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Hey, everything that passes these fingers is the truth!

2/12/2010 #2,971

Guys, it's too hot to be cramped inside this room, I'm going to have to go outside and attempt to cool off a bit ==

byeee :)

2/12/2010 #2,972

Bye, Vandy.

So, Sam, what's up?

2/12/2010 #2,973

Bye ran!

Well, at the moment I am trying to beta something. I feel like I should be writing WILT. But I'm not.

2/12/2010 #2,974

How about you?

2/12/2010 #2,975

At school, so no writing at the moment. Read four pages of Hunger online. I'm pretty good, except woman things bothering me. Haven't written anything in almost a week, because Sunday-Wedensday was plain horrible, and though yesterday was a good day, I didn't feel like writing. But today I'm gonna do it, no matter what.

2/12/2010 #2,976

Writers block? That is the worst thing ever.

2/12/2010 #2,977

By the Gods, I hope I won't get that on top of everything. No, it was just that Sunday until Wedsday was really bad days for me, emotionally, so I didn't feel like writing anything. But today I'm gonna try working on my spy story, and the elfquest story too.

2/12/2010 #2,978

Aw. What happened?

That's good that you're going to work on it today :)

2/12/2010 #2,979

I was a member of a great forum, and was searching for good stories, si I clicked on one of the moderators profile to see if they had any, and I saw that that person had a forum, so I checked it, just out of curiosity. And that forum was bashing members of the great forum. Then I found out that the Admin of the great forum encouraged this behaviour. I read through all of the 15 pages, and since they had continued until the 1 of February, so I sent PM's to the people who were bashed, and wrote a rant where I told them that I could not be a member of a forum who did this, no matter how great that forum had been.

And afterwards people PMed me, and was sorry I left, and since I answered every PM diligently then it didn't really get over it. But the good thing was that on Wedsday I had my first honest conversation with my father in over a year, so I got time to complain and get my fustrations out, and deal better with it.

And I miss writing so much, I use to write every single day, so not being able to do so hasn't really helped the situation. But today I am going to do so, or I'll flip. seriously

2/12/2010 #2,980

Oh yeah. I did read that when you were saying about it a while ago. That's really horrible.

Yeah. I see what you mean. Not writing for a long time isnt so great. I agree :)

2/12/2010 #2,981

Especially when you're used to write every single day...

2/12/2010 #2,982

Yes. Definately.

2/12/2010 #2,983

Sorry bout the delay, I struggled with getting my backpack opened.

2/12/2010 #2,984

So, how's the future or past where you guys are?

2/12/2010 #2,985

Sorry about the not replying. I had to go to bed.

Well, the future is

2/12/2010 #2,986

And why is it "eh."?

I've at least gotten something written... two and a half sentence but it's something at least :D

2/12/2010 #2,987


2/12/2010 #2,988

for now :D

2/12/2010 #2,989

Heya Ran! :D

I gots a new computer screen.

2/12/2010 #2,990


Just the screen?

2/12/2010 #2,991

I had a box screen, now I got a flat screen.

And I might get a newer computer soon too.

2/12/2010 #2,992

Hiya :D

2/12/2010 #2,993

Heya Sam! How's it?

2/12/2010 #2,994

Hiya Sam.

Haha, awesomeness :)

2/12/2010 #2,995

It's goooood. Just watching stuff on youtube.

2/12/2010 #2,996

Funny stuff or cool stuff?

2/12/2010 #2,997

HAHA me too :P but watching music videos :D

2/12/2010 #2,998

You know the "gingers have souls" guy. Yeah. Well, I'm lmao over that. Because they're just REALLY funny.

I'm not civilised enough to be watching music vids.

2/12/2010 #2,999

Nope, don't know him. :s XD

2/12/2010 #3,000
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