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marshmallows, I LOVE marshmallows.

Would you rather eat a live bear or have a bear bite off your pinky finger.

12/18/2009 #541

Second... the first one is too sad :(

WYR fly to the moon and back or sail across the most beautiful lake ever in your life?

12/18/2009 #542

Lake. There's no life on the moon, but lakes are just full of life.

Saw this on a weird site: WYR meet the Beatles or eat Beetle meat? LOL

12/19/2009 #543

... Meet the Beatles, no contest :D

WYR live in 1901 or 3001?

12/20/2009 #544

(Just to bump the WYR thread)

WYR live in 1901 or 3001?

12/27/2009 #545


Same question.

12/27/2009 #546

Yeah same, cos I'm just awesome in that way :)

Can't think of another q, same q unless someone wants to change it?

12/27/2009 #547

DEFINITELY 3001. According to a book I once read, they've got holographic television! LOL

WYR accidentally break the world's most expensive vase or accidentally topple the world's largest building?

12/29/2009 #548

Umm vase. It won't kill anyone, but that building will probably have people living in it :)

Same q.

12/29/2009 #549

(need to boost the topic again, ahha :P)

WYR A reaaaaaaaaaaaaaaally long skirt or a reaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaally short mini skirt?

1/5/2010 #550

(Do you mean wear or...? XP)

1/13/2010 #551

Um. Yeah. Haha, wear :P

1/13/2010 #552

I'd rather wear a short miniskirt. XDDD

Same q!

1/13/2010 #553

Haha, a long skirt, actually :P I know, weird haha.

WYR ... admit to sticking an umbrella up someone's *** and go to jail for ages, or have someone else do that to you?

1/13/2010 #554

Wow, slightly more difficult. :s

I'd rather have that done, anything to stay out of jail.

WYR have a bad headache behind an eye, or go deaf for a day?

1/13/2010 #555

Go deaf for a day :( But that makes me sad..

WYR get your toes chopped off or your tongue?

1/13/2010 #556

Toes, definitely. Not being able to talk is worse than wobbly walking.

WYR drink someone else's blood or eat someone else's vomit?

1/13/2010 #557

ewwww == That's hard .. I'd go for blood. Oh gross ==

WYR ... actually same q :P

1/14/2010 #558

Blood. Then I'll vomit it up and let someone else drink that.

Would you rather

- be a great writer, immortalized in English classes for decades if not centuries?

- be successful, but dismissed by the intelligentsia?

1/15/2010 . Edited 1/15/2010 #559

Probably the second one...

Same q :)

1/16/2010 #560

I'll take the money (and run) thankyouverymuch. I'm a pen-prostitute, a word-whore. But I'll be rich.

Would you rather...

think of a new question


pass the previous one on?

(I love meta-games, can you tell? :) )

1/16/2010 #561

HAHAHA that's pretty cool :D It has to depend on my modd; if I can't think of any questions, I'll pass on the previous one. If I can, I'll write a new one. I enjoy coming up with new questions though, hehehe :D

WYR have your kitchen renovated or bathroom renovated? (got our kitchen renovated around six months ago and our bathroom is being renovated as I type)

1/17/2010 #562

Kitchen. That means we get to eat out. If we get the bathroom done, that means we have to take turns. And, if you only have one bathroom in your home...


have one really good review, and no other one for a whole month after you post a piece,


have a simple, gushing one, each day for a month?

1/17/2010 #563

Probably the first one, because it actually helps me better my writing, though my view might change one day when I only have one review ;)

Same q.

1/17/2010 #564

The first one. I like complex, helpful reviews that point out the good and help me on what I could improve...

Even if I am a review whore.

WYR Watermelon or pineapple?

1/17/2010 #565


Stone fruit or citrus?

1/17/2010 #566

Mm. Citrus... I think. But I'm not sure... I like them both.

Same question!

1/17/2010 #567



have lots of story idea


have lots of discipline to work the current single idea to its conclusion, and then hope another idea comes... sometime?

1/17/2010 #568

The second :P I am an unfortunate victim of the first, when I have a SQUILLION tory ideas, but don't usually follow through with them :P

WYR a gift from the heart that's absolutely horrible or a gorgeous gift but bought as an afterthought?

1/17/2010 #569

With taers one, I'd pick the squillion of ideas, that I could someday get around to... I can be motivated to one. Like I am atm even though I have fifteen ideas...


And I'd rather have a gift from the heart. It means more. I'm not materialistic, more emotionalistic... Hehe.

Same question!

1/17/2010 #570
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