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I go for immortality. you never know, you actually might end up linking the person you'll be stuck with

if you were given a time machine for a day and you could only vist yourself in either 15 years in the past or 15 years into the future - which one would you choose?

9/17/2013 #961
Taylor Huff

Both. You never said I could only use the time machine once. :P

But if I HAD to choose, I would advise my past self against a few mistakes.

Same Question.

9/17/2013 #962
Noll Daybreak

I would go back to the past to see what I've forgotten over the years. I'd rather my future be left as a surprise!

To escape an oncoming disaster, would you use a raft or an air balloon?

12/23/2013 #963

Air balloon. Would you rather have to watch my little pony or the little mermaid for 24 hours straight?

1/4/2014 #964
The Ocarina of Sky

My Little Pony because there are episodes. Would you rather have to let your hair grow for two years without trimming it or not be able to trim your nails for the same amount of time, but be able to chew them shorter?

2/4/2014 #965

Since I chew my nails as it is, but I hate long hair because it makes me unbelievably itchy, I'm going to have to go with nail.

Would you rather have your foot stepped on by a horse or rolled over by a car?

3/18/2014 #966
The Ocarina of Sky

Ooo tough one. Umm.... Horse.

Would you rather have three free months of Wi-Fi, while only being able to view the archaic forms of the webpages you visit, or have your dog eat your phone?

3/18/2014 #967

Three free month of WIFi.

Would you rather lose a hand or a foot?

6/22/2014 #968
Fluffy Nerd Kitten

Hand my right because I'm left handed cough cough special cough cough

11/2/2014 #969

A foot because I need my hand

6/29/2015 #970

Now I play mini games online at

When I have a short break at work, these little games help me relax and reduce the long working time.

Candy Crash is my favorite game.

5/6 . Edited 5/6 #971
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