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I hate deep water, but I always wanted to go scuba diving, it sounds awesome! :D

WYR go scuba diving or gliding?

11/8/2009 #511

I'm a big fan of the ocean, so...scuba diving!

WYR be trapped in a tank of piranhas OR a giant hornet's nest?

11/8/2009 #512

Tank of piranhas! I love cute little fishies ^.^

WYR Santa be real, or the Easter Bunny?

11/9/2009 #513

Definitely Jolly Ol' Kris Kringle!

WYR have your butt glued to the toilet seat OR have your head glued to your pillow?

11/9/2009 #514

Head to the pillow, no contest :P

Same q :D

11/11/2009 #515
Silver Penny

Pillow. :p

WYR live through a tornado or an earthquake?

11/12/2009 #516

Tornado! Then I might go to Oz =D

WYR Kit-Kat or Aero?

11/12/2009 #517

*NB: I replied in this topic earlier, but that could've been the glitchy period cos the post is gone :S

KIT-KAT :D I haven't had many Aero's in my time, but oooooh yum :D

WYR spaghetti orrrrr... JELLY :O

11/16/2009 #518

JELLY!!!!!!!!!! Cuz i like it =3

WYR Death by Exams or death by being squished by a bug?

11/21/2009 #519

Being squished by a hug is practically being suffocated to death, but at least it would be a semi-friendly way to die, so I'll have to go with the hug!!

WYR animals didn't exist or plants didn't exist?

11/22/2009 #520

Technically, animals couldnt exist if plants didnt, for the obvious reason of food sources for the herbivores, and then the meat from the herbivores for the carnivores. Then there is the matter of the atmosphere becoming clogged with too much CO2, as there are no plants to renew the oxygen in the air. And lastly - probably not lastly - there is the erosion that would wear on the earth were it not for the roots of plants everywhere.

But the world can survive without animals, plants dont depend on animals anywhere near as much as the opposite way around, except for the spreading of seeds...

What I would prefer? I'd prever there to be no animals - humans included - because all they really do is break things down, and take from the world. Humans especially.

Same question

11/23/2009 #521

I pick animals as well, because it makes me sad to see the way we've destroyed our earth like this :( I count humans in animals, but to be on the honest side, it isn't fair to count animals in this census, because it was mainly.. okay 99.9% humans that did most of the screwing up of the environment. So I actually choose humans over animals and plants, because I absolutely love plants of all kind, and love animals as well, and they haven't done anything to be killed off like that. So humans.

But for the purpose of this dicussion I will say animals.

WYR potatos or tomatos?

11/23/2009 #522

Potatoes. You can do more with potatoes.

Same question

11/23/2009 #523

Potatos, I don't really like tomatos too much...

Um. garlic bread or pizza? :P

11/23/2009 #524

Pizza! Garlic bread is disgusting!

WYR biology or physics?

11/23/2009 #525

Hmm. I go for biology :D

Same q.

11/23/2009 #526

Since I'm studying for a college degree in it:


WYR: have your fingernails and toenails pulled out or be stricken with a disease that left your face permanently blue?

11/30/2009 #527


that would be mad :P

Same q.

12/4/2009 #528

Yeah, deffs the blue face! =D

WYR save 5 family members, or 1 million strangers?

12/11/2009 #529

What family members are we talking about here? LOL

Really depends on the circumstances, but I'd go with family.

Same question.

12/12/2009 #530

5 family members, easy.

Would you rather read a screenplay by someone whose writing you don't really like,

Or write a script for a tv show that you do like but there are rules?

12/15/2009 #531

Probably the second one, because you can create a masterpiece with rules, but it's hard to enjoy something you truly don't like.

WYR melted ice cream or melted ice block?

12/16/2009 #532
Sarah A. W

Melted ice-cream better.

Would you rather sleep for two days straight or work and sleep for only 2 hours per day?

12/17/2009 #533

First one :/ I need my sleeeeep :P

Same q.

12/17/2009 #534

Sleep for two days. -is a sleep addict- :D

Would you rather, and this is a weird one, stick your finger in a fan or hit it in a door?

12/17/2009 #535

Hit it in a door!! I've done that before but the fan one would hurt :S

Would you rather red or green?

12/17/2009 #536

Green cuz that's the colour of my grass! :P

Same q

12/17/2009 #537

I like green better than red, so that's my choice! :D

WYR...stick your face in a waffle iron OR stick your foot in a bear trap?

12/17/2009 #538

Foot :/ Less nerves and stufff...

WYR, when bungee jumping, fall but the rope snaps so you just plummet to the ground, or when your scuba diving, and you're right at the bottom of the ocean floor a bajillion sea miles under, your oxygen tank runs out? :D

12/18/2009 #539

The second one... Drowning seems like such a dreamy, fantasy-like way to die...

WYR have hot chocolate with marshmallows or whipped cream??

12/18/2009 #540
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