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Silver Penny

Doggy. o.o

Eh, I hate when that happens!

10/31/2009 #2,971

That's Shelby, and she's pretty hyper. XD

Yeah, I don't know what to do. DX

10/31/2009 #2,972
Silver Penny

What'cha want to write about?

10/31/2009 #2,973

You know how I got a bunch of characters in my head? I wanna do a somewhat short story about my version of the four horsemen.

10/31/2009 #2,974
Silver Penny

Hmmm. I'm not familiar with the four horsemen. :s

10/31/2009 #2,975

Biblical characters, they show up to start the apocalypse. :s

10/31/2009 #2,976
Silver Penny

OH! THOSE four horsemen! hahahahaha. XD

10/31/2009 #2,977

There's another four? XDD

10/31/2009 #2,978
Silver Penny

I dunno? lol

I didn't think Bible. :s

That'd be an awesome story to write!

10/31/2009 #2,979

Quite a few of my characters are based off biblical characters or related to them in some way. :s

Wait, just remembered the other four! Bleh, Politics, Taxes, and Boredom! XDD

10/31/2009 . Edited 10/31/2009 #2,980
Silver Penny

Ah. Cool. Biblical characters are great bases. :)

Hahahaha. XD Nothing's certain but death and taxes!

10/31/2009 #2,981

Boredom is death, Taxes is famine. XD

10/31/2009 #2,982
Silver Penny

Hahahaha. XDDD

Yep! XP

10/31/2009 #2,983

I think I'm starting to go into random mode again. XP XD

10/31/2009 #2,984
Silver Penny

Lol. Possibly. :P xD

10/31/2009 #2,985

Did you know bunnies kill more people in the world than anything else, even death? XD -makes no sense-

10/31/2009 #2,986
Silver Penny


The TRIX RABBIT is evil!

10/31/2009 #2,987

I think all the cereal icons are evil and making their own Legion of Doom. XD

10/31/2009 #2,988
Silver Penny

:O They're in cahoots with Elmo!!

10/31/2009 #2,989

Elmo's their leader! D:

10/31/2009 #2,990
Silver Penny

They're going to take over the world! D=

10/31/2009 #2,991

Well, they're going to try. XD

10/31/2009 #2,992


10/31/2009 #2,993
Silver Penny

Sorry Jon!

I kind of just…fell asleep. 0.o Hadn't had much sleep lately. :s

10/31/2009 #2,994

You fall asleep at the computer? :s XD

10/31/2009 #2,995
Silver Penny


My computer's beside my bed. =]

10/31/2009 #2,996

Aw, lucky! XD

If mine were I'd never leave the bed. XD

10/31/2009 #2,997
Silver Penny


I don't. :s XDDD

10/31/2009 #2,998

-scoffs- Lazy! XDD

10/31/2009 #2,999
Silver Penny

Hahaha. XD And proud of it! lol ;P

10/31/2009 #3,000
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