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Really? How tragical... 'Tis perfect weather for hot chocolate for me =). No snow...yet =P

I dunno xD. I've never actually smelled it hahaha

10/31/2009 #2,941
Silver Penny


Hahaha. Now I feel like a weirdo. :s xD

10/31/2009 #2,942

Nah, none yet. This week supposedly, but weather people are always wrong xD

Lol, don't feel weird. I'm sure hot chocolate smells wonderful hahaha

10/31/2009 #2,943

-warps in-

10/31/2009 #2,944
Silver Penny

Haha. We had a joke that whenever the weather people advised to get your umbrellas, you should slather on the sunscreen, and vice versa. XD

lol It sure does! Hahahahaha XD

10/31/2009 #2,945
Silver Penny

Hey Jon!

10/31/2009 #2,946

Penny: Haha,that's funny xD. I never watch the weather thing anymore. I'm sick of their lies =P

Hi Jon =).

AHH! Sorry, I gotta go. My mum's driving me to my friend's now hehe. See yah guys !!

10/31/2009 #2,947

Bye Mandi. XD

10/31/2009 #2,948
Silver Penny

Pandi: Haha. :P I don't watch them, either. Internet's much faster anyway. :P See ya! Enjoy your night. :]

10/31/2009 #2,949
Silver Penny

Why must FP always lag on me? GRAWR

So…um…what's up, Jon?

10/31/2009 #2,950

Btw, I changed my mind about my av being a kitten and a duck, I'm using a pup instead. :P

10/31/2009 #2,951
Silver Penny

It won't let me go to the new page! What the heck!?

10/31/2009 . Edited 10/31/2009 #2,952
Silver Penny

Finally. -_-

Ah…a puppy? :D

10/31/2009 #2,953

It did now. XD

10/31/2009 #2,954
Silver Penny

Yeah, it did. -_-

But now it won't show past the first two posts on the page. :@

10/31/2009 #2,955

I can see all the posts right now. :s

And yeah, one of my step dad's english bulldog pups. :D

10/31/2009 #2,956
Silver Penny

A…bulldog? :/

10/31/2009 #2,957

You'll see her when she pops up, she's a sweet thing. :s

10/31/2009 #2,958
Silver Penny

That's what they alllll say. :s

10/31/2009 #2,959


You'll see her. XD

10/31/2009 #2,960
Silver Penny

Hehe. :p Guess I shall!

10/31/2009 #2,961

So, what doth be up? :s

10/31/2009 #2,962
Silver Penny

The ceiling. :P

And nothing much else. I need a book to read! Or something. :/ Ooh! A game. =D

10/31/2009 #2,963
Silver Penny


10/31/2009 #2,964

Newgrounds has plenty of games and there's another site called andkon arcade. :D

10/31/2009 . Edited 10/31/2009 #2,965
Silver Penny

Really? Thanks! :D

10/31/2009 #2,966
Silver Penny

How 'Bout You. :)

10/31/2009 #2,967

Sure, and on andkon, there's a completely pointless sand game that's just fun. :s

10/31/2009 . Edited 10/31/2009 #2,968
Silver Penny

Lol. Will check it out! :D

10/31/2009 #2,969

My picture's up! :D

As for me, I'm trying to write something for FP, but I can't form a plot. XP

10/31/2009 #2,970
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