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Anything, I don't know what to talk about. :s

5/4/2010 #301
Mindyy Lovely

pick the first thing that comes to mind, no matter how random.=D

5/4/2010 #302

Actually I have to go, bye!

5/4/2010 #303
Mindyy Lovely

kk see ya!

5/4/2010 #304


5/4/2010 #305
Mindyy Lovely

Hi MandiCandy!=D

5/4/2010 #306


Call me Mandi =). Everyone does

How's it going? =)

5/4/2010 #307
Mindyy Lovely

sorry don't think weve met, but its akay

howre you?

5/4/2010 #308

I'm doing all right ! Just finishing up some homework, then I'm off to pack for my choir trip tomorrow =.=

5/4/2010 #309
Mindyy Lovely

Kay, hello Mandi!;)You can just call me Mindyy

Nothing much, just writing an essay. you?

5/4/2010 #310
Mindyy Lovely

Oh wow. thats lovely!XD

Thats cool, where are you going?

5/4/2010 #311

The capital =). It'll be fun, but it's a freaking 6 hour bus ride =.= And I just went with the school band last Friday and now I have to go agaainnnn lol. I'm not exited xDD

What's you essay on?

5/4/2010 #312

Sorry Mindyy, but I gotta go and start my packing!

See you!

5/4/2010 #313
Mindyy Lovely

wow. I hope you bring something very entertaining to do w/ you, thats a very long bus ride!

I'm sorry, I hope its fun when you get there though.;)

Are you competeing or just performing?

5/4/2010 #314
Mindyy Lovely

Bye Mandi!

good luck!XD

5/4/2010 #315

pumpkin souuup :D

5/5/2010 #316

I love sleeping in

5/5/2010 #317
Walter S. Ravensdale

Is it dead?

5/5/2010 #318

Nope, don't think so :S

5/5/2010 #319

Not yet, Yuki. Not yet, but soon...

5/5/2010 #320

Heya Shunaaaa :)

5/5/2010 #321

Morning Vandy

5/5/2010 #322

Afternoon Shuna :)

How are you this disgustingly fine day?

5/5/2010 #323

Mock Math Exam today, so I will hardly be on when you and B are today. Else I'm good, ate way to little yesterday though so I'm actually quite hungry today

5/5/2010 #324

Oh no :( But good luck with your exam, that's more important!! :)

Are you in class now?

5/5/2010 #325

No. Since it's a mock exam I'll start later today.

But I'll leave soon

5/5/2010 #326

I see. Well, good luck anyways :)

5/5/2010 #327


Did you know that FFN has a own category for My Little Pony?

5/5/2010 #328

FFN has categories for a LOT of random things. :P

5/5/2010 #329
Mindyy Lovely

Hello Peoples! =D

5/6/2010 #330
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