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Hahaha, gosh, you two make me laugh =P

3/30/2010 #2,611

OH CRAP, Happy Birthday Mandi~! :D -forgot-

Si: But you all do that! D;

3/30/2010 #2,612
Silent Melody

Alt: Yeah, but you just fail at it. 8D

3/30/2010 #2,613

Mandi: Oh yeah? You should've been here a couple days ago when I was freaking Si out so bad. XD

3/30/2010 #2,614
Silent Melody

Mandi: He was being a total creeperrr. :P

3/30/2010 #2,615

Si: The f- NO, you fail and eat babies! =O

3/30/2010 #2,616

Si: My birthday was blood brilliant!!! SOOO much fun =D

Jon: Thanks for that =P. Even though you forgot and all!

And don't you freak her out ALL the time? =P

3/30/2010 #2,617
Silent Melody

Alt: -facepalm- You're the baby-eater, you baby-eater!

3/30/2010 #2,618

Mandi: I meant to tell you three times, I forgoted. XP

Si: At least no one's doing the jokes about being outside someone's house anymore. XD

And you eat babies with SYRUP!

3/30/2010 #2,619
Silent Melody

Mandi: Awesome! What'd you get~?

3/30/2010 #2,620
Silent Melody

Alt: You were joking about that?! I mean - yeah, 'course, same. -nervous laugh- :D

...I like syrup~

3/30/2010 #2,621

Si, I don't have the energy or the money to be standing outside your house, weirdo! XD

3/30/2010 #2,622

Si: Eh, lots of stuff =P. I'm faaaar too lazy to write it all out xD

3/30/2010 #2,623

Jon... it might be that it's late, but I can't see how that gives you that impression.

Sorry, my brother came home... drunk. But they're funny, so I don't mind.

Do you know what my main concern is?

That I'm turning schizoprenic... 'dances around for no reason*

3/30/2010 #2,624
Silent Melody

Alt: ...8D

Mandi: M'kay~

3/30/2010 #2,625

Shuna: Something about it gave me that impression, but now it doesn't.

You going schizo from being here? :D

3/30/2010 #2,626

No, I blame my school

3/30/2010 #2,627

I'm gonna go guys. Apparently we have math homework that I wasn't aware of due for tomorrow. -_-

See you =)

3/30/2010 #2,628

Si: Wait, you want to be stalked? -tilts head-

3/30/2010 #2,629

But having a place where i can go schizo isn't really helping XD

3/30/2010 #2,630
Silent Melody

Bye, Mandi!

Alt: No, I just felt like putting a smiley face. xD

3/30/2010 #2,631

Aw, bye Mandi!

Shuna: We can go schizo with you. :D

3/30/2010 #2,632

Bye Mandi

3/30/2010 #2,633
L. W. Perry

I'm sleepy. :\ And i want to change my icon...again.

3/30/2010 #2,634

Si: Oh good, because once again, no energy. XD

Perry, hi! :D

3/30/2010 #2,635
L. W. Perry

Hi. :)

3/30/2010 #2,636
Silent Melody

Alt: Lazyyy. xD

Hey, Perry! What's up?

3/30/2010 #2,637

We'll go schizo together tomorow then, now it's bedtime. Night everybody

3/30/2010 #2,638

Night Shuna, feel better! :D

Si: Yep, and I'm not ashamed to say so~

3/30/2010 #2,639
Silent Melody

Later, 007~

Si: Pfft. xP

3/30/2010 #2,640
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