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I reviewed Soon to be a dead man.

Please review House of Horrors.

Prose/Poetry: Prose

Rating: T

Summary: An unusual series of "accidents" occur, inspiring suspicion and terror around the world. The murders spread slowly from Sapporo, Japan where the authorities will stop at nothing to find a trace of a possible serial killer. When an ordinary young woman unwittingly intertwines paths with such a person, how long will fate guide her until everything falls apart?

6/29/2014 #181

I reviewed House of Horrors.

Please review Castrato.

Prose/Poetry: Prose

Rating: T

Summary: Gabriel travels to another country to learn as much about the famous castrato, Raphael Armento, as possible. He did not think his one-month assignment would end up heavily impacting his life. Warnings: Contains slash/BL

7/6/2015 #182
Mars Z. Pan

I reviewed Castrato.

Please review Sugar Medium.

Prose/Poetry: Prose

Rating: T

Summary: After the death of her cat, a spirit medium searches for reasons to stay in the world of the living. Among her anchors to life are a ghost girl, an ace student, her own whims... and Cat, who hasn't yet passed on to the afterlife. Warning: Contains mentions of suicide.

7/13/2015 #183

I reviewed: Sugar Medium.

Please review: Utopia

Prose/Poetry: Prose

Rating: T

Summary: We lived in a perfect society; one without pain, poverty, or suffering. It was a simple, peaceful life. My name is Callix. I looked for a world beyond our walled city. And I brought chaos.

Thank you guys in advance for reviewing. Of course, I am happy return reviews. :)

7/17/2015 #184

I reviewed Utopia

Please review my story Wings of a Thief

Prose, Rated T

Summary: "He stole her heart, floating on wings of his own lies, leaving her with nothing but anguish for her decisions..."

Thank you~

8/25/2015 #185

I reviewed: Wings of a Thief

Please review my story:The Strength to Go On


Rated T

Summary: Jacob loved his God with all his heart. He prayed every night that his God would 'cure' him of the feelings they told him were wrong. So after his seventeenth birthday comes without an answer to his prayers, Jacob loses his hope. Feeling lost and hated, he does something that will change the life of everyone involved, he jumps off an overpass over a major highway.


8/26/2015 #186

I reviewed The Strength to Go on

Please check out Living Monsters


10/5/2015 #187

I reviewed: Living Monsters

Please review: The Voice of Nothing Prose/Poetry: Prose

Summary: Enslaved upon the orbiting super-prison of Tartarus, the Workers know nothing beyond their daily sufferings. Covertly, a young Worker is offered a chance at escape in return for her testimony of the conditions. The price for her silence is high and the lures of enjoying her freedom are tempting, while the road for justice is painful...

4/26/2016 #188
Katie Grey

I reviewed: The voice of Nothing

Please review: The Wishing Tree

Thanks for all the help!!! :)

5/22/2017 #189

I have reviewed Chapter 1 of The Wishing Tree by KatieKaty. Requesting reviews for DARK.

Prose/Poetry: Poetry.

Title [with hyperlink]: DARK

Rating: T

Summary: In a world where space exploration is now possible, the crew of U.S.S Orion will embark on their last and final mission as they come to learn that StarGazer Co. that they work for isn't all about space exploration as they were led to believe.

12/18/2017 #190
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