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Hey Guys. I created a forum on fictionpress.

It's not an awsome one like the lounge. Basically it's just a place to go and get reviews.


Check it out!


9/26/2009 #31

Ohh nice! I shall go and request a review for a new story I'm about to put up :)

And aww :) That comment about The Lounge was sweet, I'm glad you think that :)

9/26/2009 #32
Angsty Bohemian

I started my own forum too. It's a bit like this, but not as cool and with like, no people. So if anyone wants to join another random writers forum type thing, it would be like awesome. I also need some help with it and suggestions. Please and thank you!

9/27/2009 #33

Aww thanks Ang!! Shall check it out :)

9/28/2009 #34

Hello, I am Tim.

I am advertising my website. It is a RolePlaying site. I can't really give you a full and worthy description on here but feel free to check it out.

The link is

10/6/2009 #35

Yeahp, I registered Tim :)

10/12/2009 #36

Author: guitar.fingers

Title: My Friend, Geometry

Rating: K

Summary: she meets this guy from her geometry class and forms a strong bond with him. its whole-heartedly dedicated to my friend

Optional Excerpt:

“He’s in the hospital” I was told

Chills up my spine

Despite the summer

I felt cold.

10/12/2009 #37

Utterly freaking awesome stick figure fights! :D

10/13/2009 #38

Has LOADS and LOADS of AWESOME games :D I'd recommend cubefield and the helicopter game :D But I wouldn't know, haven't spent a gazillion years on it :P

10/23/2009 #39

I have a recomendation:D Theres already been one contest so just scroll down till you get to the second one:P

oh btw i lost this forum. LOL

10/24/2009 #40

TIMAY! It's great to see you! :D and thanks for the heads up! :)

10/27/2009 #41


10/30/2009 #42
Sam Hammer

she has new stuff up pretty much every day and is also super duper amazing even though she does not like capital letters.

11/8/2009 #43
The Randomly Evil Xirroq

I loves the Stick Arena and Territory War Online...

11/9/2009 #44

It generates a random band name for you!! I find it absolutely and posatootley HYE-LARIOUS!! It makes me smile :)

And while you're at it, go to google and just type in random name generator [there're HP ones and stuff, except there's this one generator where everyone's name turns out to be Hermione, Ginny or Mundungus, so try another one :P]

11/23/2009 #45

It's a game called Bubble Trouble, which unfortunately, is quite addictive :P So play it :)

12/16/2009 #46

My friends, we have found the last page of the internet. Nuff said XD

12/20/2009 #47

I need to advertise this, since it was a Christmas present to me from a very dear friend of mine. It's a Labyrinth fanfiction.

Author: Mira (This author changes her name often, so we all just call her this)

Title: Heegle The Nameful

Rating: K+

Summary: After Sarah defeats the Goblin King Jareth, he angsts to Hoggle. Sort of fluff.

12/24/2009 #48
Aderyn Azula

Calling all YA writers.

The YA Fiction Awards website highlights exceptional works of YA fiction (such as those found on fictionpress!)

Go here to nominate stories, check out the website, apply for a position or chat with other writers:

Aderyn Azula

1/4/2010 #49

Author: HighOnBrokenWings (Sam)

Title: Where I'll Leave Tomorrow

Rating: T

Summary: Sienna has moved on. Officially. Forgetting all about where she left off yesterday, she is finally looking into the future. But sometimes when you forget all about your past, it's when it has the chance to catch up on you... *These Lives I Walk Sequel*

1/5/2010 #50
Rose Valentine

Author: Fluff Inc.

Title: Apple Pie

Rating: K

Summary:He doesn’t give you chocolates or roses. There are no sickeningly sweet poems with bad rhymes. There is not a single trace of the festive pink or red.

Excerpt: He doesn’t give you chocolates or roses. There are no (sickeningly) sweet poems with bad rhymes. There is not a single trace of the festive pink or red. There is only a chipped, ceramic plate containing a half-eaten apple pie and that damnable smile on his face (which you think—but will never admit it out loud—is adorable).

1/23/2010 . Edited 1/23/2010 #51
Rose Valentine

Author: thesarius

Title: Pharaoh

Rating: T

Summary: When Septunamun, Pharaoh of all Egypt, is killed in battle, his throne is left open for the taking. Who will it be? the dispassionate wife, the ruthless son, the introverted daughter, the ambitious foreigner, or the youngest daughter: the powerhungry Iset.

Excerpt: My story is complicated and has no real beginning or end, for things never truly begin or die. The court of Egypt was a tangled mess of politics and false smiles. Above all was the ever-alluring throne of Egypt. It was the epicenter of all power; whoever sat upon it was an Earth-bound God, worshiped by all people of the sand. At the center of the court were, of course, the Pharaoh Septunamun and his family: the dispassionate wife who loved her son more than her husband; the ambitious and ruthless son who wanted no more than to be Pharaoh; the elder daughter, whose shyness and introversion was often mistaken as weakness; and of course, the youngest of the Pharaoh’s children, the daughter who was as dispassionate as her mother, as ambitious as her brother, as guarded as her sister, and as powerful as her father. It was this combination of such personalities in the Pharaoh’s family that made each member secretly hate one other, and in consequence brought upon the fall of the free Egyptian reign.

1/23/2010 #52
Rose Valentine

Author: Heather Grey

Title: Ticktock, Ticktock

Rating: T

Summary: There’s a new patient for Dr. McRoy to see…


Madness. Insanity.

A scary sickness that everyone fears.

Lunatics. Psychotics.

That’s where I come in. A dirty job but someone has to help these loonies for the sake of their families. Sorry Momma, but John ain’t ever coming back. He’s dead and all that remains is a vacant zombie with your dear Johnny’s face. Terrible, I know, where a mind can lead to but it’s life. Some are sane and everyone else is crazy. That’s my wonderful world, ladies and gentlemen.

1/23/2010 #53
Rose Valentine

Author: hiserature


Rating: K+

Summary: It is May 1536, Anne Boleyn, the Queen who is accused of treason, adultery and incest, would soon be beheaded. She reflects on the things she did.

Excerpt:I swear that I am innocent of the crime I am being accused of. I swear to God that it is just Henry’s scheme to get rid of me. Just to get rid of a woman he no longer loves, even despises now. I have sinned, but do I deserved death?

1/23/2010 #54

Hi! Thanks so much for all of those recommendations! :D

1/25/2010 #55

Author: PonderingDreamer

Title: Autumn

Rating: K

Summary: Painted, tainted, and blackened....Dancing its final step...before it descends on the ground...Leaves are like pretty rainbows, don't you agree?

BTW... Mandi posted this in Need a Review, but this is where it should technically be... so here :)

1/30/2010 #56

Author: sealednectar (lil old me)

Title: When It All Falls Down

Rating: T

Summary: He was her stepbrother-to-be’s enemy and rival. She likes him. Things change, but is it for the best? R&R please.

(Yes, it's cliche and yes, I can handle constructive criticism:) Be warned, the first two chapters were written when I was really young. So that's my excuse.

2/4/2010 . Edited 2/4/2010 #57

2/4/2010 #58

Very good talk, empowering in India. Very inspirational, it's about making a change in the world :)

2/5/2010 #59

It's a new writing site, called Fire Me Up! We have prompt contests, where all entries will be featured on the site, and a place to swap story ideas. Come check it out!

3/24/2010 #60
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