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Author: Cynthia the Writer

Title: The Mistakes We Make

Rating: T

Summary: When the deeds are done and there's no going back, it's useless to allow regret to get in the way of the process of forgiveness. This is a story about second chances and how everyone, no matter the deed, gets at least one.

5/18/2010 . Edited 5/19/2010 #61

Author: LilyWolfe

Title: Arabian Nights

Rating: T

Summary: Woven like the most intricate of magic carpets. Spoken with the elequence of Sheherazade herself. It was all too easy to lay the trap. Instinct to fall in love? You told her it was happily ever after. You showed her so much more...

6/5/2010 #62

It's a really good site to help you come up with a title for your book! A really smart brainstorming technique :)

7/13/2010 #63

Uh, I'd like to advertise my fantasy roleplaying forum: Darkness Falls.

It's on FP.

7/30/2010 #64
T-cat AKA TaraMafia


Check out these three videos on YouTube: They're Taking the Hobbits to Isengard, Why is the Rum Gone and I've Got A Jar of Dirt. I don't know who made them, but they took assorted lines from the respective movies and turned them into songs. They are awesome.

Also check out this profile: Apple and Kiwi (If that doesn't bring up anything, try switching the names) and read all of the stories starting with Little Red's Fairy Tales: Book One. However, if you have problems with homosexuality, don't because their is an overabundance of gayness in this. ANd the other stories.

8/21/2010 #65

I would like to advertise my new forum The Challenge Championship. It's dedicated completly to writing challenges but there's also an off-topic chat, review requests, beta reader requests, etc. It's not getting very much attention. :(

9/17/2010 #66

Author: DeeFective

Title: Flucker

Rating: M

Summary: And my middle name is Eve; I was first whorewoman.

9/18/2010 #67

For all you writers and poets with aspirations of getting published, the Suisun Valley Review literary magazine is looking for submissions in poetry, prose, short fiction, and fine art. The magazine is put out by a college class, so there is only one issue per year. The deadline for submitting for this year's issue is April 1, 2011, though the magazine does get published every year, so I guess if you're interested and miss the deadline there's always next year?

Info here: (case sensitive)

Blog here:

Open to submissions from all over the world, any genre.

(I apologize if you've seen this elsewhere in the forums, but the magazine really needs submissions... YOUR submissions! With such a large and talented community as here on FictionPress, I'd be crazy not to push the mag as hard as possible here!)

3/17/2011 #68

Hey there! I'm trying to spread the word about my new forum, On a mission to save FictionPress. My goal is to help new authors who perhaps don't get the feedback they're looking for. And sometimes they don't know to come to forums like this for reviews. Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, guys.

3/25/2011 #69
Anthony Tesla

Hi mes amies, my name is Anthony, I've in FP for a while and for my first post I won't be promoting some of my work (yet) BUT a story of a really good friend o'mine: It's really awesome! I love the theme, I'm not a big fan of mafia movies but this one really captured my atention and everyone should give it a chance.

Author: Sandy Lee

Title: Black Business

Summary: Destiny joins a narcotics detective and a daughter of the Italian Mafia. Love and conspiracy, a dangerous game for those who defy the commandments of La Cosa


5/20/2011 #70
A Fire Rose

Hi, all! In a slightly different format, I would love to invite each of you to the stories forum on Quizilla as well at We could always use more people!

10/15/2011 #71
tragic by circumstance

Author: HowTheMightyNeverFell

Title: Love's Never What It Seems (hyperlinks aren't working on my computer so the link's down the bottom of this post)

Rating: T

Summary: It's not every day that you meet someone who has been sent to kill you and your family, now is it? But what if that person who has been sent to kill you doesn't want to? What if they fall in love with you?

6/9/2012 #72
Author: SummerMindSet. Title: Talking To Herself. Rating: T. Summary: The world through fourteen year old Nadine's eyes as she watches her sister succumb to schizophrenia.
7/31/2012 #73
See me is a campaign to end the stigma of mental illness, its got alot of videos and info about different mental illnesses, how they're stigmatised and what we can do to end the stigma.
7/31/2012 #74
RebuildTheVoidWithFlowers My forum on For any fans of Being Human
8/1/2012 #75

Author: UnkownPleasures

Title:Welcome To Halloween

Rating: K

Summary: A poem I wrote for school about Halloween

8/19/2012 #76
Author: u-will-never-know Title: The Great Escape Rating: T Summary: I dont write fiction i'm not good at it but i thought i'd post this. Its about a girl with schizophrenia. Told from the mother's POV
9/5/2012 #77
Author: UnkownPleasures Title: Psychosis Rating: T Summary: The story's about a boy with paranoid schizophrenia. All told from the mother's POV
9/6/2012 #78
Author: Unkown Pleasures. Title: Another Cliched Story. Rating: K. Summary: We've all read a story that has a cliched plotline and contains a Mary Sue. Well here's another one. *WARNING* Contains a Mary Sue. Please R and R
9/9/2012 #79
This is why you shouldn't buy the Sun (the newspaper) It's really sad. JFT96
11/10/2012 #80

Author: Faithless Juliet

Title:Everything made of metal and flesh

Rating: K

Summary: A neglected love poem written on a thin napkin.

11/10/2012 #81

Author: UnkownPleasures

Title: Bruises

Rating: T

Summary: Jamie's mother is an alcoholic and his stepfather is abusive and often beats him. Rated for child abuse

12/26/2012 #82

I'd like to recommend this website; :) It is going to document the creator's daily random acts of kindness for an entire year. Join in!

12/30/2012 #83

Author: HawkeyeNextGen


Rating: T

Summary: A man becomes lost in a desert which he can't remember how he got to. After suffering wasps, hallucinations, and a snake bite, he finds a cave. He makes it his new home, but he doesn't know that the years of alteration will make him a savage. (P.S. Regardless of the rating, for anyone between the ages of 10 or 12 is willing to read this, please have adult supervision with you.)

5/21/2014 #84

It is holy with my true trust.

11/17/2014 #85
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