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Username: Sairento-shi

what you want us to call you: Kik

birthday: Sept. 20

country: U.S.A

favorite book: The Book Thief

additions: I like video games

10/17/2010 . Edited 10/23/2010 #91

Username: ImaginThings

What you want us to call you: ImagingThings, Imaging, Anne, AnneImagus... whatever..

Birthday: [year not needed] April 17

Country: [optional; vague is fine, e.g. Australia, U.S.A] Denmark

Favourite book: Can't possible chose only one!

Additions: I might be a little crazy...

10/23/2010 #92

Username: TheButterflyx

What you want us to call you: Butterfly

Birthday: 23rd February (yup, I'm a Pisces)

Country: Ye Olde England (it does rain... a lot!)

Favourite book: Too many to mention!

Additions: I'm insane and addicted to reading!

11/1/2010 . Edited 11/1/2010 #93

Hey everyone :)

Username: Hearts of Pyjamas Ash x

What you want us to call you: Either Hearts, PJ, Aisleah or Blaze...whichever you prefer :D

Birthday: 31st August

Country: UK...though I wish I lived in America or Canada...

Favourite book: Eugh, most of the books I've read, it changes daily. I love any LJ Smith work and the Maximum Ride series, and I LOVE the classics as well, especially Jane Eyre. Right now, my favorites are Hush, Hush and Crescendo by Becca Fitzpatrick.

Additions: I've been writing since I COULD write. At first it was random scribbles and kids stories, but a few years ago its progressed to more mature stuff. I LOVE reading and writing, especially stories on fictionpress. There are so many amazing stories and writers on here! I have several stories on; my main hobbies are reading, writing, kickboxing, Tai Chi, soccer and american football...I also love cooking and music.

11/2/2010 #94

S'up yaw....

Username - Frap

My nickname - Frap ( or Chick, whatever floats your boat)

Birthday - Sometime in June around the 29th.

Country - USA - (Currently run by morons)

Favorite Book - Twilight - (Sinister chuckle)

Additional Stuff - I got kids, which keeps me busy. And having said that, it doesn't mean I'm old, just a young parent. I like to give feedback as long as you don't get bent out of shape when I tell you my opinion. I'm currently in a writing funk and I need to be inspired. Oh yes, I normally don't get a chance to have time to myself so when i do I talk like I'm stupid. Hopefully, I can get some hits on my story and start it up again. I got four stories in the works and only one that has come to fruition. Sad I know, but hopefully this place can jog the ole juices.

11/4/2010 #95
doors down

User Name: Alternately King Of Terror and franz-josef leopold morhart

call me: franz, KOT, Terror, Terror King

born: dec. 12th, 1990

favorite book: the A Song of Ice & Fire series by George R. R. Martin

additional info: I dunno. Wanna know something? Just ask! I'm an open book. :)

11/22/2010 #96
XxBook worm 33

Username: XxBook worm 33

What you want us to call you: Brook

Birthday: [year not needed] 8/2

Country: [optional; vague is fine, e.g. Australia, U.S.A] North Carlina

Favourite book: Twilight and Harry Potter

Additions: I love to read I can spend almost all day every day reading lol. I also love to sing and write stories.

11/28/2010 #97

Username: qinop

What you want us to call you: James Collette or James

Birthday: May 17

Country: US

Favourite book: The Dark Tower: The Gunslinger

Additions: I love to read and write, mostly fantasy. Magic, monsters, knights, the whole nine yards. I'm also a pervert, but that shouldn't come up around here too often.

12/5/2010 #98
Vicky-Leigh Graham

Username: Vicky-Leigh Graham

What you want us to call you: Vic, Vicky...

Birthday: August 6th

Country: UK - Wales to be more precise :)

Favourite Book: Tipping the velvet - Sarah Waters (at the moment anyway, it does change!)

Additions: I love reading and writing fiction. I couldn't like without music, love karaoke and play the guitar - badly. Anything else you want to know, just ask!

12/19/2010 #99

Username: paynt

What you want us to call you: Tails

Birthday: 09/18

Country: USA

Favorite Book: The Dark Tower: The Gunslinger by Stephen King (Series)

Additions: I like to write, rp, read, listen to music, play video games, watch anime, eat lots of candy, talk endlessly on the phone with my boyfriend, hiking, camping, sleeping, being with family, and more. ^^

12/28/2010 #100
MooCow of Justice

Username: MooCow of Justice

What you want us to call you: Moo.

Birthday: [year not needed] I'd rather not share this, actually.

Country: [optional; vague is fine, e.g. Australia, U.S.A] United States of America

Favourite book: The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy

Additions: I am a tremendous fan of super heroes. If you have a story with one, send it my way for a definite review. My favorite is Captain America, and I am much more of a fan of Marvel characters than DC's characters, though I respect both. Except Batman. I REALLY don't like Batman. Or Wolverine for that matter. Anything else you want to know you can probably just ask.

2/6/2011 #101
Superslow Jellyfish

Username: BarbieMonster

What you want us to call you: Barb or Barbs or BM (it's nowhere near my real name)

Birthday: [year not needed] 10/4 Libra!! (Western Astrology-wise)

Country: [optional; vague is fine, e.g. Australia, U.S.A] USA!

Favourite book: Harry Potter, Hunger Games, Candide, there's so much more.....

Additions: Like everyone else here, I live to write. I like to read, listen to music, and be random.

2/7/2011 #102

Username: Rosemarysgraden001 (it was supposed to be garden...)

What you want us to call you: Rose

Birthday: [year not needed] may 22

Country: [optional; vague is fine, e.g. Australia, U.S.A] USA!

Favourite book: Umm The Queen's fool, anything by Philipa Gregory, christian novels,

Additions: I like writing and observing things, I am in college, and othr stuff.

2/24/2011 #103
Mannabelle Twain

Username: Mannabelle

What I want you to call me: Liz

Birthday: June 1, 1990

Country: Davao City, Philippines

Favourite books: Harry Potter , Prey by Michael Crichton

Additions: Hi! I wonder how to find friends here. That's why I want to join this forum.hihihi...

2/26/2011 #104

Username: mandysoccer

What I want you to call me: Mandy is good I guess! Or "hey you!" works too ;)

Country: US and India.

Favourite books: HARRY POTTER ALL THE WAY BABY! haha i'm a little obsessed!

Additions: Umm.. I'm not a really interesting person, lol... but uh, I like reading! And writing! And reviewing! And getting reviews! :D

3/4/2011 #105

Username: my-cup-of-tea (It changes quite often. From Riddikulsy.Sirus to Home Sweet Hogwarts and now this!)

What you want us to call you: Tea? :D Anything you want!

Birthday: November 6 (Scorpio!)

Country: Canada, somewhere in B.C. Well, close to Vancouver.

Favourite Book: Any of the Harry Potter books! (Which, for me, isn't very many because I've only read 2! I love HP, though! It is my childhood.)

Additions: Well, as you may have guessed from my previous usernames, I am a great fan of the Harry Potter series. I've had this account since 02-06-09, but just started to really get involved in the fictionpress community a while ago. (Before that, I just used to sneak on and post reviews and be off!) Anyways, I'm a bit shy... I guess you'll learn more about me soon... :]

3/7/2011 #106
The Orange Top Hat

Username: The Orange Top Hat

What you want us to call you: Orange or Kat. Whichever.

Birthday: [year not needed] 9/30

Country: [optional; vague is fine, e.g. Australia, U.S.A] Mississippi, USA

Favourite book: Looking For Alaska by John Green

Additions: I swear a lot and use lots of faces when typing :D!

3/9/2011 #107

Username: Clingo23

What you want us to call you: Clingo is fine. :)

Birthday: [year not needed] August 10.

Country: [optional; vague is fine, e.g. Australia, U.S.A] USA and Australia

Favourite book: The Percy Jackson series, and the new Heroes of Olympus series.

Additions: Just like reading and writing, and sports (basketball and soccer), which is good because I'm a terrible artist.

3/15/2011 . Edited 3/15/2011 #108

Username: Lasfter

What you want us to call you: Las, Lasf, Lasfter, or if you really want to be personal, Kas. It all works fine.

Birthday: April 4th

Country: Iran/Canada

Favourite book: Blood and Chocolate

Additions: I am a public speaker, poet, debater, wrestler, rugby player and [American] football lover. I am fluent in three languages and love short stories.

3/19/2011 #109

Username: DyavolDon

What you want us to call you: Aradon or Don

Birthday: 1996 (i'm 15)

Country: U.S.A

Favourite book: I have several but Harry Potter will always be on the list.

Additions: I am a high schooler, reader, writer, and Fanfictioner (I've been on Fanfiction for nearly 2 years now). I love Youtube, Fanfiction, Facebook, the whole sh'bang.

3/29/2011 #110

Username: DebbieRushby

What you want us to call you: Debs

Birthday: [year not needed] 02-10-1982

Country: [optional; vague is fine, e.g. Australia, U.S.A] Hull, UK

Favourite book: Scott Lynch - The Lies of Locke Lamora/Red Seas Under Red Skies

Additions:Well now, I write fantasy fiction and I'm here to improve my skills. as are we all no doubt.

Thank you :)

5/23/2011 #111

Username: DuckEggBlue

What you want us to call you: Blue.

Birthday:30 May

Country:Australia. :)

Favourite book: The Book Thief by Marcus Zusak.

Additions: I love reading, writing, music and the internet more than pretty much anything else. I'm here to gain some skills and generally procrastinate. Sanity: debateable. I spend most of my time on teh internetz or reading, though occasionally I have a life. :)

5/26/2011 #112
Username: Luna Sterling 2013 What you want us to call you: Luna Birthday:12 7 Country: U.S.A] Favourite book:Vampire kisses mortal instuments and many others Additions:I am 16 and a Jr in Highschool and looking for a beta
5/27/2011 #113


What you want us to call you:Devious

Birthday:July 12th

Country:New York, U.S.A

Favourite book:The Sharing Knife by Lois McMaster Bujold

Additions:I love to draw. I plan to draw up some characters once my story is posted. I hope to be an illustrator someday. Either that or an Art Therapist :]

5/27/2011 #114

Diana Lapin


July 3


Silence of the Lambs


6/4/2011 #115
Edan Marie

Username: EmelineeBaconineeTortalinee What I Want You To Call Me: Emelinee

Birthday: November 21st Country: UK

Favourite Book: Alex Rider Series- Anthony Horowitz

Additions: I'm a certified weirdo, I'm obsessed with writing- original and fanfiction- and I'm fascinated by history, the older the better. Nice to meet everyone here!

6/7/2011 #116

Username: Dgalt Fan What you want us to call you: Rachel rach or if there's too many and that confuses you all go ahead and call me dagny. Birthday: [year not needed] 11-12-1992 Country: [optional; vague is fine, e.g. Australia, U.S.] Southern california United states Favourite book: Atlas shrugged Additions: erm.... booknerd and philosophy geek?

6/10/2011 #117

Username: biased.neutrality

What you want us to call you: Erika

Birthday: Jan. 22

Country: U.S.A.

Favourite book: Oh, gosh. I can't pick a favorite!

Additions: Writing a book right now; one of my fanfiction buddies is my editor.

6/11/2011 #118
Rebekah Lora

Username: RebekahLora

What you want us to call you: Rebekah

Birthday: [year not needed] I try not to share that online.

Country: USA

Favourite book: Everything.:) I'm a reading shark.

Additions: Have a book finished, working on turning a comedy series on a friend's website into an ebook and working on short stories.

6/11/2011 #119

Username: tolerate

What you want us to call you: CJ

Birthday: 9 August

Country: Singapore

Favourite book: Clockwork Angel, The Power of the Five

Additions: Nothing much, but I'm a bit shy when it comes to socializing. :)

6/12/2011 #120
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