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Never be loved... maybe...

WYR a rose or chocolates?

BTW, ROBIN SILVERS AND ZARA FINCH, it's really nice to meet you two :) But can you please go to Introduce Yourself and do just that? :P Only so we can get to know you better!! :D:D

10/27/2009 #481

Maybe they dont want to get known better...

Definately the rose. Chocolate would suggest too much for me, and I'd probably say "Are you insinuating (Okay, yeah, not sure that that's a word) that I'm fat!" or something along those lines, and would do more bad than good.

Roses are way more romantic. And I'd have to be creative to come up with a negative of a rose.

Same Question!

10/27/2009 #482

Yeah roses :) I am currently smelling rose smelling tissues.

anyhoodles, WYR ... get all the credit for somethign you didn't do, or get no credit for something you did all by yourself?

10/27/2009 #483

Take all the credit, by a marginal amount. Mainly because I just cant stand doing something really amazing, and no one noticing. It sucks like shit. Oops. Bad word.

Get what I'm saying?

Yeah, well I could definately deal with the guilt, but maybe not the hate from the other people in my group, if it was a group thing... Yep.

Same question. LOL!

10/27/2009 #484

no credit, i couldnt take someone else's credit.

WYR paste or noodles?

10/28/2009 #485

Pasta? Pasta?! Yes, give pasta!!!

WYR get kicked by a monkey wearing a hat or pimp slapped by Sasquatch? XD

10/29/2009 #486

Monkey! Cuz monkeys can wear hats!! :P

WYR get eaten by cannibals or eaten by spiders?

10/30/2009 #487

Cannibals. I couldn't stand to have so many spiders crawling all over me...*shudders*

WYR...Bathe in human blood OR tie raw meat to your body and jump into the lions' cage at the zoo?

10/30/2009 #488

Jump in a lion's cage =). Usually animals in a zoo are tamed anyways. Plus, I love lions =D

Same q.

10/30/2009 #489

Bathe, I can just take a shower, with WATER, later. XD 'Sides, lions is dangerous. :s

WYR get a back scratching or stretch?

10/30/2009 #490
Silver Penny

Have someone scratch my back? Sure!

WYR be deaf or mute?

10/31/2009 #491

Mute. I could always write a note.

WYR eat a worm OR eat a snail?

10/31/2009 #492

Worm. Snails are slimier... Unless it was cooked, and then... I'd still go with the worm :P

WYR Lose an arm or lose a leg?

10/31/2009 #493
MidNight The Magnificent

Umm... What kind of grass, exactly? If it's smoking pot, I really wouldn't mind. Heh.

11/2/2009 #494
MidNight The Magnificent

Oh, & rather lose a leg. Can always get mech-limbs, & I need PERFECT control of my arms for the writing/drawing stuff I do(Legs not so important, in comparison).

WYR: Expire of thirst or hunger?

11/2/2009 #495
The Randomly Evil Xirroq stop feeling it after 48 hours...

WYR: Destroy Humanity or Animality?

11/3/2009 #496

Omg :S Humanity.. because we've practically destroyed animality already :(

Same q, cos im curious about others' responses :P

11/3/2009 #497

Humanity, because I'm getting tired of it for tearing everything up. XD

Same too.

11/5/2009 #498

Definitely humanity. Honestly, we've screwed the earth up so much, and it's high time the animals had their day. Besides, some of our stuff, like the Pyramids and Mt. Rushmore, will be around long, long after we're gone, so our legacy is still intact for a while, at least.

Same as well.

11/5/2009 #499

Humanity, but I've already answered.

WYR kill the ones you love, or let someone else kill you?

11/6/2009 #500

Let someone take me out, I play numbers. :P

WYR push a criminal in front of a train to save an innocent, or let the innocent get hit?

11/6/2009 . Edited 11/6/2009 #501

I'd push the criminal in front of the train, then pull him back so that he doesn't get hit.

11/7/2009 #502

woops, sorry :P WYR maths or english? :D

11/7/2009 #503
Silver Penny

Math. :s

Same q.

11/7/2009 #504

English. Definately.

Would you rather... Die from a thousand cuts, or be hanged until dead?

11/7/2009 #505

Thousand cuts. It was never specified how big these cuts were =P

WYR drink hot chocolate or apple cider?

11/7/2009 #506

Hot chocolate, with little marshmallows! :D

WYR have chinese or mexican food?

11/7/2009 #507
Bambi Queen of the Off-Black

Chinese. Mexican gives gas!

WYR pass out when drunk and wake up next to an attractive stranger who, as it turns out, has herpes, or wake up to an ex-con named Big Rhonda with a little heart tattoo on her ass, but who does not have herpes? Dilemma, dilemma!

11/8/2009 #508

Oddly, Big Rhonda. XP XD


11/8/2009 #509

The first one =P

WYR go camping or scuba diving?

11/8/2009 #510
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