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Blackrow Halls

What and what? o.o XD

6/13/2010 #2,971

XDDD You've never heard of Silence of the Lambs?

Anyway, I don't get it. What was it supposed to be?

6/13/2010 #2,972
Blackrow Halls

I know Hannibal, Anthony Hopkins is awesome! :D

I just don't see it. XD

I got no idea. :P

6/13/2010 #2,973


I was just thinking of when he had that freaky muzzle thing, I guess to keep him from biting people. And the train conductors used to wear those weird, tall striped hats.

Of course, you don't know either, apparently. XD

6/13/2010 #2,974
Blackrow Halls

Oh that thing, I'unno. :s

6/13/2010 #2,975

I just realized, my little rank-thingy is FAT! It's skinnier than yours, though.

6/13/2010 #2,976
Blackrow Halls

What thingy, the guy next to your name?

Neither are skinnier than the other. D:

6/13/2010 #2,977

*shifty eyes* Yeah-huh! *scurries away*

6/13/2010 #2,978
Blackrow Halls

-chases and grabs you- Nuh uh! :O

6/13/2010 #2,979

Yeah-HUH! *sticks chin out defiantly*

6/13/2010 #2,980
Hey guys :)
6/13/2010 #2,981
Blackrow Halls

D:{ -ties you up and drags in TV-

6/13/2010 #2,982
Blackrow Halls

Hi Sam! :D

6/13/2010 #2,983

Sam, Sam! He tied me up and brought in a TV! I'm scared!

6/13/2010 #2,984
Blackrow Halls

Be afraid, be very afraid!! :D

6/13/2010 #2,985


6/13/2010 #2,986
Blackrow Halls

-turns TV over to Two and a Half Men and walks away- }:D

6/13/2010 #2,987

*starts laughing maniacally* Your evil plan backfired! I kinda like this show! *contentedly watches*

6/13/2010 #2,988
Blackrow Halls

-changes it to Twilight-

6/13/2010 . Edited 6/13/2010 #2,989

*shrieks* NOOOO!!! Make it stop!!! It's killing meeeeee!! *faints*

6/13/2010 #2,990
Blackrow Halls

-gives coffee and turns volume up- :D

6/13/2010 #2,991

*bites hand* This is worse than torture!! X()

*hears a particularly sappy bit* Oh no...I think I'm gonna puke. *is very pale*

6/13/2010 #2,992
Blackrow Halls

-deals with hand bite- Hehe, listen to the movie! }:D

6/13/2010 #2,993

Haha, midnight!


*turns into pumpkin and rolls away quickly* You'll never catch me!

6/13/2010 #2,994
Blackrow Halls

Nurr! D:


6/13/2010 #2,995

*poofs back into human form*


6/13/2010 #2,996
Blackrow Halls

Heh, bye again! XD

6/13/2010 #2,997

Wait, were you saying bye because you had to go?

6/13/2010 #2,998
Blackrow Halls

I thought you were leaving, TWICE now. XD

6/13/2010 #2,999

Okay, I thought....Never mind, false alarm!

6/13/2010 #3,000
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