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^.^ I'm great ran! I had the awesomest day ever yesterday!!! =D. And I'm in a really happy mood right now =).

Tis 2:40PM on Dec 28th for me right now =).

12/28/2009 #361


Its 10:41 here!


And yeah, You're righ Shuna, you're not that far behind.

12/28/2009 #362

Here it's 22. 45 at the 28 th of December. I've not been active today, because I had to go to the other side of the town, to deliver a book before 15.00 and I realized this around 13.45...

12/28/2009 #363

I also got up at 13.00 so I wasn't that pleased with it...

12/28/2009 #364

Woah. :/ Man you ARE really far behind Mandi... 19 hours :/

12/28/2009 #365

Wow 19? Seriously?? Whoa! That's cool!! It's tuesday in Australia right??

12/28/2009 #366

But I'm not a morning bird, so I guess it's alright?

12/28/2009 #367

I slept at 1:00 last night and woke up at 6:30 this morning. And I have absolutely no clue why ==

12/28/2009 #368

Fanfiction-Itis perhaps?

12/28/2009 #369

Yeahp! Tuesday the 29th of Decemberrr :) And let me tell you, it's the first beautiful day with actual SUN that I've seen since before Christmas, so look forward to today ;)

12/28/2009 #370

It's Tuesday in Aussie and NZ.

Uhhh... Thats so not much sleep.

12/28/2009 #371

Hahahaha Fanfiction-itis ;)

Hmm yeah. But no matter what time I go to sleep I always wake up around 6 or 7, I don't know why :S Anyways, I saw a brilliant movie with a BRILLIANT guy in it, so I'm happy ;)

12/28/2009 #372

Fanfiction Itis is a curse. But it makes the good fics better....

12/28/2009 #373

What movie was it Ran??

12/28/2009 #374

Yeah. What movie?

During the school term I always got up at 5-6am. Even if I only went to sleep at like three.

12/28/2009 #375

It wasn't Interview with The Vampire or Queen of the Damned, was it?

12/28/2009 #376

Ahahaha! Interview with a Vampire is funny xD.

12/28/2009 #377

Haha, no neither.

I don't think you guys would have heard of it, it's a Bollywood movie :P

12/28/2009 #378


I dont know any Bollywood movies...

12/28/2009 #379

Hm.. okay then. Who was this BRILLIANT boy?? hehe =P

12/28/2009 #380

I loved the snarkiness of Lestat. But my fave was the talks between Armand and Louie, with the last scene with Lestat at a close fourth place :D

12/28/2009 #381

Change of topic, but does anyone here use MSN/Live/Hotmail chat (or whatever they're calling it this week), Yahoo! or Google Talk? Or (this should show how old I am) IRC? On the IMs, I use taerkitty pretty regularly. (For IRC, first we have to agree on which server to use...)

12/28/2009 #382

The veeeeeeery gorgeous Shahid Kapoor :P He's Indian. Google Image him.

I have MSN, and had Yahoo once upon a time...

12/28/2009 #383


12/28/2009 #384

Am I weird when I find him rather repulsive? He looks like the Indian version of Aston Kutcher. Then again, my brother's friends look like that, and I find them repulsive, so...

Norvege, deepua!

12/28/2009 #385

He doesn't look all that Indian...

I'm not saying that he's not, it was just a comment.

I had Indian for tea the other night :)

12/28/2009 #386

OMG LISTEN TO THIS SONG! (if you can I mean lol) BECAUSE IT'S FREAKING INSANE. Love it..I think this is my new fav band of the week =P. But that'll change tomorrow most likely =)

Hahaha, I'm liking this Shahid Kapoor person =P.

Oh, I have yahoo/hotmail chat. But only yahoo on this computer. Hotmail is on my laptop =).

12/28/2009 . Edited 12/28/2009 #387

Hmm. Each to his own I guess ;)

Hi Jon :)

12/28/2009 #388

I'm listening to it now

I was going to say something... Yet I'm blank...

12/28/2009 #389

Whoa, everyone came out of nowhere suddenly. XD

12/28/2009 #390
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