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David Bowie

My perfect mate would be Just Like Heaven (The Cure).

What is the most embarassing thing you've done in public?

1/30/2010 #61
L. W. Perry

I Kissed A Girl. (Katy Perry)

What are you avoiding doing?

1/31/2010 #62
Daschel F

I'm avoiding doing The Macarena (Los Del Rio)

What country would you like to visit outside your home country?

1/31/2010 #63

I would most like visit Strangeland which is approximatlet 2000 light years away. (Both Green Day)

What did I say to my brother?

1/31/2010 #64
David Bowie

From Now On We Are Enemies (Fall Out Boy). Lol.

What is the meanest thing you've ever said?

1/31/2010 #65

Rakim (Dead Can Dance)

What do they do on Discovery Channel?

2/1/2010 #66
David Bowie

They Put Your Mouth Where The Money Is (Killwhitneydead).

What do you feel like doing right now?

2/1/2010 #67

I wanna go to Ecuador (Sash!)

How do you feel about death?

2/2/2010 #68

I will die just as I am Learning To Breathe. (Switchfoot)

Why do you like claws?

2/2/2010 #69

I like it because it makes me Tranquilize (The Killers feat Lou Reed)

Why are you going down?

2/3/2010 . Edited 2/3/2010 #70

Because I'm Falling Down (Atreyu)

What time is it?

2/3/2010 #71

It's Five Minutes To Midnight! :D (Boys Like Girls)

Why do you like The Lounge forum?

2/3/2010 #72
David Bowie

Because it makes those Good Girls Go Bad (Cobra Starship feat. Leighton Meester).

Have you ever felt depressed, and why?

2/3/2010 #73

Yes, because I got dumped by the Sk8er Boi. (Avril Lavigne)

Do you like vaccinations, and why/why not?

2/4/2010 #74

Nope, because I don't like Needles (System of a Down)

What do you like in a person?

2/4/2010 #75

I like a person who can Make Me Smile (Chicago).

What would you like to eat right now?

2/4/2010 #76
David Bowie

A Rabbit Heart (Florence + the Machine).

What makes you happy?

2/4/2010 #77

Dungeons & Dragons (Stephen Lynch, which is funny btw. XD)!

Favorite animal?

2/5/2010 #78

A Mockingbird. (Chase Coy)

What do you do when you feel sad?

2/5/2010 #79

You'll usually see me Crying (Aerosmith).

What would you do if someone punched you in the nose?

2/6/2010 #80

I'd start a fight, and start singing The Fight Song!! (Sanctus Real)

What's so great about grass, oh Wise Grasshopper?

2/6/2010 #81

Grass helps beautifies the world, but it's always getting Trampled Under Foot (Led Zeppelin).

What should you be doing right now?

2/9/2010 #82

I should be Rolling Home (Tyler Hilton)

Who is the greatest person alive?

2/9/2010 #83

SUPERMAN! (I think I already did this one... but yeah :P Friday Night Boys)

Why do you/ don't you like maths?

2/10/2010 #84

I love it, it's All In My Head (Nick Lachey)

What's the difference between a kangaroo and a wallaby?

2/11/2010 #85

The wallaby can sing Now We Are Free, while the kangaroo sings Gortoz A Ran -J'Attends (Hans Zimmer feat Lisa Gerrard and Denez Prigent feat Lisa Gerrard)

Who is waiting in the shadows of the grey towers?

2/12/2010 #86

A Beautiful girl waits there. (Audio Adrenaline)

How often do you eat?

2/13/2010 #87

I don't Remember (Disturbed)

What's your favorite passtime?

2/13/2010 #88

Snorting Poprocks and Coke (Green Day)

Why is the sky blue?

2/14/2010 #89

Because we are listening to Sunny Tales (Sunlounger)

What did they call you?

2/16/2010 #90
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