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A place to hang out and chat !


If there is any problem, please don't hesitate to PM me or our moderator, Fleur-de-lis Evans :)

7/12/2009 . Edited 10/8/2009 #1

Yes. We have.

So what time is it in Australia at the moment?

Because right now its 8:06pm here.

7/13/2009 #2

It's around 6:12 now, and we're going to make chocolate mud cake :D

Does MasterChef Australia come on there? [might be a stupid question :P]

7/13/2009 #3


Chocolate mud cake.

So youre like two hours behind.

Um... Not that I know of. And it wasnt a stupid question.

7/13/2009 #4

Yeah, about two hours. It is a pretty stupid question; your not from Australia, and it MasterChef AUSTRALIA :P

7/13/2009 #5

Hehe, nah, we do have programs from different countries here, otherwise we'd have nothing to watch.

7/13/2009 #6

Yeah! We have so many American programs here right now that they've even made a law saying 30% of programs aired here MUST be Aussie programs :P

7/13/2009 #7

Wow, thats nutty.

Hey do you have a Island War programme on atm?

7/13/2009 #8

... Nope :S At least I don't think so. Like I said, we're making cake, not watching t.v :P

7/13/2009 #9

Oh. Ha.

So when did you start writing?

7/13/2009 #10

I've been writing for as long as I can remember :D I started posting Harry Potter stories on Fanfiction a year and a half ago, and made my fictionpress a few weeks ago; so I'm not new, by any standards :P

What's your favourite dessert?

7/13/2009 #11

Hahahaha! Dessert huh? Lets not mistake that with desert.

'Cause thats just funny. Uhmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

I like lots of things, but probably.... I dont know. Chocolate pudding?

7/13/2009 #12

Coincidence! I typed in desert first accidentally, anf then changed it to dessert. :D Must be another twin thing ;)

Mmm. We jut got our kitchen renovated, and for the first time EVER, we've had a working oven. So I'm trying all sorts of desserts now. I'm looking for ideas :D

7/13/2009 #13

Yes, it definately must be a twin thing.

You know, Im starting to kinda freak out about that. Maybe we are long lost twins or something. Youre not really tall are you?

And how did you live with out an oven? Wow. Try apple pie, or crumble. Theyre yummy with vanilla icecream

7/13/2009 #14

... Way above average, yeah, but not freaky tall. Almost 6 foot?

Magic :P All my friends tease me that I missed out on a bit of my childhood. :D I LOVE apple pie! I'm definitely trying that out!

7/13/2009 #15

Oh My God.

Im tall. Freaky tall. Just over six foot. Okay... This is really weirding me out now... :D

7/13/2009 #16

Okay, now I'm starting to freak out as well...

What colour hair do you have? And eyes?

7/13/2009 #17

Light brown hair and blue eyes. See that photo? Yeah, Im the one on the right. Not that you can tell hair or eye colours on that

7/13/2009 #18

Ahh. And that's where we differ. I have black hair and brown eyes.

I still say we're long lost twins. Some twins don't look anything alike.

7/13/2009 #19

Fraternal twins? Is that what twins that look alike are?

Yeah. Its kinda scary that we like to do the same things, and we're both tall (Haha, Im taller than you)

Okay... Whats your favourite movie?

7/13/2009 #20

Ohh, that's hard. I would say the Harry Potter movies, but they suck.

I really don't know... I know LOVE Finding Nemo! And I love Mean Girls... I love a LOT of movies!

7/13/2009 #21

Yeah! I like all those movies too. I reckon the twilight movie was crap. It wrecks the books :(

My personal fav movie at the time would be Pearl Harbour. Ive seen it twice in the last months, and both times it made me bawl like a baby. It was a little embarasing the first time though, 'cause we watched it in class :P

7/13/2009 #22

I'm not a huge fan of twilight. I don't HATE it, I don't even dislike it. I just don't have an opinion on it. I haven't watched the movie and I haven't read Breaking Dawn. *sigh*

Omgosh apparently it's REALLY REALLY good! I have to watch it; I will one day.

What are your favourite books?

7/13/2009 #23

I like twilight, but Im not obsessed, Uh.... The mortal instruments series, its better than twilight. Ive read all the Harry potter books a couple of times. A book called the Glass House.

I read a lot, but theres not enough good books out there.

How about you? What do you like to read?

7/13/2009 #24

I've read the Harry Potter books thousands of times :P I've practically MEMORISED them.

Glass House? Who's that by? I might borrow it..

I don't agree with that; there are SO MANY good books out there. Gazillions and gazillions; there isn't enough time in the world to read it all. For every good book comes five no so good ones. Actually scrap that :P They're all GOOD in their own way, and I'm sure they appeal to some people. But WE personally don't get all the good ones all the time. And that sucks :P

I generally like reading laid back books, funny books, or really serious depressing books. *shrugs* I guess that's just me :D I like Fantasy a lot as well like INKHEART! :D

7/13/2009 #25

Hello all! Is anyone here?

7/13/2009 #26

I am I am :D How are you today Unique?

7/13/2009 #27

I'm fine thanks, how about you?

7/13/2009 #28

Glass house is a really good book. Im rerereading it at the moment.... Uh... I cant remember who its by.

Yeah, I know what you mean by there being lots of good books out there, but its really hard to find them. Thats kinda why I started writing, I was just like "Eh, screw this, Im going to write my own awesodme book." Kinda funny, 'cause my writing kinda sucks

7/13/2009 #29

I'm great thanks Unique. I'm currently procrastinating, because, by some miracle, the sky has decided to be sunny, and I know I should go hang up the washing before it starts raining or the sun disappears, but I'm to lazy :P

Ahhk. Well, I'll look for it :D Yeah I know exactly what you mean; that's why I started reading fanfiction.

NOO! You don't suck at writing! These Lives I Walk is one of my fave stories right now! Don't be so hard on yourself!

7/13/2009 #30
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