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It's a kind of cross between a radio program and an audio book which you get for me, and listen to it on your MP3 or iPod

4/1/2010 #2,821
Blackrow Halls

Oh, I don't download anything but songs, which is something I haven't done for months.

4/1/2010 #2,822

Podcasts are usually free and legal

4/1/2010 #2,823
Blackrow Halls

I just look stuff up when I want to see something new, I never messed with podcasts before.

4/1/2010 #2,824

I usually don't mess with them either. I just have one podcast now, I had four, but they were cramming up my iPod so I deleted them. Now I once again have a podcast

4/1/2010 #2,825
Blackrow Halls

Ah, okay.

4/1/2010 #2,826
Blackrow Halls

So, whatcha doing anyway?

4/1/2010 #2,827

Right now, multitask.

And I fail.

As usual

4/1/2010 #2,828
Blackrow Halls

How do you fail at it? XD

4/1/2010 #2,829

I do too many things at one time.

4/1/2010 #2,830
Silent Melody

I have 1337 songs. Which is annoying, 'cause I can't fit them all on my iPod. ):

...Anyways, hey!

4/1/2010 #2,831
Blackrow Halls

Ah, then do at least two less things.

4/1/2010 #2,832
Blackrow Halls

Hey Si! And neener neener. XD

4/1/2010 #2,833
Silent Melody

Shhh. :P

What're you up to?

4/1/2010 #2,834

*throws sausages at the walls*

After the most stressful and hectic week...


4/1/2010 #2,835
Blackrow Halls

New Supernatural! :D


4/1/2010 #2,836
Silent Melody

Hello, sausage-thrower~

Alt: Weeding out what songs I can't fit on my iPod; it's so hard to decideee. D8

4/1/2010 #2,837

Woops == The sausage thrower was me - my friend forgot to log out of her account :P

Anyways HIII :D

4/1/2010 #2,838
Blackrow Halls

Ran: I was about to say hi to that person. XDD

4/1/2010 #2,839
Silent Melody

Haha; hey, Randy. xD

What's up?

4/1/2010 #2,840

Wait, where am I now *looks confused*

4/1/2010 #2,841
Blackrow Halls

Shuna: You're upsidedown in a castle made of chocolate.

4/1/2010 #2,842
Silent Melody

007: Hell. }:D

4/1/2010 #2,843

You are at THE LOUNGE staring at the random sausages on the wall...


& I have a stomache ache :( On the brighter side - HOLIDAAAAAAAAAAAYS!!!

4/1/2010 #2,844

I'm not in hell, I know that.

But why am I in a castle made of chocolate?

And why am I upside down?

4/1/2010 #2,845
Silent Melody

Randy: I didn't do it, I swears! 0:D

4/1/2010 #2,846
Blackrow Halls

Aw, bye Ran! :P

Shuna: Upsidedown? I'unno, I just assumed that was you being you. :D

4/1/2010 #2,847

Jon, do I usually hang upside down?

4/1/2010 #2,848
Silent Melody


4/1/2010 #2,849
Blackrow Halls

I don't know, I'm not looking into your window. :s

4/1/2010 #2,850
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