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And worse, must do homework in the holiday D8

4/2/2010 #2,941
Walter S. Ravensdale

I have been havin vacation for nearly two months now. :)

4/2/2010 #2,942

Jerk XD

BTW, do any of you know of any good story where someone is kidnapped here on FP?

4/2/2010 #2,943
L. W. Perry


And nope. I don't read on here. I need to, but it's kinda' hard to find anything that's good... Well, my standard of good.

4/2/2010 #2,944
Walter S. Ravensdale

I could arrange that you would become the protagonist of that story. :)

4/2/2010 #2,945

Perry: Aw, too bad. I haven't found an amazing one either. I want a story where someone is kidnapped and rot raped. I'm tired of stories where the characters are being raped.

Yuki: Ooo, intresting.

4/2/2010 #2,946
L. W. Perry

I have a runaway story, but it's not past a few chapters and there's sex even if it's not rape, but that's not really anything close to what you're looking for. XD

4/2/2010 #2,947

Naw, too bad

4/2/2010 #2,948
Walter S. Ravensdale

Try reading some reports from the CIA and FBI that is as good kidnapping stories can get.

4/2/2010 #2,949
L. W. Perry

Lol, I do that with horror. XD

4/2/2010 #2,950
Walter S. Ravensdale

People have not enough horror of what they do not know about this. :)

4/2/2010 #2,951

As every year around a holiday, the tv fills up with comercials of charity like features. Some of them are sweet, some are amazing, some are sad, and some of them are frightening.

Today, I found the best comercial of them all.

4/2/2010 #2,952
Walter S. Ravensdale

Good, I do notwatch TV. :)

4/2/2010 #2,953

I usually only watch it ocasionly, often when I need a break.

4/2/2010 #2,954
Walter S. Ravensdale

My breaks usually feature a cup of tea and a few cookies.

4/2/2010 #2,955
L. W. Perry

I've totally found the most awesome indie band ever. x3

4/2/2010 #2,956

Cool, which band is it?

4/2/2010 #2,957
Walter S. Ravensdale

Hm, genetic engeneered life-forms. Such a delicate case. :)

4/2/2010 #2,958
L. W. Perry


4/2/2010 #2,959
Luis Negron


Lol, I love the sound of that word. :)

4/2/2010 #2,960
L. W. Perry

Me too. XD

4/2/2010 #2,961
Walter S. Ravensdale

Funny people.

4/2/2010 #2,962

Nah. Maybe I'll like them next week

4/2/2010 #2,963
Walter S. Ravensdale

4/2/2010 #2,964

... yes. That was more like it, this week that is.

4/2/2010 #2,965

Dialouge in the mini series "Spartacus" is horrible. Why am I even watching?

4/2/2010 #2,966

Anyone here ? =)

4/2/2010 #2,967

*is drowning*

4/2/2010 #2,968

AH! Where'd all the water come from?!?

-throws life raft-

4/2/2010 #2,969

*Splutters and grabs the life raft, then pulls up gasping*

4/2/2010 #2,970
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