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Are you expecting random dinosuars in your bathroom?

6/12/2010 #2,881
Blackrow Halls

Dex: Nope, I just expect something to happen almost anywhere and keep watch out. :s

6/12/2010 #2,882

Sooo...a dinosaur under your sink would be considered as an option? Not that I would hide one there or anything. O_o

6/12/2010 #2,883


6/12/2010 #2,884
Blackrow Halls

I've thought about things under the sink, just not dinosaurs yet. XD

6/12/2010 #2,885
Blackrow Halls


Er, your avatar makes me cringe. :s

6/12/2010 #2,886

-waves back- Hi there!

I'm sure a baby raptor could fit under there. Hmmm.... -ponders-

6/12/2010 #2,887

Does it Jon? ....but it's so cute...=(

Hi Dextrocity! =D.

6/12/2010 #2,888

Jon: Should I add spiders along with the baby dinosuars under your sink?

Mandi: What's new with you? :D

6/12/2010 #2,889
Blackrow Halls

Dex: NOOO, no spiders anywhere near me at any point anywhere or I shall obliterate! D:

Mandi: At least it's shadowed a bit. XD

6/12/2010 #2,890

Dex: Not much. Just getting ready to leave tomorrow for my surgery O_o

Jon: xDD If it bothers you, I can change it.

6/12/2010 #2,891
Blackrow Halls

Mandi: Naw, I ain't gonna force someone to change their pic. :D

6/12/2010 #2,892

Mandi: Oh, that doesn't sound fun. :/ What are you getting surgery for?

Jon: "The itsy bitsy spider went up the water spout." XD

6/12/2010 #2,893
Blackrow Halls

Dex: ATTACK! -jumps at you with a pointy stick-

6/12/2010 #2,894

Jon: Hmmmm ... no, I think I will anyways. I'm getting sick of this one =P

Dex: My jaw. I have an underbite...or overbite... Well, one of those two anyways=P.

6/12/2010 #2,895
Blackrow Halls

Mandi: Really, but you just set it up. :P

6/12/2010 #2,896

Mandi: Ooh, that sounds painful. Hope everything goes alright! :D

Jon: Charlie, save me!

6/12/2010 #2,897
Blackrow Halls

Dex: -looks at Charlie and goes berserk anyway-

6/12/2010 #2,898

Jon: -Charlie eats your pointy stick-

6/12/2010 #2,899

Jon: XD Yup. Already changed ^.^

Dex: Thanks! =D

*pets Charlie*

6/12/2010 #2,900
Blackrow Halls


Me has go bed now, night!

6/12/2010 #2,901

Aw, bye Jon!! =)

6/12/2010 #2,902

Night Jon!

A penguin in a sailor suit! Cute!

Charlie is victorious once again. :D

6/12/2010 #2,903

^.^ Hehe, I loves penguins!

Hahah! Charlie FTW!

6/12/2010 #2,904

I luffles penguins, too. ^_^

-pets- Good dinosuar. :D

6/12/2010 #2,905

They're pree' great =D

*gives dino-treat*

I should get going tooooo. Have to wake up early =(.

And I probably won't be on very much/at all in the next couple weeks 'cause I'll be in recovery, just letting everyone know =P.


6/12/2010 #2,906

Bye bye!

6/12/2010 #2,907
Supernatural 101

heyyy, its realy early in the morning but i just couldn't fall back asleep so here i am. (i have a horse show an hour away to get to but my family is sleeping)

how is your mornning going

6/13/2010 #2,908
pretty twisted

I played with fireworks. :D

6/13/2010 #2,909

I has headache :(

6/13/2010 #2,910
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