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Here you can recommend other people's stories that are good to read. Please post in this format:





[optional] Excerpt:

If you want to post a link outside fictionpress, please tell us what site it is, and the purpose of the website, or specific activity there.


7/12/2009 . Edited 10/12/2009 #1

Author: All Alone With Her Thoughts

Title: Paperclips

Rating: K+

Summary: A small, short drabble comparing paperclips to people.

7/12/2009 . Edited by Fleur-de-lis Evans, 8/3/2009 #2

Author: HighOnBrokenWings

Title: These Lives I Walk

Rating: T

Summary: I ran away. There was nothing there for me. But now I'm in a place of darkness, no one even knows of me. Meeting Riley screwed me thoroughly, that was before I had even started at his highschool. Once I did, I was eaten alive... Rated T for sexual content

7/13/2009 . Edited by Fleur-de-lis Evans, 8/3/2009 #3

Author: Unforgettable-PoeticDreamer

Title: Slave

Rating: M

Summary: Olivia has been kidnapped and is now a gift for 2 18 y/o guys. She has no hope of escaping and is constantly told to - "make the best of it" & despite living in their mansion, it's not that easy. She's not just a gift, she's their Slave.

7/13/2009 . Edited by Fleur-de-lis Evans, 8/3/2009 #4

Author: Sam Hammer

Title: Fathers

Rating: T [for suicidal themes]

Summary: lost fathers and the fatherless. rated T for implied suicide


7/14/2009 . Edited by Fleur-de-lis Evans, 8/3/2009 #5

Author: SnowflakesonAshes

Title:A Good Impression

Rating: T

Summary: I don't fit into this era; My life is a background muffle. The passions I long for lie deep within the entrances of my mind... We all have dreams. Visions of your perfect existence; You would use any prospect to make them happen. That's what i did...

Trust me, the idea for this is great. I love it (Plus helped edit it at stages) its written by my bestest friend. Shes awesome, so you must go read it! Good story!

7/15/2009 . Edited by Fleur-de-lis Evans, 8/3/2009 #6

Author: Hemii25

Title: Speak To Me

Rating: T

Summary: Somehow I found myself pressed against the hard bare chest of my sisters boyfriend. I looked up into his eyes and saw more than concern. How does a girl who cant talk get out of this situation? But if I could talk... would I tell him to move?

OMG! This story is genius! Actually genius. Written by a THIRTEEN year old too! Dont let that put you off, she has better grammer, spelling, and sentence structure than I do. (Not that a year and a half should make all that difference) Look past the fact that shes got near to eighthundred reviews, and read it, and review it! She is an AWESOME writer! She'll be famous some day, and dont you want to read one of those famous stories first? Before it becomes famous?

BTW. That summary is from memory, so it might not be spot on :)

7/15/2009 . Edited by Fleur-de-lis Evans, 8/3/2009 #7

Okay im just gonna promote myslef and just get that out of the way:P

Author: timayyyyyyyyyyyyy

Title: Robert Freeman


Summary:After his parents were killed he is left with his eccentric mage uncle. Can he survive learning magic and high school?

7/20/2009 . Edited by Fleur-de-lis Evans, 8/3/2009 #8


Title:The key of emerald

Rating:I dunno

Summary:A young spellsinger recklessly embarks on a quest to retrieve a stolen artifact - "The Key of Emerald". His mission would have been doomed, was it not for some unexpected help from a black-eyed girl with an attitude and a special talent.

Its the dialougue beetween the two charachters that really make this good:D



Title:Veiled intentions

Rating: T

Summary:Caught in a web of secrets, Caedra must navigate a world of cowardly princes, plotting thieves, cunning spies, scandalous nobles, whimsical princesses, and the occasional powerful deity. And though she knows she can trust no one, she will lose her heart.


Author:RyAnn Leigh

Title:The Slave of Heaven ReWrite


Summary:Lilith, a half-angel, is having a hard time at life-things only get worse when she meets Lucien-a wild and darkly seductive Vampiric rockstar. Add an Undead god who stirs from a centuries long nap into the mix and things go from bad to downright dangerous

Edit by ranDUMM: There are THREE stories here guys, so check out all three.

7/20/2009 . Edited by Fleur-de-lis Evans, 8/3/2009 #9

Hi all. I'm going to advertise my first ever proper story.

Author: Raingypsy

Title: Finding Mr Right

Rating: T - For later chapters. Could change. I haven't written them yet.

Summary: Seventeen year old Ella Smit makes a resolution to find Mr Right. Unfortunatley this is easier said than done. Follow Ella as she trys to deal with disappointing dates, skeazy guys aswell as the trials and tribulations of a teenage girl.

[optional] Excerpt:

‘You’re so cute when you’re angry,’ he remarked as they reached her front doorstep.

‘Don’t use that line of me. Just stop interfering in my life.’ She yelled and opened the front door walking inside.

7/20/2009 . Edited by Fleur-de-lis Evans, 8/3/2009 #10

Author: Coffee Grounds


Rating: T

Summary: How would you like to die?

[optional] Excerpt:

Your son breaks the silence with a horrible blood-curdling scream, begging for nourishment, attention. And so you go to warm milk for him, telling yourself all the while that you will kill yourself once he has been fed. That it would be right. That someone would find you, find him. Send him to a shelter.

This is what you want.

7/22/2009 . Edited by Fleur-de-lis Evans, 8/3/2009 #11
Fleur-de-lis Evans

Author: Halbloodlycan and Fleur-de-lis Evans

Disclaimer: All the ideas are written by Halfbloodlycan I just give the deatails, by the way all characters are based upon our friends, and one is even me, I'm the blacksmith.

Title: Whispers of Rebellion

Rating: T

Summary: No one likes a usurper, especially not Dahynodria Nanrya Anstillo and in fact an entire Kingdom. But it takes more than unrest to plan the dethroning of Caracan's most hated King. Through their journey's a group of mismatched sujects begin to learn the difference between reckless action and well planned strategy. Now the only problem is figuring out with whom vengence plays a key role, and within whom lies the honesty and loyalty to get them through this was alive, for there will be a war.

Excerpt:(From and untyped/ unposted chapter)

Vera blinked piercing Denya wih an angry glare. 'I'm trying to hlep Eire. In case you haven't noticed she's dieing.'

The thought was biting. 'I know. I can here what she's thinking!'

'So, if I let go, she'll bleed out.'

'And if you don't come back here,' Denya thought, allowing a weak tone to enter her mind,' I will collapse and Tobia will pass out and probably die.'

Vera was silent for a moment. 'This happens everytime some one is near death or dieing?'


7/22/2009 . Edited by ranDUMM, 7/22/2009 #12

Author: RodeoGirl

Title: I'm not Bluffing

Rating: T

Summary: When Jack, Claire's abusive husband finally found her after all of these years, Claire must make a decision and fast. I've been told it's intense.

Sorry to short for an excerpt. This is a 277 word one shot.

7/23/2009 . Edited by Fleur-de-lis Evans, 8/3/2009 #13
Shepherd Nerd

I nearly forgot about this thread. o_O

Author: Shepherd Nerd

Title: Grayscale

Rating: T (for a very profane main character)

Summary: While working at the Dead Letter Office, a broken woman finds consolation and guidance from a set of letters written by someone she doesn't even know. It's meant to be very satirical.


She passed by the restaurants in the center of town. Lovely smells wafted out the doors, as businessmen and couples and little old ladies who hold book club meetings every week at their local cafes walked out, satisfied with wonderful, filling lunches. Her stomach growled; she was almost tempted to walk right into those restaurants and go crazy with buying food. However, Clare restrained herself. She wasn't just a common spendthrift, a shop-o-holic who went around buying food and stuffing it into her mouth until her figure went to pot—well, more so than it already had, anyway.

Besides, there were far better things for her to spend her money on. Far more interesting things. She strolled by a small clothing store, at first casually, pretending to be simply window shopping. It was not fitting to appear insane and obsessed with clothing, after all. Then, suddenly, a lovely pair of deep blue shoes with stiletto heels caught her eye. Her face moved right up next to the window, her nose pressed against the glass. Clare stared at the shoes with an avid fascination; they were the most beautiful shoes she had ever seen. Sure, she had about fifty other pairs of stiletto-heeled shoes already, but hey, a girl can never get enough stiletto heels. It's a fact of life.

7/23/2009 #14

Author: mizz-pwetty

Title: Some Things We Don't Talk About

Rating: T

Summary: Fiona is the new girl at school. She doesn't seem too keen on making friends. Josh, the once popular guy of school, is intrigued and feels that no one deserves to be alone. There are just some things that they don't talk about. (I'm not too good with summaries)

[optional] Excerpt:

A newly bought, freshly sharpened pencil was carefully taken out of the pencil case and placed neatly in line with the black pen and rubber, both of which were also new.

The pencil, pen and eraser fit in perfectly with the whole arrangement that was on display on the table. The books needed for the day were in line with the top and right edges of the table. A pencil case lay obediently at the spot that it was designated, which was the top left corner and parallel to her books. Not surprisingly, the writing materials also followed in that immaculate fashion.

Fiona Tan smiled to herself. She was ready. She was ready to have that “fresh start” that she needed. It was a new school and a new neighborhood, so why not be a new person and use the opportunity of a fresh start to its fullest?

Admittedly, this fresh start couldn’t have come at a worse time, a time where others would have been well settled in with their lives. It was a time where the friendships were solidified, the pattern of school was becoming bearable, the dream jobs were evolving into more realistic ambitions and the time spent with parents were becoming more cherished because very soon they would no longer have any control. It was a time where people of her age, 16, needed the comfort of familiarity to send them off into the world of unknown. Instead of being busy with preparations for life after school, she was forced into having to reacquaint herself with the whole process of high school.

7/24/2009 . Edited by Fleur-de-lis Evans, 8/3/2009 #15

Some self-promotion! I'd love if you could check this out and let me know what you thought.

Author: Me! Raingypsy.

Title: Ten Simple Rules - Humor/General

Rating: K+

Summary: Something silly I wrote last night. Basically ten incidents that have happened to me and that I would advise against.


7/24/2009 . Edited by Fleur-de-lis Evans, 8/3/2009 #16

Author: LauraxCeleste

Title: Still Lives On

Rating: K+

Summary: Just something I wrote one day when the sun was setting and I was feeling really depressed.

7/24/2009 . Edited by Fleur-de-lis Evans, 8/5/2009 #17

Haha, advertising my story :D

Author: ranDUMM

Title: We Feel

Rating: T

Summary: A collection of unrelated haikus, thigns that just came to my mind.

[optional] Excerpt:


The sun is pretty. Rainbow arcs shoot through the sky. And then it is gone.

7/24/2009 . Edited by Fleur-de-lis Evans, 8/3/2009 #18

This isn't a specific recommendation or advertisement, but:


Okay, that's all :)

7/26/2009 #19

Author: Me! Raingypsy

Title: The Special Two

Rating: K+

Summary: A short poem about a love lost.

[optional] Excerpt:

I thought our relationship could stand the test of time.

I was yours and you were mine.

Thanks guys!

7/28/2009 . Edited by Fleur-de-lis Evans, 8/3/2009 #20

This link was recommended by: HighOnBrokenWings or Sam:

Instant Kiwi ad by DDB

8/12/2009 #21

Hey guys! Most of you have probably seen it, but it's really funny for those of you that haven't :P

Potter Puppet Pals - Mysterious Ticking Noise

8/12/2009 #22

A video made by Fleur!

Just Begun

8/12/2009 #23

This is by Unique:

So, I was in the drama club at my school and me and this other girl did a skit, this is how it came out.

There's a little bit of static, but the skit itself is pretty funny!

My Mom Is My Teacher

8/12/2009 #24

This is by Raingypsy:

Haha. The skit was great!

If you have a fanfiction account, why don't you head on over to the forum I created about five minutes ago?

It's called the Shrieking Shack and I'd love you to check it out.

8/12/2009 #25

I went there, and I started advertising :)

8/12/2009 #26

Author: Scarab-Beetle

Title: Black Eyed Kids

Rating: T

Summary: The first story from the Urban legends collection. Based on a true event, a Ontario family encounters an unusual fear two boys with a strange feature.

Excerpt: The author gave me permission to write a sequel to this story, it's mostly a parody of his work but I thought I should let you know regarding "Michael and the Black Eyed Kids"

8/13/2009 #27

I'll try and read it sometime soon if I get time... I'll read your parody of it too. Sometime.

8/16/2009 #28

Author: jbfbam

Title: The Sweet Goodbye

Rating: T

Summary: The title say it all...I hope

8/28/2009 #29

Author: jbfbam

Title: The Sweet Goodbye

Rating: T

Summary: The title say it all...I hope

8/28/2009 #30
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