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So why are you still standing there staring? Come IN for heavens sakes!
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Nowhere? I'm sure we came from somewhere.

And thats a really good song.

12/28/2009 #391

We're pretty awesome like that Jon :D

12/28/2009 #392

Not if you're a hallucina....wait, no it was another group that was a hallucination, not y'all. XP

12/28/2009 #393

Give me Jason Isaacs please. He and Johnny Depp are two gorgeous men...

I found a quality quote today. "Revenge is best served ice cold."

Okay, way too many people. And I better work, so bye!

12/28/2009 #394

Hiya Jon ! =)

Hehe, quietdrive's a greeaaaaat band! Love them. =)

12/28/2009 #395

Aw, bye Shuna!

12/28/2009 #396

And now I have to go :) Byeee

12/28/2009 #397


12/28/2009 #398

Bye Ran!

That's two. :P

12/28/2009 #399

Bye Shuna and Ran! =)

*pokes back*

12/28/2009 #400


So what's up?

brb in a few minutes btw.

12/28/2009 #401

Nothing really. Just trying out this story to see if I like writing it. And yesterday was the best ever!!! And I'm uberly happy! =D

When you get back, what about you? =)

12/28/2009 #402

Sorry! But I gotta go help with supper! Bye ! =)

12/28/2009 #403

Is back.

12/28/2009 #404

Haha. Mandi ditched.

Hi Jon! And anyone else!

12/28/2009 #405
Sarah A. W

Heey everyone what's up? =p

I'm bored it's 3:40 am here.. -__-"

12/28/2009 #406



If I was allowed, I'd stay up all night and write. But I'm not because my parents are psychos.

How are you?

12/28/2009 #407
Sarah A. W

lol not tired.. bored

actually I'm awake because I'm supposed to study but I ended up discussing something on msn with a friend xD

What time is in your country?

12/28/2009 #408

Yeah, but writing while tired is not the best recipe for quality. It might lower the 'rationality filter' that keeps some of the best ideas repressed, so there's something to say for all-nighters.

Me, I just wanted to check in before I started on my R/Rs for the night.

12/28/2009 #409

Its 1:55pm

I find that writing while tired brings out the more original, less structured side of my writing, which I find is good and makes it, not neccissarily better, but different to how I usually write, different words, different flow. And that I can always change up the things that don't make sense in the morning.

12/28/2009 #410
Sarah A. W

lol I'm not the same. I write better when I'm awake but sometimes when I write something so roughly and just like

a draft it turns out to be so original and really good.

weird I know

12/28/2009 #411

Not weird.

Thats exactly what I think.

I mean, when I write during the day, my grammer and spellings all perfect and that, but the writing itself doesnt have this certain gist about it, and it's not too bad grammer wise, anyway, because I tend to have pretty good grammer as it is.

12/28/2009 #412
Sarah A. W

I think that is because when you write really quick or when you are half- awake

it is because you write from your heart, I don't know why I feel like this but this is how I am

So, I really gotta go now I have so much work to do!

See you guys later!!

12/28/2009 #413

Anyone who wants to party with me?

12/29/2009 #414

Anyone on this afternoon???

12/29/2009 #415

No one here but us kitties.

12/29/2009 #416

^.^ Hello! How are youuu????

12/29/2009 #417

Sneaking these bytes out while I'm supposed to be working. Skivving, I think the word is?

12/29/2009 #418

Sadly, I'm not of the carrion kind, what ever that means, I've heard cat's been described as it.

Good to see somebody talking. At FF there's another update glitch

12/29/2009 #419

Hm.... never heard of that before. But it sounds quite technological. =)

12/29/2009 #420
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