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SAM!!! From the first time you ever came here, I gave you cake. So you owe me some *glares*

Sarah; ahh okay. I don't technically celebrate it either, since I'm Hindu, but it's a holiday for us, so we usually go out with friends, and buy each other gifts and just generally have fun :)

School; I'm on my summer holidays :D:D (I'm an Australianite. woah why did i say that instead of aussie? hm im a whack)

12/23/2009 #241

Now, the only thing which remains is to answer the reviews and go to bed. I can't wait until I wrap up the rest of my presents. I've already received one, a fic written by Mira on AK (a forum I often visit) and it was fabolous. If you've seen Labyrinth and don't mind slash, then I'll give you a link to it...

12/23/2009 #242
Sarah A. W

HighOnBrokenWings: Hello there!! Omg it's fuuuun to make those but I heard it can be a bit

hard when you have to leave it in a water bath or something for I don't know how many hours xD

My cousin once made one but it was so soft, I think she put so much cream in it

and also because we had it soon after it was ready too. I love it when it's cold after you put it in a fridge for a while

12/23/2009 . Edited 12/23/2009 #243
Sarah A. W

ranDUMM: I see. Our country decorates everything with Christmas decoration even though it's a Muslim country lol.

Oh yeah it's summer now it Australia right? luuuucky yooou ;p

12/23/2009 #244

Never watched Labyrinth, sorry Shuna :P I'm glad you enjoyed it though.

Haha, Australia's REALLY multicultural, practically every celebration you can think of gets celebrated here (within the communities), but not as big as Christmas. My family just goes out with two of our other family friends somewhere, and we usually have like, a Christmas dinenr thing with same same people, and we have a gift exchange; it's fun :D We're having the dinner at our house this year, and on Christmas Eve instead.Which is tonight :P

12/23/2009 #245

*runs in*

Who loves last minute Christmas shopping? I do! I do! I do!!!

*runs out*

12/23/2009 #246
Sarah A. W

lol I don't think I'm messing somethingwhen many parts in the world are having a celebration.

Because our country's national day is on December 18th and we always have that huuuge fun national celebration for two days

like fireworks on the caoast, army show, ect... . The best part is when we dress up national and stuff

And we have thaat thing when people celebrate in their cars on streets and we have like that snow spray fight between cars, we close our windows and open

them to spray on any random car tht passes by for fun xD we also use the strings spray

Craaazy but fun,, very national yeah, our ppl are crazy fun ppl in general haha

12/23/2009 . Edited 12/23/2009 #247
Sarah A. W

I love the whole idea of shopping honey xD

12/23/2009 #248

Haha, who doesn't Fire? ;)

And Sarah, that's good :) National holidays are really important, especially for someone as patriotic as you obviously are! :D

Anyways, must get the house ready for guests. Bye alllllll!!!

12/23/2009 #249
Sarah A. W

Take care and have fun!

12/23/2009 #250

*Grabs everyone and dances with them without any explanation, just because I feel like it. We do not stop before the song "High Hopes" by Pink Floyd comes, and we all stop, enjoying the music.*

Well, I guess that's my Goodnight song. Merry Christmas and a Happy New year to all!

12/23/2009 #251

Hi anyone that's on!

I just got home from the beach. It was bea---utiful!! Crystal clear and no waves at all.

I hope everyone has a lovely day tomorow, whether its in celebration of christmas or just the gift of another beautful day!

Haha. Sorry for the rambling. I get extra happy when the weather is beautiful!

12/23/2009 #252


12/23/2009 #253


12/23/2009 #254

Burfururururururur. XD

12/23/2009 #255


How are you today/tonight?

12/23/2009 #256

It is neither day nor night in the land of....ah nevermind, it's night. XP

I's good, gonna head to my grandparents tomorrow and won't be back for three days.


12/23/2009 #257


How are you today/tonight?

12/23/2009 #258

Ha, double post! XD

12/23/2009 #259

Hi, anyone here?

12/23/2009 #260


12/23/2009 #261

Oh hi, you two! :D

12/23/2009 #262

Hey Sam, Hey Jon!

Urgh, been cleaning the house all day ==

12/23/2009 #263

Actually sounds a bit fun to me. o.o

12/23/2009 #264

Haha, so you think. :P

12/23/2009 #265

I've cleaned before and had fun doing so. XD

12/23/2009 #266

Haha, so you think. :P

12/23/2009 #267

Double post. -poke-

12/23/2009 #268

Or was it...? *crypticness*

12/23/2009 #269

Crap, mood change, sorry. -_-

12/23/2009 #270
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