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Silent Melody

-flops- xD

4/1/2010 #2,881

*finds random spearkly, froggy, rainbowy dog*

Oh hello little fella! :D I shall call him squishy and he shall be mine and he shall be my squishy!

Well. Lounge's Squishy.

THE LOUNGE OFFICIALLY HAS A PET! A STRAY DOG BY THE NAME OF SQUISHY!! He's rainbow, glittery and froggy all over :D

4/1/2010 #2,882

Why did FP and FFN ake away the dictonary? English isn't my first language, so I used that dictonary alot.

BTW, what's a cot?

4/1/2010 #2,883
Blackrow Halls


4/1/2010 #2,884

A cot is like a bed.

*pats squishy*

4/1/2010 #2,885
Blackrow Halls

They took the dictionary? D:

A cot is a little foldable bed like a thin table.

4/1/2010 #2,886

Thanks Ran.

Hey Squishy *cuddles the forum pet*

4/1/2010 #2,887

Okay now I REALLY have to go xP


bye all have fun :)

4/1/2010 #2,888
Blackrow Halls

What kinda dog is squishy?

4/1/2010 #2,889

A dog which has been caught in between our fighting.

I better get in bed now... it's four am.

Night all.

4/1/2010 #2,890
Blackrow Halls

Pfft, bye Ran!

4/1/2010 #2,891
Blackrow Halls

Bye Shuna!

4/1/2010 #2,892
Silent Melody

Byeee, Randy and 007!

-huggles Squishy- 8D

4/1/2010 #2,893
L. W. Perry

I just got home! *crazy party boy dance*

Solo and Ensemble concert for band and me and Carla blasted My Chemical Romance in the hallways and sang. XD

4/1/2010 #2,894
Blackrow Halls

Hi Rachel!

That's funny. XD

4/1/2010 #2,895
L. W. Perry

It was great. XD

And my music is loud.... :)

4/1/2010 #2,896
Silent Melody

Hey, Perry~

4/1/2010 #2,897
Blackrow Halls

Well, I'd like to stay longer, but I gots to go. Bubye!

4/1/2010 #2,898
L. W. Perry

Hey, and bye!

4/1/2010 #2,899
Silent Melody

In fact, I gotta go. D: Laters~

4/1/2010 #2,900
L. W. Perry

Noooo. D:


4/1/2010 #2,901
Blackrow Halls

Erp, nevermind, thought my caller was gonna take longer. :s

4/1/2010 #2,902
L. W. Perry

Yay!! :D

4/1/2010 #2,903
Blackrow Halls

So what's up? :D

4/1/2010 #2,904
Blackrow Halls


4/1/2010 #2,905

Squishy may or may not be a golden retriever.

*checks* and i can't figure out whether it's a he or a she... it's a kind of fat dog...

4/1/2010 #2,906
L. W. Perry

Nothin' much. Avoiding goint to bed and jamming. :)

* I almost put ;) but that might have been awkward. XD

4/1/2010 #2,907
Blackrow Halls

Ran: Eh, just don't say fat too loud, you'll hurt its feelings. :s

Rachel: Naw, I prolly woulda put ;D. XD

4/1/2010 #2,908

Wait, wait wait...

it's not FAT it's PREGNANT!! :S

4/1/2010 #2,909
Blackrow Halls


4/1/2010 #2,910
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