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Not much. I'm home from college for Christmas, and I'm also excited about going back next year.

We went to my grandma's today and had a "family dinner". I saw a lot of relatives I haven't seen in a while, so that was pretty cool.

12/22/2009 #211

Sounds cool, you know anything you're getting yet?

12/22/2009 #212

Nope. I think I might be getting a Wii, though...

*Crosses fingers*

12/22/2009 #213

Those are pretty freakin fun.

12/22/2009 #214

I'll find out in 3 days, hopefully... :)

12/22/2009 #215

Yep. crap. XD

12/22/2009 #216

I'm pretty tired, so I'm out. Night!

12/22/2009 #217

Bye Jon!

12/22/2009 #218

Sorry to leave you hanging, but I have to go.

See ya!

12/22/2009 #219


12/22/2009 #220

Hey, Ran!

12/22/2009 #221

Finally, it's the 23rd of December. It's the day I'm waiting for in December. I's much more cozy than Christmas eve (we open our presents on the evening on the 24 th). But 24 th is way more fun :D

Anyway, anyone here who's into Labyrinth?

12/23/2009 #222

Most epic reviews ever!

12/23/2009 #223

HAPPY CHRISTMAS EVE EVERYONE!! (when your timezones catch up with mine)

Hi Shuna :) How are you?

12/23/2009 #224

Struggling with catching up with all of the brilliant reviews I've received. But I'm no longer ill!

Happy 23 rd of December, Merry Christmas, and a "Soffi Gottinår" (Happy New Year" as James says in the Norwegian sub of "Dinner for One"!

12/23/2009 #225

By the way, if any of you would happen to stumble upon any other Norwegian, and want to wish them a Happy New Year, then don't say "Soffi Gottinår." I'm a crazy "Dinner for One" fanatic, so I quote of it all the year. Since we only watch it once a year, it's not what you would expect anyone to remember. If you do want to know what Happy New Year is, then it's "Godt Nytt År."

12/23/2009 #226

Well that's great to hear! :) (about not being ill, though all your reviews are good too). I was sick yesterday, that's why I wasn't on for long. I had a reaaaaaaaaaaaaally bad stomache ache & back ache, and I tried taking a panadol but i just threw it all up, so I slept for most of the day. Today I have to get the house ready because we're having people over, and I have to wrap Christmas presents :)

How long until Xmas Eve for you?

12/23/2009 #227

I hope I didn't contain you with whatever I had...

One more day :D

12/23/2009 #228

Haha, no you didn't, don't worry. Not sinus problems for me; just a general stomache/back ache. It's all better now, anyways :) I was just scared I'd be ick for xmas eve / xmas, which would suck majorly :P

Hmmmm but only a few more hours right? Isn't it night for you?

12/23/2009 #229
Sarah A. W

Heeey people what's up? =P

12/23/2009 #230

Hi Sarah! How are you?

12/23/2009 #231
Sarah A. W

Heey RanDUMM I'm great. Just enjoying the holiday!

It's 2 am right now and I feel sooo sleepy but at the same time I'm too lazy to put my laptop aside and go to sleep xD

12/23/2009 #232

Vandy: I didn't have any sinus problem... haven't had that for two years now (does the happy dance)

Actually, it's 15 minutes left, since it's 23.45

Sarah: Hello! New person here! Nice to meet you

General: Because of the meaning of Christmas and all that, I was planning to sing the song Sweet Lullaby to you, but then I'd destroy my favorite song. So instead I'll publish a link to the song. But for the record, I can sing it...

12/23/2009 #233

ahaha, another insomniac ;) This forum seems to have a trend with people who just don't go to sleep, ahaha :P

So it's Christmas Eve for you now? :D

12/23/2009 #234

Oh right, my bda Shuna :P But you're better now, so it's ay-oh-kaay :D

12/23/2009 #235
Sarah A. W

Shuna: Nice to meet you too!

ranDUMM: xD yeah I hate sleeping! The only reason I sleep is becasue I have to, if I didn't need it I'd be so freakin' happy lol

I mean can you imagine how much I can do during all those sleeping hours?! xP

And yeah I guess it is =-)

But I don't celebrate Christmas though

12/23/2009 #236

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Merry Christmas!

12/23/2009 #237

Sarah: Haha, that's very true. But if you didn't sleep, you wouldn't have energy to do all those things, so... nevermind me, haha, I jut get carried away arguing some times :P

Why don't you celebrate Christmas?

Shuna: Merry Christmas Eve to you too !

12/23/2009 #238

Good afternoon everyone!

I'm making CHEESECAKE!!!

Yum, huh?

How are we all?

12/23/2009 #239
Sarah A. W

ranDUMM: loool I know ;p

Because I'm Muslim, that's why. But since we have so many Christians in school we have two weeks off

and then we come back for our mock exams.

You go to school or College?

12/23/2009 #240
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