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David Bowie

Username: marzipan-murder.xD

What you want us to call you: marina.. since that's my name! :D

Birthday: May 10

Country: Australia :)

Favourite book: City of Bones by Cassandra Clare... or the Vampire Academy series by Richelle Mead :)

Additions: Check out my profile.. says all that stuff there.. :P haha.

12/20/2009 . Edited by Fleur-de-lis Evans, 5/25/2010 #31

Hello there, :)

Username: bleedinglove00

What you want us to call you: Melanie

Birthday: November 19

Country: USA

Favourite book: Way, way too many to name. :)

Additions: I love to read and write. It's my passion in life. I'm new here, and this seemed like the perfect forum to join. :)

12/20/2009 #32

Username: taerkitty

What you want us to call you: taer, t-kitty/tkitty (I think there are many kitties on most forums, so just plain 'kitty' won't work)

Birthday: February 16

Country: US (but I favour some UK spelling)

Favourite book: Orson Scott Card's Ender's Game

Additions: I do some origami, NerfModding, and work with computers. I haven't encountered anyone else who uses taerkitty as a username, so if you Bing for 'taerkitty', it's probably me.

12/27/2009 . Edited by Fleur-de-lis Evans, 5/25/2010 #33

Username: xLoveLife-LetLoosex

What you want us to call you: Anya (not my real name - but this is my new fake name :D)

Country: Canada

Favourite book: idk - read too many to name one (but I am a total fan of The Outsiders - for anyone who cares)

12/29/2009 . Edited by Fleur-de-lis Evans, 5/25/2010 #34

Username: believeinlove

What you want us to call you: Mo

Birthday: November 18

Country: USA

Favourite book: Twilight Saga, Wuthering Heights, Private Series, Anything Rachel Hawthorne, and many, many more.

Additions: I love to read, but I love to write even more!

12/30/2009 #35
Dreams Are Bursting Bubbles

Username: Dreams Are Bursting Bubbles

What you want us to call you: Becka, Becky, something along that...

Birthday: August 18th...

Country: Germany :)

Favourite book: Mary Barton by Elizabeth Gaskell

Additions: I like smiles, talking to my friends all over the world, travelling, learning more about other cultures, reading and writing in general. :)

12/31/2009 . Edited by Fleur-de-lis Evans, 5/25/2010 #36

Username: sorryshards

What you want us to call you: Vivian's the name, but feel free to butcher that up. I LIKE PET NAMES :D

Birthday: Aug 6

Country: Canada

Favourite book: Aye that's hard. Well, I just finished "The Five People You Meet In Heaven". It was so sad :(

Additions: I fail at sports, I love to eat, and I spend way too much time on the computer.

1/7/2010 #37

Username: SnickerSnack

What you want us to call you: SnickerSnack or shorter versions of it.

Birthday: April 06

Country: Asia

Favorite book: Definitely The Book Thief by Markuz Zusak :D hope you guys read it.

Additions: I love to write and read xD I also enjoy doing origami (acts as my "happy place").

1/20/2010 . Edited by Fleur-de-lis Evans, 5/25/2010 #38
L. W. Perry

Username: L. W. Perry

What you want us to call you: My name is Rachel, but you can call me Perry if you want so you don't get too confused.

Birthday: September 13th

Country: TN, United States

Favourite book: The Adventures/Memiors/Return of Sherlock Holmes

Additions: Uh, I'm drinking coffee and listening to the Foo Fighters. I've played the flute for almost six years now and want to take violin lessons. I'd rather read than watch TV, I cannot function without the internet, and I don't eat red meat. Oh, and I recently found out that Jeremy Brett died the day before my 1st birthday so that makes me sad. ):

1/30/2010 #39
Anise Cary

Username: Anise-Cary

What you want us to call you: Kelly or Kel works or call me by my username it's all good

Birthday: 9/20/19??

Country: middle of the Midwest US

Favourite book: book as in singular, nope no way, can't pick just one, hazard of being a com arts teacher, my list is waaaaaaay long, not even going to try to narrow it down

Additions: um dunno, anything else you might wanna know about me is in my profile

2/4/2010 . Edited by Fleur-de-lis Evans, 5/25/2010 #40

Username: xenolith (I actually really like geology. Yeah, rocks and stuff)

What you want us to call you: xen

Birthday: January

Country: NZ

Favourite book: It's a tie btwn The Lord of the Rings and The Catcher in the Rye

Additions: I have a BSc, but this year I'm studying English. Nuts!

2/6/2010 . Edited by Fleur-de-lis Evans, 5/25/2010 #41
Sine Penn

Username: Sìne (that's pronounced "Sheena" by the way)

What you want us to call you: Sìne, Sheena...I also go by Sophia or Sophie...

Birthday: June

Country: I'm from Ohio, but I'm currently in Italy

Favourite book: I have to choose one? Ah--I--Um...I plead the fifth? Seriously, it changes on a daily basis...

Additions: I love to write, read, knit, sew, and spin. I also love movies, tv and music. I could easily blow an entire paycheck in the Itunes store, and my rent money is in danger if I happen to visit Amazon. I have no willpower. ^^; I'm a student, studying art conservation. I find that the further my studies take me from creative writing, the more interesting my stories get.

2/9/2010 . Edited by Fleur-de-lis Evans, 5/25/2010 #42

Username: Yeha-Noha

What you want us to call you: Yeha-Noha, Shuna, James Bond or just Bond

Birthday: 17 of February

Country: Norway

Favourite book: He Who Fears the Wolf and The Sandman series

Additions: ranDUMM, the Admin here is my Goddess. I'm more into fanfiction, but occasionly I'll come up with a poem or a rather strange original work.

2/13/2010 . Edited by ranDUMM, 2/13/2010 #43

Username: PoisonedChild

What you want us to call you: I don't mind if you call me by my username or nickname (Miki). Either is fine.

Birthday: 17/11

Country: England

Favourite book: That's an extremely difficult question for me. I'm a bookworm with many favourites. But since at the moment I'm reading Vampire Academy I'll say that since I've fallen in love with the books.

Additions: Not much to say really. I love to write, to read, to draw...

2/19/2010 #44
Username: improvisationallychallenged

What you want us to call you: Improv will do nicely - or Austen if you know me from the ReviewGame forum...

Birthday:...I don't get why people are so precious about the year, but give out the exact date quite happily. I'm the other way around, so - May, 1988

Country: Britland :P

Favourite book: hmmm...choices, the moment, "The Little Stranger" by Sarah Waters.

Additions: While I love reading and writing (obvs :P) I'm also a complete and utter film nut.

2/27/2010 #45

Username: Collen

What you want us to call you: Collen

Birthday: September 30th

Country: U.S.A, New Jersey Suburbs

Favourite book: Not really sure.

Additions: I like playing video games, making rom hacks, and reading/writing books/fanfics.

3/4/2010 . Edited by Fleur-de-lis Evans, 5/25/2010 #46
Silent Melody

Username: -points upwards-

What you want us to call you: Si.

Birthday: March 16th.

Country: England.

Favourite book: I can't choose. -flail-

Additions: I am usually found watching House, reading House!fics, or listening to music.

3/4/2010 . Edited 3/20/2010 #47

Username: XxfireprincessxX

What you want us to call you: Anything you want really =/ Just not anything bad XD

Birthday: 16th May 1992

Country: Scotland

Favourite book: Any type of horror really :) Anything like Stephen King....Im also going through a phase with Darren Shan's books at the mo...i can't stop reading!! o.O

Additions: I've only recently started getting into writing (Like last year XD) So Im pretty crap at it right now, but we all have to start somewhere, right? I'm huge anime fan :3 If i get into a series i wont leave the computer untill i have watched the whole thing! o.o Which can sometimes be bad T-T I also love writing scripts :3

3/17/2010 #48

Username: E.R.Lewis

What you want us to call you: Liz

Birthday: 4th January

Country: New Zealand (but I'm English)

Favourite book: If I had to choose, I'd choose Harry Potter... But really there's just too many to choose from!!! ;)

3/21/2010 #49

Username: ArmyMw2

What you want us to call you: I don't care. lol. lots of people call me Army though

Birthday: August 18

Country: USA

Favourite book: To many to count! :3


3/22/2010 #50

Username: firefly114

What you want us to call you: anything you like! or you can call me Laurel

Birthday: [year not needed] December

Country: [optional; vague is fine, e.g. Australia, U.S.A] USA

Favourite book: Toughie. I would have to say that my all-time favorite books have been the Oz books. I read all 20 of them.

Additions: I never know what to put here... ask me anything you like on my formspring!

3/24/2010 #51

Username: Lazruh

What you want us to call you: Lazruh is fine.

Birthday: June 5th

Country: U.S

Favorite book: Changes from time to time. Right now its definitely Fear.

Additions: Read my new story, For Sale! That is, if you love action packed stories. I was inspired by Tarantino's Reservoir Dogs.

3/24/2010 #52

Username: WhizofCheese

What you want us to call you: Well, you can call me Nikki

Birthday: January 9th

Country: USA

Favourite book: Gosh, there are so many. Harry Potter is my favorite series of all time.

Additions: Feel free to read any of my stories, my only one I'm actively working on is "Baby Love", so I'd really appreciate reviews on that one. (I'm not at the climax yet, it gets better). I've been writing for about nine years now, and my writing has changed dramatically. I'm trying to focus really carefully on diction/word choice. Word choice is the most difficult aspect of writing for me. I have intriguing ideas - it's just "getting them out there."

4/4/2010 . Edited by Fleur-de-lis Evans, 5/25/2010 #53

Username: Roger the Dodger

What you want us to call you: Yorkie or Lauren will do :)

Birthday: 23rd of May - next month! ^.^

Country: Great Britain

Favourite book: I have too many, but I love anything Jodi Picoult, and my favourite trilogy would be Penny Vincenzi's "The Spoils of Time" trilogy. :)

Additions: I play pranks. I love tuna napolitana. And Belgian chocolate is delicious. 3

4/7/2010 #54
Super Spazzaroid

Username: Super Spazzaroid

What you want us to call you: Spades or Miki.

Birthday: 6/30/94 But please don't judge me on my age :P

Favourite book: The Sevenwater Trilogy, Maximum Ride, The Night World Series, and others... So many others...

Additions: Ummm, to be honest I'm not on fictionpress much, but I thought a good forum would inspire me to frequent more often. :) Other than that, I'm a Disney buff, I can't stand rap, I can't spell my way outta a plastic bag, I like roleplaying. :]

4/12/2010 . Edited by Fleur-de-lis Evans, 5/25/2010 #55

Username: Band0nerd101

What you want us to call you: umm Jess?... thats my name!!

Birthday: August 3rd

Country: USA!!!

Favorite Book: anything Harry Potter. yes, I just went there!!!

Additionals: Ithink FictionPress will be a great place to put all of my writing :D

Thanks guys!! :)

4/13/2010 . Edited by Fleur-de-lis Evans, 5/25/2010 #56
Matthew J. Brown

Username: Matthew J. Brown

What you want us to call you: Matthew or Matt works, or the full handle; I don't care. I'm 'Morven' on a lot of other sites and forums, but it was taken here.

Birthday: February 7th, 1973 (so I'm 37 this year)

Country: Born in London, England, but I now live in Anaheim, California, USA (home of Disneyland)

Favourite book: Just one? I'll cheat and say several. P.C. Hodgell's "Chronicles of the Kencyrath" series that begins with "God Stalk". C.J. Cherryh's Morgaine books and "Cyteen". Iain Banks' "Use of Weapons" and "Against a Dark Background".

Additions: I'm a nerd by nature, a computer admin by profession.

4/13/2010 #57
White Rabbit Stalker

Username: White Rabbit Stalker

What you want us to call you: Kibblie is fine. :D

Birthday: September 15, 1990 (I will no longer be a teen this year. Scary.)

Country: Obamaland, aka United States

Favourite book: I'm quite fond of Sabriel by Garth Nix, among others.

Additons: I play WoW? Oh, and I'm working on a story greatly influenced by the world's mythology. :D

4/13/2010 . Edited by Fleur-de-lis Evans, 5/25/2010 #58
Trinity of Dreams

Username:Trinity of Dreams

What you want us to call you: Trini

Birthday: 9/19

Country: East coast side of the USA

Favourite book: Don't have one fav. My fav types are fantasy, sci-fi, with a dash of romance.

Additions: I want to make friends. :)

4/17/2010 . Edited by Fleur-de-lis Evans, 5/25/2010 #59

Username: MeAsIAm

What you want us to call you: Pooja or MeAsIAm both work fine with me!

Birthday: 31 August

Country: India

Favourite book: Many which include- The Yearling, Lord of the flies

4/22/2010 #60
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