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Zydrate Zombie

Hmm... Probably the lion.

(Sorry for this one, by guy friends came up with it, only far more obscene--I censored and toned it down) Would you rather make out with an eliphant for 20 mins or go to school naked?

10/12/2009 #451
Zydrate Zombie

** ignore my last post-- i didn't get there in time! Ops!

Forward. Why go to the past that we've already seen, when we can see what's coming and prepare ourselve's for it?

Same question.

10/12/2009 #452

I'd want to go to the future. To the exact time that I was going to die. So I could have some cliche story life of trying to fix it!

Same question

10/13/2009 #453

I wanna go to the future. I was always something of a techno guy and I wanna see how the planet's doing.

WYR be a shapeshifter or be able to read minds?

10/13/2009 #454

I think i would rather be a shapeshifter because you never know what could be going through someone's head

WYR been popular and hang out with people who you think are your friend or not be popular but have friends that love you

10/15/2009 #455

Not popular =).

WYR play guitar or bass?

10/15/2009 #456


WYR be able to sing or be able to dance?

10/15/2009 #457

Dance. I sing already lol, and it'd be nice to get some coordination for once in my life =P

Pretend you're lost in the woods, WYR eat squirrels or starve 'til help comes?

10/15/2009 #458
Shepherd Nerd

Eat the squirrels. Squirrels creep me out, so having less of them in the world would make me very happy.

Same q.

10/15/2009 #459

Well i'd go to the Squirral's grocery store and eat almonds XDD

WYR: Be slowly put in a vat of acid, or slowly drowned?

10/15/2009 #460

Um. Painful much?! I just watched FD2 yesterday, so drowned is probably better :P

Sameeeee q.

10/15/2009 #461

I would have to say the acid one.. It would probably be quicker though it would be more painful...

WYR spend the day watching TV or surfing the net

10/16/2009 #462

Mostly depends whats on tv, but probably surfing the net.

Same question because I'm too lazy to come up with a new one, lol.

10/16/2009 #463

lol surf the net cause you can watch TV on the net XDD

Ok WYR having your head chopped off or being shot in the heart

lol yes I have a love for gory questions XD

10/16/2009 #464

Errrmm... Shot in the heart, I guess. That seems a little more gallant than just being put to death xD.

WYR be the sand castle or the wave?

10/16/2009 #465

WAVE!! Definitely :D So much more fun :)

WYR be the rain or the shine? [sunshine]

10/17/2009 #466

Um...Sunrain? lol

WYR death by carebear or death by Dora-doll?

lol both are extremely weird XDD

10/18/2009 #467

Carebear. I've always hated those things...

WYR skip Christmas for a year, or skip your birthday for a year?

10/20/2009 #468

Skip my birthday, I like the Christmas lights too much. :s

Would you rather lose Spring or Fall?

10/20/2009 #469

Fall because Spring can be like Fall here :P

WYR? Being sliced in half or sliced in quarters XD

10/20/2009 #470

Oh big difference :P I'd rather quarters, only because I'm craaaazyyy :P

WYR blue or black pen?

10/23/2009 #471
Silver Penny

I'd rather blue ink. O.o

WYR step in dog poo barefoot or fall head first into a garbage bin? :s

10/25/2009 #472
Shepherd Nerd

Fall head first into a garbage bin. I've already done the first; I kind of want to do something new. ;)

Same q.

10/25/2009 #473

Fall in a garbage can, maybe the stuff in there won't be too nasty. :s

WYR have a pillow fight with some creepy guy or get punched in the face by a normal person?

10/26/2009 #474

Pillow fight. If I got to know the creepy guy and he wasn't half bad, I wouldn't mind how he looked.

Have all your fingernails and toenails pulled out one by one OR eat raw sewage?

10/26/2009 #475

RAW SEWAGE!!! I eat that for lunch everyday XP joking!! Actually i'd prefere the toinail and fingernail thing. They grow back XDD

WYR? Death by being stabbed by lots of knives or death by monkeys with chainsaws.

Blood included.


10/27/2009 . Edited 10/27/2009 #476

Stabbing by knives

WYR: Dance forever and never stopping or never able to dance again?

10/27/2009 . Edited 10/27/2009 #477

Never be able to dance again. (I can't dance now, so what the hell :P)

WYR: Be unable to speak for the rest of your life or be unable to write?

10/27/2009 #478

Unable to write cuz i can tell people what i want to write and they can write it down :P

WYR? Being covered in oil and burned to death or being gassed in a gas chamber?

lol me and my questions of death!

10/27/2009 #479

Gas chamber, because even if it was like all gross and unoxygenated, everything would probably fade out, but oil and fire. Well, that just sounds painful

WYR Never love or never be loved?

10/27/2009 #480
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