward to posting stories on here! :)

7/23/2016 #562

Hi! My name is Mélodie Rivers, I'm new here (came from seeing an author I'm currently reading who thanked this site for their support). :)

So, any tips? How often to update, when in the week do people generally read, etc?

10/2/2019 #563

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# battle royale io

12/29/2019 . Edited 12/29/2019 #564

Hey, y'all! You can call me Aura! I am, as of now, brand new to FictionPress! My favorite genre to write is horror, though sometimes I'll also experiment with fantasy or sci-fi; I mostly write as a hobby but I do have dreams of becoming a professional writer. I am very excited to be a part of this community and FictionPress as a whole!

4/4 #565
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